Common Ulefone S1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Taking care of health is always very important. However, hectic schedules and additional burden has made many people compromise with the same. In the present time the technology is widely contributing in enabling people take care of these health. The technology referred here really doesn’t means a complex machine meant only for health care. It actually means the basic technology that is accessible to one and all. A smartphone is a perfect example for this and there are so many scalable apps that are widely contributing in this matter. Of course, a smartphone is one of the devices that are helping many people to take care of their health simply. In this post we will discuss about the basic issues of one such phone. Well, that is Ulefone S1. Read the accurate information about common Ulefone S1 problems and fixes below.

If you are wondering about the problems and fixes associated with this phone, there is nothing to start worrying. This is actually a device that can easily be trusted for the long run. You can encounter or experience some basic issues just because the phone largely depends on Android technology for its functionality. Android-based gadgets often have these issues associated with them and thus there is nothing to worry about anything. Simply explore the information about the common Ulefone S1 problems and fixes below.

common Ulefone S1 problems and fixes

Is dealing with these issues easy?

Yes, there is nothing much you need to do or to worry. The guide about common Ulefone S1 problems and fixes mentioned in this post is simple to follow. Even someone with no basic knowledge on smartphone technology can follow the same. Also, these issues only need you to be careful when you follow them. The Ulefone S1 is a perfect gadget and it is not necessary always that these issues will be there in your phone for sure. The chances are less for the same if you use your phone gently and wisely. Here is all you need to know about common Ulefone S1 problems and fixes.

Common Ulefone S1 problems and fixes

Finding the perfect solution to any problem needs you to follow a recommended guide. It is always necessary that you follow the methods and the instructions exactly they are defined. You can face other problems if you change them. We don’t bear any responsibility for same and cannot be blamed anytime later or sooner. Here is required information on common Ulefone S1 problems and fixes.

Connectivity issues

Defining the connectivity is not possible in a few words. It is actually a vast term as several tasks a smartphone can perform depend on the same. You only need to make sure that everything about the same is in perfect condition. Else, you can follow the below information.

Bluetooth connectivity problems

  • Check if the problem is there due to a faulty hardware component in the phone
  • One of the key factors that can largely influence the Bluetooth functionality is the type and the kind of data you are exchanging
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because you haven’t paired the phone with the other in a correct manner
  • Simply check if the things can be solved by freeing some space in the default storage of the phone
  • Do check if the phone Bluetooth drivers are not in functional mode and the same is the reason to this problem
  • Make sure the phone is not running in the power saving mode
  • You can face this problem if you have imposed some restrictions on the device communication
  • There are chances of Bluetooth policies violation or the security of the phone
  • Check and make sure the problem is actually not associated with the Bluetooth antenna
  • The phone you are using might have its Bluetooth version not supported by the other gadget you are trying to connect with

Wi-Fi connectivity problems

  • The internet connection might no longer have the services applicable on the same
  • Make sure to check the problem is not because of issues which are related to the Wi-Fi drivers
  • You need to simply make it sure that the phone which you own support the network services you are running it on
  • Do check if the problem is there just because the installation of the modem has not been taken place properly
  • Check if the LAN settings are enabled and no changes have been made to the network settings
  • Sometimes this problem arrives only when the entire bandwidth is consumed by the users
  • Simply check if you can solve the problem by restarting your phone and the modem
  • Make sure the problem is not associated with the Wi-Fi antenna
  • Close all the apps running in the background and restart your phone. This may solve the problem
  • Erase the network connection and add it again
  • The problem might be there just because you are not entering the correct password for the network. Check and make sure of this

Overheating Problems

This problem can be solved easily through the below methods

  • First check if there are lot of applications running in the background as this can cause the real problem
  • Check if there are apps which have direct access to the different features of the phone enabled automatically. Disable the same
  • Make sure your phone is not actually in the power saving mode
  • Check if you can solve this problem simply by a reboot
  • You need to make sure your phone is not having any auspicious file present on it
  • Simply make sure your phone doesn’t have virus present in its default memory
  • Make sure your phone is not causing this problem just because of a battery damage in the same
  • This problem should not be confused with another hardware or a software issue in the phone
  • Completely and properly check your device’s charger and the power source which you are dependent on as it can cause this problem in your gadget
  • Make sure the phone is not having its default memory completely filled
  • Avoid downloading data from the sources which cannot be trusted
  • Check in case the phone ventilation is not properly working

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

It’s nothing more than just following what is mentioned below which is truly need to do to get the things back on track for you

  • Avoid using your phone while charging it as this can enhance the overall charging time
  • In case the notifications for all the apps are enabled, disabled the ones you actually don’t need. They often consume battery while keep running in the background
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a hardware problem in it
  • Check if the problem is there just because the data present in the phone is causing this problem
  • Remove the SD card from the phone and check again if this issue is gone
  • Simply make sure that your phone is not having the safe mode enabled on it
  • Check if the true reason to this problem is a faulty charger
  • Make sure your phone is not having a bug in its OS
  • Don’t install and play games for which the phone is actually not meant for
  • May be you are sharing your internet connection with other devices and this might be causing the problem. Check
  • Try replacing the device charger and check again
  • Make sure your phone is not having its charging port damaged

Earpiece sounds Robotic

Simply keep up the pace against the earpiece related issues with the help of following instructions

  • This can happen due to not updating your phone OS in some cases
  • Check if the earpiece wires are damaged
  • The phone sounds might be disabled. Check the settings for the same
  • Make sure the sounds are not appearing just because you have not selected the right mode for the earpiece in the settings
  • Selecting a profile in the phone that might have its sound disabled can cause this problem

Camera Problems

Camera related issues can easily be fixed in no time if you follow the instructions spotlighted below.

