Common Redmi Y1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Personally speaking, Redmi devices are simply the best in every aspect. A few of the smartphone users think this Chinese manufacturer offer budget smartphones with limited features. Well, if you too think so, let me correct you that Redmi devices are amazing and have all the features that you can expect from a high-end device. Despite keeping the price low, they never compromised with the features. It is quite true and if you haven’t yet used any Redmi device, it’s actually the time to experience the one. I Guarantee you will surely have a never before experience after switching to it. Well, if you are confused on which Redmi gadget to be invested on, Y1 is a good option to be considered. Well, you might be thinking if the device is best, why I am writing on the topic common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes. The fact is the problems discussed in this post are not because of the minor or major hardware issues in this gadget.

They are simply because of the common bugs in the Android technology. You can find these a few or all of these issues in almost every smartphone which is powered by Android. Thus, you have reasons to chill if you are planning to buy this gadget or already own the same. As already mentioned, this is amazing device and you can proceed with closed eyes when it comes to investing on it. The problems which have been discussed in this post are simply avoidable and it is not always necessary that you need to take your device to the nearby authorized repair center. With the instructions and methods which you will find in the below sections of this post, it is very easy to keep up the pace simply without worrying about anything. Also, there is nothing to worry about anything going wrong if you follow the information common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes carefully. Check it out below.

common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes

Common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes

I have already mentioned that you need to follow the methods and instructions about the common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes mentioned in this post in a careful manner. wouldn’t be responsible for any sort of damage (software or hardware) caused to your smartphone if the instructions or methods are molded by you in your own way.

Connectivity issues

While using a smartphone, it is often required to be connected with the internet, as well as with the other gadgets through Bluetooth. This is to perform a diverse array of functions. The fact is true that we are presently experiencing the 4G technology. However, it’s always the Wi-Fi connection which is trusted whenever the need of a stable internet on the phone is felt. Thus, the phone should be free from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues. If not, the same have connectivity issues. To avoid these issues in case you are experiencing the, check out the below guide

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes)

  • Open Device Settings and open the Bluetooth Settings
  • Clear the cache of the same
  • Reboot your phone now and check if the problem is gone or not
  • If you find it present, make sure the list of the previously connected devices in the Bluetooth history is not too long. Erase a few names and try again
  • If any of the app is showing unexpected behavior or the same is crashed, you need to update or to remove the same immediately from the phone
  • Simply turn the Bluetooth OFF and then again Turn it ON again
  • Check if the power saving mode on the phone is enabled. Disabled it immediately and try connecting the device again

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router drivers are updated and the same is in proper working condition
  • If you had recently installed the same, make sure everything such as cable connection is in its right manner
  • If you see a yellow icon on the signal bar, the same should be troubleshooted immediately
  • Imposing a password on the Wi-Fi is important and make sure to enter the correct one in the device you are entering. Make sure you are not inserting an old password which you might have recently changed
  • If there are other devices connected with the router, disable them first and try again
  • Maybe the Bandwidth allotted on your connection on daily basis has already been consumed
  • Make sure the network stability indicator is not giving an unfavorable signal on the Wi-Fi router

No SD card detected

This is one among those issues which a very large number of smartphones users in the present time experience. Well, the fact is the use of any third party device with a modern gadget can experience a lot of issues because its functionality depends on a diverse array of factors. In case your device is not detecting the SD card and you are not able to find the actual reason for the same, here is what you can try

  • If the card wasn’t used since a long time, don’t insert it directly in the phone. Format it first and reboot the phone
  • Insert it now and check
  • If the problem is still there, check if it match the device specifications or has the defined limit on storage with a SD card
  • Thoroughly check for a minor physical damage on the card. Make sure there is no liquid damage too
  • Open Play Store and install an antivirus app. Check the virus presence on the SD card as well as in the default memory of the phone.
  • If the device is detecting the memory card in the safe mode, the problem is with an app or due to a bug in OS
  • Check if the same card works perfectly when inserted in another device
  • Make sure it is free from dust and oil. Clean it gently with a dry cloth and check again
  • Check if the card is inserted properly in the gadget and make sure the problem is not due to a physical damage in the SD card slot
  • Replacement will remain the last option if none of the above methods work

SIM related problems (common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes)

Your SIM card is actually the heart of your phone. You couldn’t even think of performing even the basic tasks without the support of same to your phone. However, the good thing is such issues can be avoided very easily. Check out the instructions below to find the exact cause of the issue and how to fix the same

