Common Vernee Apollo 2 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The smartphones are becoming trendier with the passage of each year. In addition to this, the manufacturers are also loading them with features. You might have no idea but there are several manufacturers who have played an excellent role in making them a true performer for any task that is related to humans. In fact, this is the reason why some of the devices are now called as smart devices. When it comes to phones, there is hardly any modern person in the world who doesn’t use a smartphone. Well, anyone can have a ton of good reason for investing in a gadget. You might have no idea but the fact is smartphones these days are capable to handle almost every task that is meant to make our life more superior. However, one of the most common sayings is “even some of the best things in the world comes with a full bouquet of cons”. This is also applicable to the smartphones. In this post, I will introduce you to the common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes.

The cons I was just taking about doesn’t have much concern with the smartphone actually but they are related with the Operating system. Most of the Android-based gadgets have some minor issues associated with them and they are pretty common. It is possible to avoid them in no time. For this, one simply needs to gain more knowledge about the root cause of the issues. It must be kept in mind that not all the issues are always associated directly with the hardware glitches in the device. There are certain other factors actually that can transform them and it is suggested to you to boot your overall knowledge about the common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes. You can find the same in the below sections.

common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes

Actually, it has been claimed as world’s first Helio X30 smartphone and this is the reason why a lot of smartphone lovers all over the world are excited about this device. Also, it is largely expected to have some of the very amazing features and therefore you should drop your current plan of buying any other smartphone and prefer the Vernee Apollo 2. Check out the more about common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes.

Common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes

As already mentioned this will remain one of the best devices. However, when it comes to problems in any smartphones, it actually depends on how well someone take care of his/her device. It is always important to follow the right procedure for the common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes. Make sure to gain more and more knowledge. couldn’t be held responsible for anything that goes wrong due to your own negligence.

Performance issues

Enhancing the performance of any smartphone is something every user must do. This is necessary because with respect to time, every gadget fails to maintain the same level of performance we all have on the day one with the same. However, sometime even the brand new devices fail to meet the expectations of the users. Here are some of the recommended methods to solve this problem.

  • Don’t completely fill the phone memory. Even if you are using a SD card, make sure at least 2 GB of space is free
  • Avoid using the phone while charging. This is always the major trouble creator with the performance
  • Don’t let more than 2 apps run in the background. This is because they keep the RAM busy
  • Download your files which are heavy one after one
  • The accessories you are using should be authorized to use with the smartphone
  • The installation of the third-party apps should be disabled

Connectivity issues

It is very much true that the connectivity related issues are pretty critical. This is because they can give rise to a very large number of problems you cannot even think about. However, dealing with them is as simple as learning ABC if you know the right procedure. Check them out below.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes)

  • Reboot your phone and see if the problem is gone
  • Take your phone into Safe mode and see if things are back on track
  • Turn the Bluetooth OFF and then turn it ON again
  • Delete some previously connected devices from the history
  • Enter the right passcode which is often asked while connecting the device with another one through Bluetooth for the very first time
  • In case the power saving mode on the phone is ON, simply disable it

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure the network is stable first of all
  • Reboot your Wi-Fi router with a  time gap of around 20 seconds
  • There might be fault in the Wi-Fi antenna of your phone
  • Make sure the connecting cable is not faulty
  • May be you have exceeded the limit on number of devices connected with the router
  • Check if the network services are enabled on your connection
  • Make sure cable connections are correct
  • The authentication details you are entering should be correct

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The devices are operated through the screen these days and any problem in the same simply means users cannot perform any task smoothly. If you are facing the issues because of this reason, here are some methods that can help you to keep up the pace

  • This issue could be solved upon a simple reboot
  • If the phone is connected to a PC or power bank, always operate it by disconnecting from them
  • Update all the apps which are pending
  • Clean the phone if you find any virus in the main memory
  • Make sure there is no grease or oil particles due to which you are facing this problem

Overheating problems

Overheating is pretty common in several devices. However, if your phone is overheating even when you do nothing, of course it is a matter of concern. Here is what exactly you can do to fix this problem

  • First of all delete the apps you have installed from untrusted sources and reboot your device. This will probably solve your concern
  • If the apps are not yet updated, perform this task on priority
  • Avoid charging your phone beyond 90%
  • The device battery should be taken care of. Overcharging the same can bring this problem. Therefore you should avoid the same
  • If you use a back cover, see the same is not causing this problem by blocking the ventilation
  • Erase the files and data that you have not used since long

SIM related problems (common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes)

Your smartphone is nothing more than a piece of brick if the SIM card fails to operate reliably on it. You might have no idea but the fact is there are a lot of factors on which the functionality of the SIM card depends. Therefore it is very necessary that you take care of the same. There are a few important instructions that you can follow in this matter and they are spotlighted below.

  • Perform a simple reboot
  • Take your device in the Safe mode to check if the things are now fine
  • The SIM card might be damaged
  • Check if the network services are enabled on the SIM
  • Make sure it has been inserted correctly in the phone
  • Get it replaced if it is too old and you are going to put it into a brand new device

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This is actually a problem that is rare. However, in case you are facing it with your device, here is the list of basic actions that you can perform to avoid it

  • Use another earpiece and see if the concern is solved
  • Open the device in the safe mode
  • Perform a hard reset
  • In case the problem is still there, you need to get your phone checked

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes)

Well, the smooth data transfer between a PC and a smartphone is something that largely matter. You might have no idea but this sometime doesn’t let users perform some of the important tasks smoothly. Here are some important instructions and methods you can follow to avoid this problem

  • First of all update the USB drivers if they are not
  • Make sure you are using a connecting cable that is authorized by the manufacturer
  • Your PC might have a pirated copy of Windows installed on it
  • The violation of the security polices of the devices can be the reason of failure of this connection
  • Always make sure to set the USB configuration to the MTP
  • Take your device in the safe mode and see if the things are fine
  • Perform a simple reboot after connecting the cable. If the doesn’t still fails, change the USB port on the PC

No SD card detected

There are actually a lot of factors that you can held responsible for this problem. However, it doesn’t matter. Following the methods and instructions as mentioned below can solve this problem easily

  • Buying a low quality SD card can create issues later or sooner
  • The SD card you are using should be of superior quality
  • There might be a physical damage that is not visible on the SD card
  • Make sure the SD card slot is not faulty
  • Erase some data from the card if it is completely full
  • Make sure it is under the defined limit by the phone

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

It is necessary to pay special attention to this problem. Although it arrives to due hardware issue in the phone, sometime OS related bugs can also transform another problem into this one. Trying the following methods definitely solve this concern.

  • Your phone might be acting as a Wi-Fi hot spot for other devices. Turn OFF the same
  • Probably not all the notifications from the apps you have installed matters for you. Thus disable them simply
  • Make sure to charge your phone with the original charger
  • If the level of screen brightness is high, decrease the same
  • The power socket your device is connected with for charging should be free from all the issues

Bad camera quality (common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes)

For those who love capturing pictures, even a minor bug in the camera matters a lot. The methods and instructions below simply let you deal with all the problems you are facing with your device when it comes to camera problems

  • When you open the camera first, make sure you are using the default camera app
  • Clean the camera lens. It is always very important
  • Turn ON the flash always if the visibility is low
  • Select the shooting mode as per nearby conditions
  • Always make sure you remove the transparent glass from the screen
  • The camera app might be outdated

This is everything that you should know about the common Vernee Apollo 2 problems and fixes. There might be more information you need. If so, let us know in the below comment section.

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