  • Check if you are using any other app than default one. This can cause the problem. Make sure the one you use is comfortable with your phone
  • Check and clean the camera lens as well as the screen if the same is required
  • The problem in the phone is due to not selecting the mode of the shooting which is appropriate as per conditions
  • You simply need to learn yourself about the basic of operating the camera of the phone and capturing the quality pictures
  • It all depends on the overall visibility. If it is low, select the night mode and turn ON the flashlight
  • Check and make sure your phone is not causing blurry images just because the pictures are captured through burst mode
  • Make it sure that your phone remains stable while it is capturing the pictures
  • It would always be good for you to focus on the object you are capturing to make sure of the quality
  • Always prefer to select the HD mode in the camera settings. This may consume extra battery but always let you make sure of quality pictures
  • Enhance the screen brightness as it may makes you think the pictures your device is capturing are low in terms of quality

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

To make sure nothing goes wrong in the phone when you deal with this issue, follow below instructions simply

  • First of all format your memory card and insert it again in the phone
  • Your phone might be unfit to accept memory card due to reasons such as compatibility and data present on it
  • Check if the problem can easily be avoided by simply restarting your phone
  • You might have set the data present on the memory card to hidden mode
  • Make sure the complete access is given to the phone for the data present in the card
  • Check in case the problem is there just because you are using a memory card more than 64GB capacity. It is not allowed to use the same beyond this capacity on Ulefone S1
  • Make sure to buy the one which is based on quality and is totally reliable with your phone
  • Use the memory card on another phone and check if the problem is solved
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a damaged slot which holds SD card in it
  • The problem might be there due to a faulty memory card

SIM Related Problems/No Network

Make sure to follow the below mentioned instructions whenever the SIM-related problems arrives in the phone.

  • Look for a physical damage on the SIM card carefully. If you don’t find it, insert it in the phone and restart it
  • You may need to select the network manually by performing a quick search
  • Make sure you are registered on your home network
  • The signal strength might be nil in the phone due to your present location which might not be covered by the service provider
  • All the services should be active, valid and compatible on your SIM
  • If your SIM card is brand new, keep it in mind that sometimes it takes around 24 complete hours for full activation of the services
  • Your device might not be compatible with the service provider. Check if the phone is unlocked and doesn’t have other similar issues in it
  • Disable the Airplane mode on the phone if it is enabled. Also, check the SIM settings and turn the SIM card OFF in case the same is turned OFF
  • Insert the SIM properly and make sure the same doesn’t have any restriction on it

Performance Related Issues

The basic instructions that let you deal with this problem are mentioned below

  • Close all the application running in the background. Erase the ones you no longer use or need now
  • Update the others in case they are having their updates pending to be installed
  • Make sure the power saving mode or the safe mode is not active on your phone
  • Your phone might have a lot of data in it. Erase a few and check again. For smooth functionality, always make sure to have at least 3 GB default memory space available in your phone all the time
  • When it comes to connecting the phone with other gadgets, simply make sure no unwanted files or viruses are getting entered in your phone
  • Check and make sure the phone doesn’t have a hardware or a problem in it OS
  • Update the OS if a general update is pending to be installed
  • Make sure your Ulefone S1 is not having a battery related problem in it as this can degrade the performance
  • Don’t perform multiple tasks at the same time especially when they are complex. Although multitasking is allowed on Ulefone S1, not beyond a limit
  • Performance related issue can simply be neglected by performing a hard reset

Not connecting with the PC

Here is how this issue can be fixed in some simple steps

  • Restart your phone and try connecting again
  • Clean the USB connector on the phone gently in case it is having dust present over there
  • USB drivers should have their latest version installed on your phone for the smooth functionality
  • Check and make sure your phone and the PC doesn’t have any kind of problem related to the damage of hardware
  • Replace the connecting cable and check if the things are under your control
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a connection already active with any other device through Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Not all the devices can be connected with multiple gadgets at the same time
  • Beware of violating any security policy of the phone or the PC
  • Sometimes the improper installation of the phone drivers in the PC can cause this problem in the same

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Go ahead with the below mentioned instructions to keep up the pace simply

  • Clean the screen of your phone first of all and check if this is the reason to the problem
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have anything wrong with the OS in it
  • Check if there was a recent liquid damaged caused to your phone and this is causing this problem
  • Simply make sure your phone doesn’t have an application installed on it causing this problem
  • Open power saving mode and disable all the applications
  • Remove the ones which were installed from the third-party sources
  • Make sure your phone actually don’t have screen mirroring option enabled on it
  • Simply make sure if the phone doesn’t have its memory completely filled
  • Remove the mittens if you are wearing them. Clean your hands too
  • Check if there is actually a problem in the software which is causing this issue. Simply update the OS if a new version is available

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Some of the best methods to help you in this matter are listed below.

  • You first need to make sure that the installed applications are fully up to date
  • Check in case the problem is there just because the phone app settings are not as per the recommendations of the developer
  • Make sure your phone is not having apps installed from other sources than the Play Store
  • Simply make sure your phone apps actually doesn’t have the required access or permission to operate
  • The UI of the app you are using might have a problem in the same
  • Clear the cache memory of the data simply

Following this information about the common Ulefone S1 problems and fixes for this is simple as already mentioned in this post. If your phone is facing any other problem, simply let us know about the same.

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