Common Sony Xperia XA2 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

When it comes to electronic gadgets, Sony doesn’t need any introduction. There would hardly be any country where Sony products are not available. In addition to manufacturing some of the best electronic devices, they also gained a lot of popularity by introducing world-class smartphones. It is true that their smartphone range is superb and cannot be put equal to any other gadget when it comes to quality and reliability. The good thing is Sony always have something good and fresh from the markets for their customers. In addition to this, it’s nothing but the camera quality that makes them simply the best. This post reflects common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes. You can proceed further to gain more knowledge on this.

First, I would like to let you know that only a very few users have reported about the issues that are discussed in this post. Also, most of them are common among Android-based gadgets. Thus, there is no need for you to blame the manufacturers if you are facing them. The good thing is they can simply be eliminated and without making a lot of efforts. As far as the matters of methods and instructions are concerned that can help you in this matter, there is nothing much you need to do than simply adopting them. Before we discuss common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes, let us have a quick review of the hardware specifications of this device.

common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes

The Sony Xperia XA2 is one among those devices which have a 6-inch screen which offer users a great experience of viewing their content. It has been provided to offers a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Sony has equipped this gadget with a powerful octa-core processor of 2.2GHz. It is one of those luck gadgets that are currently running on the latest Android version. Yes, you judged the right it’s Android Oreo 8.0. It packs a 32GB ROM and a 4GB RAM. If your storage needs are more, it is possible for you to extend the same by upto 256GB through a MicroSD card.

The 3580mAh battery makes sure you can use your device for the full day once it is more than 90% charged. When it comes to cameras, this device has been equipped with the giant cameras on both front and rear. You can shoot pictures/videos with the 23MP primary and a 16MP secondary camera. You can easily keep up the pace with them. Let us now discuss the common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes. Here they are

Common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes

Most of the methods you will find in this post are simple and can easily be opted. However, it’s worth mentioning here that cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the device while following these methods due to your own mistake. Check out the common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes below.


Connectivity issues

Even the best gadgets across the globe are nothing if they have connectivity related issues. The fact is connectivity problems are sometimes very complex when it comes to locating the exact cause. Users have to grab a lot of information and have to look here and there. This often brings a very daunting experience. Probably you want to have the same. Therefore, you can try the following methods to get the things in your favor against such issues.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes)

  • Reboot the device simultaneously
  • Remove device name from the connections added and add again
  • The Bluetooth should be discoverable to other devices
  • Power saving mode should be kept OFF
  • Delete some profiles if there are multiple
  • Delete Bluetooth connection history
  • Clear the Cache of the device
  • Perform a hard reset

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes)

  • First of all, make sure you enter the correct password and see if the issue is gone
  • If not, simply forget the connection you are trying to connect your device with
  • Now add it again and see if the issue is resolved
  • Check the network status on the Wi-Fi router.
  • Restart your device
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi router and turn it again
  • If problem is still there, get the device checked

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes)

This device from Sony packs a smashing 6-inch screen. It has a lot of reasons with it to not to respond to the provided instructions. In case this is a problem you are facing, it is possible to avoid the same simply. You just need to follow the below instructions and there are certain chances that the issue you are facing would be gone

  • First of all, see if the problem is gone with a simple restart
  • Make sure the device screen doesn’t have oil or grease particles
  • Remove gloves if you wear them
  • Make sure there is no liquid damaged caused to the screen
  • If there is any pending update, install it immediately
  • Make sure the device OS is in proper working condition
  • Avoid charging the device with a power bank of high power rating
  • Remove screen protector and see if the problem is gone or not
  • Fully empty the battery before you put your phone on charging again

Bad camera quality

As already mentioned, this device packs two of the very powerful and quality cameras. However, a few users are reporting about the blur and other similar issues. Well, there are certain factors that could be responsible for this. You can try the following methods to get the things back on track again in case you are facing the camera related issues.

  • Don’t install too much apps on your device
  • Before you capture a video or image, make sure the object was properly focused by the camera
  • Check the camera lens is not covered by the back case
  • For brand new devices, users are instructed to remove the transparent glass cover from both the cameras
  • Always make sure no dust particles find entry in the camera lens
  • Always keep 1 or 2GB space free in the device default memory
  • There are different shooting modes in the device. Select the one that fits the type of pictures you are capturing
  • Make sure default camera app is up to date
  • Clear the cache memory of the device

SIM related problems

Dealing with the SIM related problems is not at all a big deal. If you have the right knowledge about the same, you can easily keep up the pace. Keep this thing in your mind that the SIM related problems most of the time declare their presence only when the old SIM card is used on new devices. You can try the following to avoid them simply

  • Make sure you didn’t kept the SIM card under direct heat or sunlight
  • Check the network services status on your SIM card
  • The SIM tray and the SIM card pins in the device should have the physical damage. Check for the same
  • Perform a self test to find any compatibility issue
  • For smooth experience, it would be good for you to replace your SIM card if it is too old and you are going to insert it in a new device

Overheating problems

Devices that have big screens often dissipate more heat. Thus, you need not to worry a lot in case you are facing the problems related to overheating. There are also many other factors which can be held responsible for this. You can easily get the things in your favor if you know the rights methods and the useful information about the common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes. Check it out below.

  • Avoid using your device continuously for heavy tasks such as playing games for long hours
  • Remove the phone from charging socket if you want to use it
  • Always use the genuine and quality power banks
  • Keep the RAM as much free as you can
  • If you use any accessory with the phone, always buy the ones that are based on quality
  • Clear the device cache
  • Don’t go for multitasking
  • Always use the carry case which provide proper ventilation to the device
  • Don’t keep your phone under direct sunlight

Earpiece Sounds Robotic (common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes)

Although this is a problem that you cannot expect from a device like Sony Xperia XA2, a few users have reported about the same. You might be one among them. If so, the method to avoid it is mentioned below.

