Common Samsung Galaxy S9 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

So the true competitor of Apple’s iPhone X is finally with us. If you think its Samsung Galaxy S9, probably you are right. Well, the fact is there were a lot of rumors of this smartphone and Samsung has finally announced this Sunday officially about its release. As expected, it’s going to be one of the finest smartphones ever launched by any manufacturer. The fact couldn’t be denied that Samsung has worked very hard in shaping this gadget in its present form. It is very much true that it will be meet the expectations of one and all. In case you have plans to buy a new gadget, I suggest you to drop your plan temporarily and if your budget is strong. In this post, you will get some of the very useful information about the common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes.

Well, S9 is the latest gadget by the Samsung which will probably going to be the flagship device for the Korean manufacturer. It has been equipped with some excellent features and the best thing is users can simply keep up the pace with this device. It is actually a successor of Samsung Galaxy S8 and just like all the devices in S series; it has been manufactured keeping in view the latest trends in the International smartphone market. Although this device is superior, one fact which couldn’t be denied is the minor issues that it would be having with it. Actually, they are common with almost every high-end widget and most users experience them in the initial stage after investing on them. Therefore boosting the knowledge about the common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes is always helpful for you.

common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes

This really doesn’t mean that Galaxy S9 is having hardware problems. Most of the issues you will find in this post are basic and can be due to OS bugs and other similar factors. You can easily avoid them by paying attention to the information you find about the common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes in this post.

Before discussing the same, I would like you to review the hardware specifications of this amazing gadget. It actually comes with a display that is capable to offer an excellent screen resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels. You can have an amazing experience with the 5.8-inch super HD screen Samsung has equipped it with. It runs on Android Oreo 8.0 and is one of the best gadgets in terms of performance.

The 4GB RAM and 107GHz octa-core processor are the prime contributors for the same. You can buy it in different ROM variants such as 64/128/256 variants and it is possible to use a MicroSD card of up to 400GB in this device. Those who love cameras can have a lot of reasons to cheer. This is because Samsung has provided this gadget with a 12MP primary and an 8MP secondary camera. IT has a 3000mAh battery to bear a load of regular activities users generally perform. Let us now pay attention to the common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes.


Common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes

Before you read anything related to the common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes, it would be good to keep it in mind that it is one of the devices which are superb in every aspect as already mentioned. Most of the issues discussed in this post are only due to mistakes made by users or OS-related bugs. Also, it’s not necessary that all the users will be facing all these issues. You may face one or two depending on some important factors. Also, keep it in mind that you need to follow the methods and instructions in the same manner as they are mentioned. cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong while following the information about the common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes mentioned in this post.

Connectivity issues

The Connectivity issues are becoming very common. The fact is internet users are blooming and this sometimes affects the performance of stable Wi-Fi connections. Many users often have mistaken them as other issues. Therefore it would be good for you to pay attention to the methods so that issues can be resolved simply.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes)

  • To solve this issue, first of all simply Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S9
  • If you have recently installed an app, try connecting the device with another after removing the same
  • Clearing the Bluetooth cache can also resolve this problem
  • Make sure that your Bluetooth connection is visible to all the devices
  • If the power-saving mode is enabled at that time, disable it for a smooth and reliable Bluetooth transfer experience
  • You may need to delete the history of the devices you might have connected recently. The problem will probably be gone after this.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes)

  • First of all, open the device Settings and make sure the Wi-Fi is turned ON
  • Search the connection automatically. In case the screen doesn’t show the same, you might not be in the Wi-Fi antenna range
  • Make sure to enter the correct password
  • Reconfigure the Wi-Fi router settings
  • Check the network status on the same. If the connection is not stable, restart your router
  • Simply forget the network and add it again
  • Make sure not so many applications are running in the background
  • Check the connecting cables and the Wi-Fi router for any fault. Make sure cables connections are right

Performance issues

Probably you don’t want your Samsung Galaxy S9 to run out of performance. However, devices often face this issues and it is not always necessary the problem could be due to a hardware fault. There are a lot of other factors which are also responsible for this. You need to try the following methods in case your device is performing slowly.

