Common Vernee Thor Plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

There are many reasons why smartphones are popular than ever before. The fact is the demands of the users have been changed significantly in last few years and fortunately the manufacturers are well aware with the same. The reason why they are coming with more and more features everyday in their gadgets is nothing but to fulfill all those demands simply. Of course,  we have a lot of manufacturers in the present time and the good thing is they can be trusted easily. However, it’s necessary that you grab as much information as you can before proceeding with a new device. Although all modern day gadgets are simply the best, they all have a few common problems associated with them. You need not to worry about the same as they can be avoided easily. The only thing which you should be careful about is nothing but paying attention to how this can be done. In this post, I will introduce you to the useful information that you should know about the common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes. The information can easily be trusted and will be very helpful to you as a user of this gadget.

The Vernee Thor Plus is a device that has a 5.5-inch screen just like all modern day smartphones. It has been provided to run on Android Nougat 7 and this is one of its best features. You can simply make sure of speed when it comes to performing any task quickly. This is because it has been provided with the 1.3 GHz octa-core processor and a 3GB RAM. As far as the matter of camera is concerned, it has a 13MP primary camera and an 8 MP secondary. It has a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 which let users not to compromise with anything.

common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes

Moreover, it has been provided with a 6200mAh battery which is one of the best features you can have in this price range. This clearly means once you charge your gadget, there is no need to worry about anything about the backup at least for the next two days. When it comes to RAM, the users are free to store 32GB of data in it. For those who don’t mind using an SD card can enhance this limit to 128GB. This is all about the specifications of this device which will help you to deal with common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes further.

You have just checked the specifications of this gadget and probably it’s best in every aspect. As I already mentioned, you need not to worry about anything if you have plans to buy this smartphone. You just need to grab more information about the common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes. For this, simply pay attention to the below paragraphs.

Common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes

In this post, all the information you will read about the common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes has been provided through reliable and trusted sources. Thus, you have no reasons to worry about anything. However, I recommend you to follow it in the same manner as you read. We at cannot be held responsible for any further damaged caused to the phone if you follow the methods in your own manner than recommended.


Connectivity issues

One of the things about all modern gadgets is they are simply nothing if they have connectivity issues. The fact is connectivity issues simply impose a limit on the other tasks. This is because connectivity issues don’t let you use the internet properly and probably you no internet on the device means there will be a strict upper limit on the overall options. Thus, if you are facing the concerned issues, you can go ahead with the below methods

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes)

  • Most of the time this issue is gone with a simple reboot. Thus, there is nothing you need to do to try it
  • Open Bluetooth Settings and make sure the connectivity is not hidden
  • All the devices you connected with your phone recently should be deleted from the history
  • If the connecting procedure asks for a passcode, make sure you enter the correct one
  • In the Bluetooth cache app, delete the data
  • Make sure the Bluetooth on the other device doesn’t have a technical glitch

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes)

  • May be the net signal strength is low at the location you are. Go close to router and try again
  • If the network provider has some conditions, make sure to fulfill them
  • Put your router OFF and then again turn it ON after 20 seconds
  • Troubleshoot the router if you find any issue
  • If you have re-installed the same recently, makes sure you have made correct cable connections
  • Don’t forget to update the password in case the same has been changed recently
  • If you get a limited bandwidth per day/week or month, you might already have consumed the same
  • May be you are downloading a lot of data at the same time. If so, avoid the same.

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes)

The touchscreen related issues can arrive in the phone due to many reasons. If you are facing them, here is the guide to assist you deal with them in no time.

  • Make sure the screen and your fingers are clean
  • Don’t fill the memory completely
  • Don’t charge your phone from a low quality charger/power bank
  • Make sure the device is free from OS related errors

Bad camera quality

The device camera is used by the owners too often. In fact, it is the second thing after calling for which people invest on smartphones. Thus, no one really wants to have the camera related gadgets in their devices. However, if you are facing them, here is what you can do to deal with them.

  • For quality snaps, always use the flash light whenever required
  • Simple make a random click on the screen before capturing the snap. This will actually let you focus on it and the quality can be enhanced significantly.
  • Don’t forget to remove the glass cover from the brand new phone
  • Make sure the screen is clean and so does the camera lens
  • The Camera apps might not be updated
  • The shooting mode should be selected depending on the surroundings

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Almost all the tasks which a smartphone can perform depend on battery. Of course, we cannot use our phone without charging. First you should keep it in mind that this gadget has a massive 6200mah battery as already mentioned. Thus, it may take more time for full charging as compared to other gadgets. However if you think your phone charges too slowly and at the same time if you are facing the quick battery drainage problem, here are some methods and instructions you can proceed with to solve this problem.

