Common Ulefone S9 Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Relaxing and entertainment is something that everyone needs in the present time. However, not everyone is truly in a position to have the same all the time. The good thing is those with hectic schedules have started entertaining and relaxing themselves through a smartphone. Of course, it is one of the finest available sources for the same. Everyone knows what exactly a modern phone can do and upto what extent it can entertain the users. This is also a major factor responsible for the rising popularity of the smartphones. One such gadget that has meant for the true entertainment is the Ulefone S9 Pro. It is widely in demand and presently there are very large numbers of users of this phone. This post is useful to those who need to gain knowledge on the subject common Ulefone S9 Pro problems and fixes.

Well, if you are a user of this phone, it is truly beneficial for you to boost your overall knowledge on this. It’s important because depending on the use, later or sooner every user have a direct interaction with these issues. This statement really doesn’t mean that this Ulefone model is having any problem about its hardware reported by mass users. As already mentioned, these are the problems that can come due to random reasons. Users can easily deal with them without taking any additional help. For this, the information about the common Ulefone S9 Pro problems and fixes mentioned in this post is sufficient. All you need to make sure is to follow it in the accurate manner.

common Ulefone S9 Pro problems and fixes

Why buy Ulefone S9 Pro

Ulefone S9 pro is a dynamic Smartphone that has already attracted the attention of so many users in the present time. You need not to worry about anything if you want to own a smartphone that can act as the horse of a long race. Well, it really doesn’t need you to invest money on anything once you own it. Also, it has been manufactured keeping in view what a modern user expects from a smartphone in this century. In addition to this, Ulefone S9 pro is a true blend of quality and price. You can simply go ahead with it in case you have already made your mind to own it. Here is what you need to know about the common Ulefone S9 Pro problems and fixes.

Common Ulefone S9 Pro problems and fixes

The very first thing which you should pay attention to is following the information in the right manner. Therefore, it is highly recommended to not to take any other information to your consideration at the same time you are following this guide. Else, you need to face additional problems in your phone. cannot be held responsible for this. You can now proceed with common Ulefone S9 Pro problems and fixes.

Connectivity issues

May it be known to you that when it comes to dealing with the problems, the connectivity is always very critical. In case this is a problem in your phone, it’s like a body cancer which can spread quickly and make it totally disable. This actually doesn’t mean there is no treatment possible. The below-listed instructions works quite well against connectivity related problems.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Make sure to check the exact condition of the Bluetooth antenna
  • If you don’t mind erasing the history of devices you recently connected through the Bluetooth, perform it and restart your phone. This may solve your concern
  • Not all the versions of Bluetooth are same and compatible with each other. Check this before connecting any other device with your Ulefone S9 pro
  • Check and make sure the true factor responsible for this problem is not actually related with the data you are dealing with
  • The overall data size you are sending or getting into your phone might be too bulky to send with Bluetooth
  • Check in case the problem is actually associated with the data holding capacity of the phone. It might be full
  • Make sure to clear the cache memory of your phone and check if this issue is gone
  • Don’t make use of the Bluetooth app while the phone is charging
  • It is necessary that you select files which are under 20MB size. This is not the maximum limit on the file but you will can make sure of accuracy and faster operations
  • In few cases the problems can be solved simply with a restart
  • Make sure the phone security policies are not getting compromised while accessing the Bluetooth

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • The problem might be there due to reasons associated with your internet connection. First check if the services are valid or have been barred
  • There is often a limit on the data use and crossing the same can be the reason you are facing this problem
  • Sometimes internet services are down due to reasons such as network update. Check and make sure this not the reason of the problem in your case
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have a lot of apps installed in it which are allowed to access the Wi-Fi automatically
  • Simply check if the Local Area Network Settings for the network has been modified by you
  • Entering the wrong password required to connect with the network can also be a basic reason to this problem
  • Simply make sure the internet speed as per the minimum threshold set by the manufacturer
  • Check in case the wrong configuration of the modem is causing this problem in your phone
  • Check cable connections too on the modem
  • If there are too many devices already connected with the network, you may need to neglect a few
  • Restart the modem and the phone. This is a basic method that works often in avoiding the Wi-Fi problems

Problems in MicroSD card  

This really matters for those having additional storage needs in their phone. Well, if you are one among them and are facing the problem in this gadget, here are some of the best available solutions to this problem you can simply take into your consideration.

