Common Ulefone Armor 3T Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Choosing between the right and the wrong is always a daunting task. Of course, this is one of the difficult tasks we all have to perform. When it comes to a smartphone, this becomes even tougher. The reason is there are many options available to explore and every manufacturer has loaded their gadgets with dynamic and attractive features. Although a few manufacturers are not as popular as others, their smartphones are amazing and probably let you enjoy all the latest features without spending a lot of money. Ulefone is a perfect example and being a less known yet reputed manufacturer, they have launched many smartphone models one after another in the international smartphone market. One of their appreciated devices is Armor 3T. It is good enough to be purchased for the long run. Here in this post we will discuss the common Ulefone Armor 3T problems and fixes.

Ulefone smartphones are good enough to be used by one and all. It’s not they lack any feature due to which they are not so popular. The fact is most of the phones they have ever launched in the market have got excellent and favorable response from the manufacturer. You might be wondering why we are discussing about the problems in this post then. Well, you have a valid reason to think but the fact is this smartphone is totally free from the errors and the bugs. All the problems and their solutions which we have framed in this post about the Ulefone Armor 3T are basic in nature. You can find them in every modern gadget which is powered by Android irrespective of its version. Just boost your knowledge about the common Ulefone Armor 3T problems and fixes below.

common Ulefone Armor 3T problems and fixes

Can Ulefone Armor 3T give equal to its investment?

This is one of the very common questions that often arrive in the mind of buyers when they have to finalize a Smartphone for them. Well, when it comes to Armor 3T, the device has everything that a user need. It has been provided with some of the best features and simply the best hardware configuration in this price range. You can proceed with your plan if you have already made your mind to buy this phone without worrying. The chances of arrivals of these issues in this phone are less. Even in any case if the problem arrives, the same can be avoided with this guide on common Ulefone Armor 3T problems and fixes.

Common Ulefone Armor 3T problems and fixes

Before discussing and following this guide on common Ulefone Armor 3T problems and fixes, you need to be aware and careful about certain things. Smartphones are sensitive and they are not designed to enable users handle them roughly. You need to pay attention to this fact. In case any problem is there in the phone even after a decent use, you can follow this guide to avoid the same. To get the returns that totally fill your desire, make sure to follow the information in the same manner as provided in this post else cannot be held responsible for this. Check out now about the common Ulefone Armor 3T problems and fixes below.

Connectivity issues

Sometimes dealing with the connectivity issues is not simple due to the reasons that are difficult to understand. However the following methods let you keep up the pace simply.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Begin with a reboot and check the status of the problem
  • Make sure your phone is not having the power saving mode enabled on it
  • Sometimes the bugs related to the Bluetooth occurs when the other gadget you try to connect have virus in its data
  • Make it sure that you are following the policies of default Bluetooth app while transferring the data
  • Check in case the maximum number of devices your phone can remember in its history has already been reached
  • Limited or low storage space in the phone can sometimes barred you to transfer or receive data through Bluetooth
  • A damage caused to the Bluetooth antenna or any other hardware issue can also be the reason to this problem
  • Simply make sure your phone is not having its Bluetooth connection active already with another nearby device. This usually happens when you allow automatic connection
  • Bluetooth might be causing the problem due to restrictions set by your device on accepting new connections. Check phone security settings for the same
  • Always make sure the size of data you are transferring is under the basic limit imposed on sending data in one go
  • If there are other connectivity related apps are running in the background, disable them simply
  • Clean the cache data of the phone and try again
  • You may need to check the phone properly if no other method work

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Enable the LAN settings first of all if the same is disabled
  • Check your modem allow the new devices to be connected with the same without any issue
  • Check if the services are not actually active or barred on your connection
  • Make sure no other app is active when you are accessing the Wi-Fi
  • Problems in the internet connectivity can also cause this bug in your phone
  • You must make it sure that the problem is not there due to reasons related with the modem
  • Check cable connection and make sure there are no additional restrictions on connecting the phone with the Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Simply restart the phone and the Wi-Fi modem and try connecting again
  • You can try forgetting the network connection and then adding the same again. This trick usually work and there are chances you will get favorable outcome
  • The data limit you are allotted to surf might have reached already. Check
  • Sometimes the reasons are far beyond the imagination of the user. Get the device checked
  • Modems usually have a limit on connecting the number of devices with them. Check if this is not causing the problem in your case
  • Take your phone to a nearby repair shop which should be authorized to get it checked
  • Place a call to network provider helpline to get additional help

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

In most of the cases, the device fails to connect with the PC due to reasons which are not always necessary to be clearly visible in mind of an average user.