  • If the Wi-Fi hot spot is turned ON, make sure you haven’t shared it with multiple devices
  • Don’t allow all the apps to send you multiple notifications
  • The apps running in the background often put extra burden on the battery. Always keep this thing in your mind
  • The reason for slow charging could be unnecessary keeping the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ON when not required
  • Avoid using the charger which belongs to another device but can be attached to your phone
  • Don’t charge your phone all the time from PC USB and power banks
  • The brightness level of the screen shouldn’t be too high

SIM related problems

For the SIM card related problems, you cannot always directly blame the smartphone or the SIM. There are a lot of other factors too which have a great impact on this. Probably this problem arrives due to reasons which are not generally known to the users. Check and try the following instructions and methods if you are facing them on your gadget

  • For those SIM cards which haven’t been used since a long time, make sure you have activated services on the same by the network provider
  • Maybe your SIM card frequency is not compatible with the variant you are having
  • Open the Settings and choose then network. Select the network manually
  • The SIM try might not be inserted properly or it might have a physical damage on the same.
  • Get it replaced if other methods wouldn’t work

Overheating problems (common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes)

The fact is most of the devices with battery more than 3600mah have this issue associated with them. You need to keep this thing in your mind that it’s not always mean to have a battery or a hardware problem in the gadget. You can simply proceed with the following methods in case you are having this problem.

  • If you have installed an app and the problem declare its presence after that, erase it from the device immediately
  • Update the apps if the same is pending
  • The low quality or cheap power banks can give rise to this problem
  • Don’t exceed 90% charging on your phone
  • If there is back cover on the device , remove it for sometime and see if the problem is solved
  • You need to perform a hard reset if the other methods wouldn’t work

Earpiece Sounds Robotic (common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes)

Not all the gadgets generally face this problem. However, if you are facing it with Vernee Thor Plus, here is the best information on earpiece sound robotic related common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes.

  • First of all, open the phone in the safe mode. If it is gone, probably it’s a software fault
  • Disable all the third-party apps
  • Update the sound driver
  • Perform a hard reset if the above methods wouldn’t solve your concern

No SD card detected

You can extend the limit of memory by upto 128GB on this device. However, in case you find any glitch after inserting the SD card in the phone, the following are some of the methods you should try to avoid the same.

  • Insert the card in the device in a recommended manner
  • Make sure the same doesn’t have a physical damage
  • If you haven’t copied data to same or haven’t used it for long, there might be a virus in it
  • Clean the SD card gently and insert it again
  • Format the data and try one more time
  • Make sure you don’t remove it by following a procedure which is not generally recommended

Performance issues

As far as the matter of performance is concerned with a smartphone, there are a few important things which you always need to keep in your mind. This is simply to let you keep up the pace with the factors that often affect the same. Here is what you can do to fix them in no time

  • If too many apps are outdated, update them simply
  • If you often perform multitasking, avoid the same
  • Don’t use phone while charging. This is the basic tip to keep up the pace
  • Don’t let apps run in the background
  • Make sure the problem is not due to any other issue

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

It is often required to create a direct connection between the smartphone and the PC by almost all the users. There are actually so many tasks that can reliably be performed after connecting them together. Therefore, the connection should be free from errors. If you are facing any problem, you can simply go ahead with the below listed methods.

  • Connect the device and perform a reboot first of all
  • If there is a yellow icon on the connection bar, probably the device drivers are not up to the date or are missing
  • Check if you have latest version of USB drivers installed on the phone.
  • You need to use the port next to the one you are using if one doesn’t work
  • The connecting cable should be error free in all the aspects
  • May be the data you are sharing violates the security policies of either of the devices.
  • You need to perform factory reset if the other methods wouldn’t work

This is the best available information on the common Vernee Thor Plus problems and fixes. You can probably solve all the concerns with the methods listed without worrying about anything. Do let us know in you need any other information about any other problem. We can find the common problems and methods to fix them for a diverse array of other devices on our platform. Thus, keep visiting


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