  • Don’t use a memory cad beyond 128GB capacity with this phone
  • Check and make sure the one you use is not having any manufacturing or other defects it in
  • Sometimes when the files are hidden on the SD card, the phone may refuse to accept the same
  • You can create a friendly relation between the phone and the SD card just by removing any kind of security restrictions on the phone to accept third-party devices
  • Format your SD card and then again insert it in the phone
  • Check if the card is not having an infected file in it which can cause this problem
  • Make sure of the card quality is as per manufacturer guidelines and recommendations

Unresponsive Touch screen

It is not always necessary that you need to follow the complex procedure to make the screen functional. Just adopt the below instructions.

  • Make sure that the Ulefone S9 Pro is having its screen physically dead. In this case, replacement is the only options
  • In case the screen is partially operational, open the device in safe mode
  • Disable all the apps as sometimes this can be the reason to the problem in the screen
  • Sometimes a liquid damage can also be held responsible for the glitches related to the screen
  • Make sure not to wear anything on hands such as mittens as the screen is touch sensitive
  • Make sure to clean the screen as in case there are dirt particles on the same, you can face this problem
  • Remove the pre-installed screen cover from the phone
  • Check if the problem can simply be solved if the device is restarted once
  • The problem might be there due to overcharging your phone
  • Remove the memory card once from the phone in case it is there and check if the screen is not functional
  • Sometimes enabling the power saving option can degrade the screen functionality
  • You might be facing this problem due to reasons related to the internal hardware damage. Check this properly

SIM related problems

Make sure to follow the information about SIM issues mentioned below when you find any trouble in the phone.

  • The problem might be there in the SIM slot. You might have not inserted the SIM properly. Remove it and restart your phone after re-inserting it
  • Check if the network your SIM operates ON is not compatible with the phone variant owned by you
  • Simply make sure the SIM card is not disabled or turned OFF in the phone settings. Check the Airplane mode as well
  • The no signal or improper signal strength could be due to your present location as well which might not be covered by the network provider
  • Simply make sure to make a manual search for the network and choose to register your network on it
  • The problem could be there due to suspension of services on the SIM card you own
  • A physical damage on the card itself can be the reason you are having SIM related faults
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have the SIM loaded in the Slot No 2 when the first is empty
  • Get the phone checked and replace the SIM card simply

Unexpected behavior of the apps

The performance level of the apps can be improved and the bugs can be eliminated through the instructions which are listed below.

  • Sometimes the exact reason for the improper functionality of the apps is not clearly visible. In such a case try updating the OS if a new update is available. Only OS bugs can influence the working of the apps
  • Simply check and make sure your phone doesn’t have problem in the apps data
  • It is always good to keep the applications data in the default memory of your Ulefone S9 pro
  • Take your device in the safe mode. If the apps are performing well, the problem is probably with the OS
  • Sometimes bugs associated with the screen of your phone can cause this problem
  • Don’t change the recommended settings of the apps
  • Make sure to update them whenever a new version is available

Problems with earpiece

Getting rid of the problems is not at all a big when you have the support of right instructions as mentioned below.

  • Check if the earpiece you are using is physically damaged and this is causing the problem
  • Make sure the earpiece is connected with the phone properly
  • Check if the problem is there just because the sounds drivers have problem in the same
  • The sounds might not be functional or disabled in the phone
  • Not updating the apps can cause this problem in some cases
  • Make sure the earpiece you own are compatible with the phone

Fast Battery Draining

The drainage time of the battery is something that is always focused and it is important for the phones to provide the maximum backup to users once the battery is fully charged. If in case you are not getting the same, you can follow the instructions below.