  • Check if the problem you are using is because of no other reason than the fault in the cable
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have an outdated version of OS in it
  • The USB drivers when not updated can cause this problem
  • Make sure the connection between the phone and the PC is not loose
  • Select MTP mode on the phone after connecting it with the computer
  • Windows related bugs can cause this problem in your phone
  • Simply make sure the problem is not there in the phone due to corrupt/infected file
  • Sometimes violation of the security policies of either of the device can cause this issue

Overheating problems

Excess energy in the phone needs a proper channel to come out from it. If anything blocks the same, the device can be put under the diagnosis of having overheating problems. Well, keep this thing in your mind that this can be bad for the device hardware. Thus, immediate actions are always required for this. Here is what can be done for its elimination

  • The problem could be due to keeping the device at a place where it doesn’t have proper interaction with the air
  • Don’t keep the phone in the pocket while downloading the data from the internet
  • Check and make sure if the phone is having a lot of apps running at the same time
  • Simply make sure to check if the phone needs to be updated to a latest version of OS
  • The problem can be there due to a faulty charger as well. You simply need to check for the same
  • Make sure the back cover if you have installed is not interrupting the ventilation
  • Check in case the problem is there due to the installation of unwanted apps. Make sure to update them
  • Don’t engage your phone for multiple tasks at the same time
  • Check if you can avoid this problem with a simple restart
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have software related glitch in it

Unresponsive Touch screen

To make the screen functional again once it has problem in it just follow the below instructions.

  • First check if a software bug is responsible for this. This problem is often confused with the same
  • Make sure not to enable the screen mirroring option when it is not required
  • Simply make sure your phone is not having its data affected with virus as this can also make the screen not to perform its function properly
  • Remove mittens if you wear the same, wash hands properly and clean the screen against oil particles
  • Open safe mode on the phone and check if you can solve the problem simply by this
  • Make sure the screen is not functional just because of blocked apps in the phone
  • Check in case there is a hardware damaged is responsible for this problem
  • Sometimes running multiple apps in the background can cause this problem
  • Check in case the problem is there just because your phone memory is completely full
  • Power fluctuation can also cause this problem in the phone in some cases

SIM related problems

SIM stands for subscribers Identification Module. It is basically a chip that contains all the information about the user as its name indicates. There are certain things which can go wrong with this and you need to be aware of the same. Check if the faults can be avoided simply by considering the instructions below

  • Begin with a simple restart and check if the problem is still there
  • Insert the SIM card in the slot no 1 if you don’t make use of second SIM in the phone
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply by searching for the network manually by opening the phone settings
  • Make sure to not to store all the contacts in the SIM memory. Filling it completely with the contacts can cause the problem for you
  • Make sure to turn ON the SIM card in the SIM settings and check if the airplane mode is active on the phone
  • The signal strength may vary depending on your present location
  • It would be good to ensure that the services on your SIM card are not barred and are actually working
  • If the SIM card is having a visible damage on it or on the tray present in the device for holding the same, you need to get it replaced
  • Call the customer care and check if they can help sorting the problem

Earpiece sounds Robotic

Almost all of us make use of this accessory with our phone. In fact, it has become quite convenient to enjoy music and handle calls with this. Problems in the same can be daunting and bring unfavorable situations. Compiled below are the methods that let you fix those bugs that create the issue.

  • Gently hot the earpiece and then again connect them with the phone
  • Perform a simple reboot and check if the problems are gone
  • Make it sure that the sounds are enabled, the connecting port is functional, and no restrictions are imposed on the hardware of your phone
  • Simply make sure that there is no hardware damage on the earpiece that is causing this glitch
  • You may face this problem if you use your earpiece with the Ulefone Armor 3T if the power saving mode has been enabled on the phone

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Apps behaving unexpectedly is a situation which probably no one wants to have in phone. Therefore it is always good to pay attention to facts that cause it and what can be done for its elimination. Focusing on the below facts let you know how this can be done.