  • Don’t completely fill the memory
  • Always clear cache memory with respect to time
  • Don’t overcharge your phone
  • Don’t invest in cheap accessories
  • Make sure all the apps are closed when not in use
  • Don’t use the phone while charging it
  • In case there is any apps you installed from the third-party sources, disable it
  • See if the hone perform well in the safe mode

Overheating problems

To avoid this problem, here are some trusted methods

  • Remove the apps which you downloaded just before when the problem declared its presence
  • Presence of any app which you installed from any other platform than Play Store could be the reason to this problem
  • Don’t set the phone on charging for long hours
  • Always use the genuine and recommended accessories
  • Avoid charging the device through the USB port of the computer
  • Updates are mandatory. Make sure you installed the same
  • Make sure the problem is not there due to the carry case you installed on your phone

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

If this is a problem which you are facing with your Samsung Galaxy S9, you need to keep the following instructions and methods in your mind

  • If there is any pending update, install it
  • Don’t install apps that are from third-party sources
  • Always keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off once you perform the concerned task with them
  • Apps often send notifications. They consume a lot of juice from the battery. Thus it would be good to turn them off for the apps that you rarely use
  • Clean the charging port in case it is dusty
  • Don’t boost screen brightness unnecessarily and when not required
  • Once the device is charged, always set it on charging again after consuming the charge from the battery
  • The quality of back cover you are using can also be responsible for this issue

No SD card detected

The Samsung Galaxy S9 simply enables you to store upto 400GB data in your phone without compromising with anything. However, you need to buy a microSD card for this. In case you are facing some issues with this, you need to try the following methods

  • Don’t buy a cheap memory card for your expensive phone
  • Format the card before inserting it in device even if it is new
  • Make sure you kept some space empty in the card
  • Check the status of the problem by inserting temporarily another card in the phone
  • Make sure the card is not physically damaged

Earpiece Sounds Robotic (common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes)

This is actually an issue not much people are facing. However, in case it is with your device, you can try the following. It must be noted these are the temporary solutions

  • Get the earpiece replaced
  • Increase the volume during the call.
  • Reboot your device in the safe mode and check if the glitch is gone

Bad camera quality

The camera quality is something that largely matters. For those who are facing these issues, here is the best guide to avoid it

  • Make sure you select the shooting mode that best fits the conditions necessary for capturing the quality videos and images
  • Make sure the camera lens is totally clean
  • Focusing on the object in the right manner is necessary before you actually capture any moment in the camera
  • Update the camera app or the OS if it is pending
  • Clean the cache memory of the camera app
  • Your device is brand new and therefore remove the transparent glass cover from the front and from the back

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

This problem is pretty common and has a lot of factors responsible for this. To avoid it, here are some methods to assist you

  • Simply make sure first that the connecting cable you are using is not fault
  • For performance, it is always suggested to you to not to use any other cable than the one that come in the smartphone box
  • Make it sure that the device has all the latest USB drivers installed
  • The connecting USB port on the PC might have some issues with it. Use a parallel port for this.
  • Set the UB configuration to MTP
  • Always make sure to select the “Memory mode” when the connection is created

SIM related problems

If you are facing this issue, you need to try the following

  • Make it sure the SIM is inserted in the device properly
  • There might be some physical damage on the SIM or on the slot
  • Replace the old SIM card before you use it in your new device
  • There might be some compatibility issues you are facing. Check the same

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes)

The 5.8-inch touchscreen is the most attractive feature on the Samsung Galaxy S9. In case your cannot operate it smoothly, you need to try the following methods

  • Reboot the device first. IT will close everything and the problem might be resolved
  • Always keep the device updated with the latest version of apps
  • The problem could be due to the entry of a virus in the phone memory
  • The oil, dust and grease on the screen or on your hands can be the reason of this issue. Therefore clean the same
  • Remove the glass guard you have installed and see if everything is fine
  • Remove the mittens if you are wearing the same
  • In case the problem is still there, get it checked properly


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a device which can easily be trusted for the long run. When it comes to common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes, there is nothing you need to worry about as the issues can be solved without doing much. In case the problem is still there even after following the methods mentioned in this post, there might be a hardware fault in the phone. You will probably get the replacement of the device in such a case. Do let us know for any other information on the common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems and fixes through the below comment section.

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