  • Remove the SIM card from the phone and insert it again
  • Now perform a simple restart
  • If the network doesn’t appear, open the SIM settings and make sure the SIM is not turned OFF
  • Select the network manually from the same settings
  • Maybe the SIM tray is damaged or you haven’t yet inserted the card properly in the phone
  • For better functionality, always insert the SIM in the slot 1 if you don’t use the other SIM
  • Check and make sure there is no physical damage on the SIM due to which this problem is there
  • The frequency of the SIM card might not be same with the variant you are using

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The screen related problems are often seems complex even when they are not. This if what you should keep it in mind. If the screen fails to operate, there is still a ray of hope that you can easily troubleshoot the same if you follow the touchscreen related common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes information mentioned here in the right manner. Here are some helping methods and instructions

  • First of all, thoroughly check for any physical damage on the screen. If this is the case, you need to replace it
  • If you doesn’t find the same, make sure it is not suffering from a liquid damage
  • Open Safe mode through the Power and Volume up/down button and if you find the screen is operating perfectly, the problem could either be in OS or due to a faulty app in the phone
  • Erase some useless data from the phone. This will make some space empty that could also be a reason why you are facing this issue.
  • Clean the screen gently and see if the problem is gone
  • Remove the screen guard installed on it and check again
  • Perform a hard reset
  • If you still find it in the phone, get it checked at an authorized repair center

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Users often have to face this problem with their gadgets. More than half of those who experience it directly blame the battery for this. Although this issue is concerned with the battery, it’s not necessary always that you are facing it because of a faulty battery. Try the follow methods and maybe the problem would be resolved

  • Turn the Wi-Fi hotpost and the Bluetooth OFF when you are not using the same
  • Charge your phone as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer such as not using other chargers and power banks that have different specifications
  • Check if the apps are consuming the battery unnecessarily
  • The most common issue to this problem is virus presence in the phone
  • Make sure the plug you are using have uninterrupted power supply in it
  • The notifications from the apps which are not required should be disabled
  • Update all the pending apps in the phone and the OS too if a new version is available
  • Avoid connecting the phone with platforms that couldn’t be trusted

Bad camera quality (common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes)

Everyone wants to click the best shots through the camera. Although there are many apps which are available on the Play store to help you enhance the camera quality, it’s true that you as a user cannot always depend on the same. Also, they have some of the cons associated with them. So here is what you should know about the camera related common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes.

  • Most of the issues in the pictures captured is nothing but blur and you can simply deal with the same if you choose to focus on the object simply
  • Remove the transparent cover from the screen
  • Make sure to select the most appropriate shooting mode from the camera settings
  • In the same settings, simply set the output to high resolution
  • Use camera flashlight whenever required. Select it to automatic mode
  • Update the camera app immediately
  • Always prefer the default camera app over any other

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

As a user, we often have a lot of reasons and situations when the smartphone we use need to be connected with the PC. If the same refuses to accept the connection, many essentials tasks get delayed or we cannot perform them simply. Therefore, it is necessary that the problem should be avoided. To deal with this, try the below methods

  • Make sure the Window in the PC is genuine
  • There might be various restrictions imposed on the PC or on the device when it comes to establishing connections
  • The connecting cable might be faulty. Try another cable for creating the connection
  • Updating the USB drivers is necessary
  • Restart your phone if the issue is still there
  • Make sure the USB connections are not loose
  • Update the drivers in the phone too

Overheating problems

To avoid this problem in the phone, you need to carefully follow the instructions mentioned below. Check them out

  • The charger or the power cable might be faulty
  • The power source is not behaving in the way it has to be
  • The device generally overheat when charged through the poor quality power banks
  • Overcharging is another factor responsible for this problem in your widget
  • Update the OS if a new version appears
  • Downloading the data should be restricted to trusted sites and platforms
  • Maybe the apps are putting a lot of burden on the RAM

Performance issues (common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes)

Performance is the sole benchmark that decides the success of a smartphone. Therefore, manufacturers often don’t compromise with their gadgets when it comes to same. However, many factors can influence the same and users are often not familiar with the same. Check below what can be done against this problem.

  • For those apps which are unused since a long time, an update is mandatory or you should uninstall them from the phone
  • Don’t completely full the memory on the phone
  • Always make sure to clean the app data with respect to time
  • Erase the data which is no longer required
  • You might have installed apps or allowed phone to accept the data from platforms which are not trusted
  • Check if there is virus affection in the device
  • The last option to solve this problem is to perform a hard reset

This is how the problems in the Redmi Y1 can be avoided simply. If you want to gain more knowledge on the subject common Redmi Y1 problems and fixes, post a comment below with your query. Keep visiting our website for the information on common problems and fixing them with all latest gadgets.


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