  • You might have not updated the apps for a long time. If so, perform this task first and restart your phone. Check if the problem is gone
  • Simply make sure your phone doesn’t have compatibility issues with the apps you are using or have installed
  • Make sure to give the required permission to access the features which apps actually need to remain functional
  • It would be good to clear the cache data of the apps at least once a week for their smooth functionality
  • Check if the problem can be solved by simply changing the app’s settings to recommended if they have been changed to custom

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

Make sure to follow the methods which are listed below whenever this problem is observed in your phone. You will get the favorable results for sure.

  • The battery backup on the phone depends on the way you use it. Simply keep this thing in your mind
  • If you don’t mind turning OFF the mobile data and the Wi-Fi when not required, the battery backup can be enhanced simply
  • Avoid charging the phone from the chargers that cannot be trusted
  • Make sure the power source is not having any problem associated to it which is causing this problem in your phone
  • Damaged battery in the phone or any other issue with the same can also be held responsible for this problem
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply by restarting your phone once
  • Check if the power bank you are using is responsible for this
  • You must avoid downloading data in bulk as it can cause the problem for your phone
  • Make sure all the notifications, sounds and indication are turned OFF which really doesn’t matter for you
  • Don’t allow apps in your phone to access the data or other features if that really doesn’t required
  • Try updating the apps if they are pending as this can solve your concern
  • If the Wi-Fi hotspot is turned ON and your internet connection is shared with other users, you might be facing the problem due to the very same reason

Bad camera quality

Camera wouldn’t just capture snaps. It actually capture moments which later become memories. Simply make sure that you are following all of the below mentioned instructions and methods if your phone has this problem active on it

  • Make sure the camera is not having the problem in its lens. The same might need cleanliness or it might have other problems associated with it
  • Check if you can solve the problem simply by performing a reboot to your phone
  • If your phone is operating in power saving mode, this can cause the problem in it
  • Check if transparent glass cover has been removed from the front and the rear of the phone
  • Make sure your device is not having any problem in its OS which you are confusing as problem in the camera
  • Clean the device screen gently and with appropriate attention
  • Make sure the camera settings are having the HD mode enabled on it
  • Focus on the object in a right manner to enhance the camera quality simply
  • Make sure your phone is not having its default storage capacity hitting its maximum level as this can be the reason to this problem
  • Simply make sure to turn ON flashlight when required and select the shooting mode which suits the phone

Performance issues

Well, smartphones are really transforming and these days there are gadgets with around 8GB of RAM in them. It’s all because the speed and performance really matters. If you find your Armor 3T is not performing in the way it has to, the below instructions can help you a lot.

  • Erase the data and the files which no longer matters to you but are present in your phone
  • Don’t keep so many files in the download folder
  • Check if the slow performance is due to power fluctuation in the phone
  • Sometimes when a lot of applications are installed in the phone, its performance often goes down
  • The problem might be there in the OS or in the applications. Update them when the same is available
  • Don’t completely filled your phone data
  • Remove the SD card from the phone and check if it can enhance the performance
  • Clear the cache data from the phone
  • Disable power saving mode
  • It is mandatory that you always install apps from the Play Store
  • Check if the problem is there only because the phone doesn’t support the data you have stored in its memory
  • A factory reset will remain the last option that can solve your concern

Memory/SD card not detected

To enhance the storing capacity of your phone without facing any problem simply go ahead with the below methods.

  • First of all, check if the microSd card you are using is damaged physically. Sometimes the brand new ones can have this issue with the same
  • Compatibility between the card and the phone is the next big thing to pay attention you if this is a problem which you are facing
  • Avoid buying cards that are already used in other phones. They can have auspicious files and data that can violate the phone security policies and can be the reason you are facing this issue
  • If data doesn’t matter for you, format your card and re-insert it in the phone. Check if the problem is still there
  • Make sure the data stored in the card has not set to hidden mode
  • Make sure the card you are using doesn’t have any restrictions on it to be used with some specific devices only
  • Check if the problem is there just because you haven’t inserted it properly in the phone
  • Sometimes completely filling the microSd card beyond to its upper limit can cause this problem

With this information on common Ulefone Armor 3T problems and fixes, dealing with the bugs is not at all a big deal. You can simply understand every instruction mentioned in this post. Keep visiting our website for similar posts.


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