  • The problem might be associated with the apps in your phone. This is often the reason in most of the cases if the battery is not having any problem related to the same
  • Update all the apps first and check the exact status of the problem
  • There is no need to turn ON the notifications lights and sounds which are not required
  • The problem might be there in your phone just because you haven’t followed the recommended guidelines to use or to charge your phone
  • Make sure not to use any accessory which is not compatible or damaged with your phone
  • Check if the problem can be solved by disabling all the apps you have installed from the other sources than play store
  • The power bank users must make it sure that the one they use is not having any problem associated with it
  • It is always recommended to not to charge the phone all the time from the PC’s USB
  • Data downloading beyond a limit and turning on the features such as Wi-Fi hot spot can cause this problem in the phone
  • It is recommended to uninstall any apps which you have installed in your phone to enhance its battery backup

Overheating problems

Overheating smartphones can cause many other issues in the hardware. It is one of the most important facts which you kept in your mind and must take required actions promptly. Here is what you can do.

  • Make sure not to install any software or application in the phone which is not meant for it
  • Check in case the problem can be avoided just by closing/disabling all the apps in the phone
  • If the phone is running in the safe mode, disable the same
  • Check if you have a lot of data in your phone which is causing this problem
  • A damaged hardware or the one which is not functional can also be held responsible for this
  • Don’t use power sources that have faults in them when it comes to charging your phone
  • This problem is commonly observed when the users continue downloading data for long hours in the phone
  • Avoiding taking or placing calls while charging your phone
  • Simply make sure the phone is not having its internet connection in use by other gadgets through Wi-Fi hot spot
  • You can experience this problem in your phone if multiple apps are running in the background
  • Update the phone if the same is pending

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Assuring the connectivity which is accurate between the phone and the computer can sometime create issues but following the below methods can help you tackle the same

  • Restart the phone and check if the problem is still there
  • You might be facing the problem due to damaged/non-functional USB connector on the PC or on the phone
  • It is always recommended to you to use the connecting cable which is compatible for both the gadgets
  • Check if the problem is there just because there are restrictions imposed by you on any of the gadget to connect or communicate with each other
  • Make sure not security is getting compromised for both the gadgets as this can be the reason to this problem
  • Make sure your phone is in proper working condition
  • Try connecting the phone with a parallel USB on the computer in case one fails to operate properly
  • Problems such as virus in the data you are exchanging between these gadgets can cause this problem.

Bad camera quality

To make sure of having the quality outcomes from the camera of your Ulefone S9 pro, the following camera related common Ulefone S9 Pro problems and fixes information can help you for sure

  • Check if you are using your phone in the power saving mode
  • Simply make sure if your phone is having its camera fully dead. This can happen either due to a physical damage or when the default camera drivers in the OS have any bug in them
  • Make sure to clean the device screen as well as the camera lens
  • Check if the problem can simply be solved by restarting your phone
  • Always select the HD mode in the camera output settings to simply make sure of quality outcomes
  • The problem might be there just because the camera might not be still while it was capturing the pictures
  • Focus is to be paid on how much zooming is appropriate for control. If you zoom beyond a limit, probably you need to compromise with the quality
  • Check if the problem can be solved just by erasing some data in case phone is running low on the same

Performance issues

Enhancing the performance is something which is possible for anyone just by paying attention to some important facts. Check them out below simply

  • First of all attention is to be paid on the way phone is being used and the kind of applications it has. Check them for the compatibility and other issues. Make sure they are fulfilling the demand of the smartphone
  • Perform a simple restart to your phone to get this problem eliminated
  • Make sure the device memory is not full. If so, erase some data and remove the SD card from the phone
  • Check in case the problem is not there just because the phone is facing any kind of problem in its software domain
  • It is necessary that the cache data is to be cleared after a fixed interval of time
  • With more number of apps in the phone, the performance often goes down and the users have to face this problem
  • Check in case the issue is related to a hardware problem in the phone
  • Another thing which can degrade the performance of your Ulefone S9 pro is not giving the required access to the apps in the phone
  • A hard reset can restore the performance in most of the cases. Perform this and check if everything is back on track.

Following this information about common Ulefone S9 Pro problems and fixes really don’t need you to be a professional. You can easily keep up the pace with everything just with this guide. Follow and recommend it to other users of Ulefone S9 pro. Also, keep visiting our website for other wonderful stuff on Android technology.



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