  • Try using another good quality earpiece for doing a phone call.
  • While you make a call, press the volume up button
  • Others can simply hear the sound after you do this

Performance issues

Of course, its performance that makes any device counted among the best available devices. No one expects a device that runs on Android Oreo have low performance. However, in case this is a problem with your gadget, there is nothing to worry actually. This is because the problem can be troubleshooted in a very easy and in fact with most reliable methods. There are many approaches that can simply help you in this matter. Check out the methods below to keep up the pace.

  • Always keep some free space on your device. This is the most common reason of the slow performance
  • Don’t keep apps that you no longer use
  • Keep clearing the cache of apps with time
  • Make sure not to connect your phone with another device which is affected with virus
  • Don’t download files unnecessarily
  • Open the device into the safe mode and see if it operates properly. If so, you need to remove all third-party apps

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

It is very true that some of the very important tasks related to a smartphone functionality can only be performed only when it is connected with the PC. However, users often fail to create a direct connection between their phone and the PC. This can happen due to a full bouquet of reasons. You can try the following method to avoid the issue simply.

  • This problem could be due to a faulty connecting cable. So check it first
  • Enable the Developer’s option from the device
  • Enable the USB debugging option
  • Always select the USB configuration to MTP while connecting the device with PC
  • Install the latest USB drivers if you haven’t

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Fast draining battery and slow charging is something that brings a very daunting experience for the users. Probably no one wants to have the same especially after investing a large sum of money on the best available devices. This issue is generally mistaken as a fault in the device battery. If you think so, you might not be right always on this. Try the following methods and instructions to get rid of this problem simply.

  • First of all make sure there is physical or liquid damage to the battery
  • Check out how long the device can be used after charging it
  • Don’t keep unwanted apps in the phone
  • Remove the memory card and scan it for virus
  • Make sure the charging port doesn’t have too much dust in it
  • Always keep the notifications OFF for the apps you don’t need
  • For charging your device, always use the genuine charger
  • If you use a back cover, remove it for few days
  • Disable the third-party apps in the device
  • Immediately close the apps from the background after using them
  • The brightness level should not be too much
  • Update the applications which are pending

No SD card detected

The MicroSD cards are one of the iconic inventions that can enhance the storage on many smartphones in the current time. However, the fact couldn’t be denied that there are lots of issues that they bring with them. If you are not able to detect the same on your device or experiencing other issues, you need to try the following methods.

  • Always use genuine memory card in the phone
  • Make sure it is under the defined limit as per your device
  • Remove the card and try formatting it. the problem will probably we gone after this
  • If not, check the memory card slot doesn’t have a physical or a liquid damage
  • Try using another memory card on your device

This is the best information on the common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes that you can have and the one you can proceed with. Probably your concern will be solved after this. If not, you need to contact the support immediately. For more information about the common Sony Xperia XA2 problems and fixes, you can let us know in the below comment box section.


  1. My Xperia xa2 had a strange issue, it was at 22% battery and I was using the camera, I put it down then a few minutes later It wouldn’t come on. The phone still had power as the notification light was blinking but no response, plugged it in for ten minutes and nothing happened then tried holding the power and volume buttons simultaneously and it came on, worried me for a bit but it was strange

  2. My problem not listed have an XA2 3rd one in 10 days same fault phone turns on and off at silk.
    Had new sim no memory card inserted or data swap but each phone doing same thing any advice shop will only exchange like for like so how many times will they swap changing again tomorrow fingers crossed any advice be good thanks

  3. 3 days ago I purchased a Somy X2 Ultra. From Best By Dallas Tx whose staff had no knowledge of the instrument at all. After a full charge I tried to transfer all previous material from my LG . This was partially achieved with all passwords to transfers lost. With no assistance available from Best Buy I attempted to “chat” on line with Sony customer care. This was a total absurd in her rant disaster, the battery of the Ultra ran totally dry after some 6 hours. The effort to obtain some directive as to different obscure functions impossible to obtain and in spite of bright PR as to customers, battery life and user friendly instrument I will be regrettably obliged to give it back to the only incompetent agent.

  4. The Sony X a Ultra. I expected the keys to be activated to click audibly if so required, when tapped. This apparently is only possible on one function. To find ones Apps requires a continuous swiping from one way to the other, up or down. The now fairly common practice on even lower cost phone of being able to double tap the screen to access is well concealed if available. I cannot go to Google to find a complete tutorship for the unfortunate stale fruit salad. To beat it all I was coerced into taking a Best Buy Credit Card to be able to make the purchase. I didn’t go via Amazon for fear of Service complications. This has the potential of a nightmare.

    1. Many have reported the battery issue with this phone.. you can read some of the comment here.. I guess you need to contact the Sony service or you can simply send the device back to them writing a complaint.

  5. I am thinking to buy this Phone, but I have problem with touchscreen in xa1 it doesnt have sensibility at right border and left. Does this xa2 continue with That issue?

  6. Anyone had connection issues with signal or data just going on and off. I have had 2 sony xa2 that have done this. My network says the signal data is fine and no maintenance going on. We have had hot weather and that could be the cause but theres not way of knowing if its the device or network

  7. Why when I open my contact list do it automatically ring the number on the screen if I haven’t took it back to the full list, I am half afraid to open my contacts list, I have rung so many when I didn’t want to I think they are getting fed up

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