Common Vernee X1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

One of the strange fact, or the harsh reality is humans cannot sits free all the time in the present time. Since life has a dark side as well, no one can actually stay happy all the times. There are situations that are not always favorable for us. All we need during such a time is nothing but the support of someone. Some research reports on the human physiology, suggest that it’s not necessary always that only a living creature can keep the humans happy. In fact, technology has a great role in this matter. This is really true and we all have to admit that we spend a lot of time with our gadgets such as smartphones when we are really sad and emotional. Of course, a smartphone is coming more and more close to the humans. Therefore, it’s good for one and all to invest on it. Vernee X1 is a good option to consider. You can check the solutions to the common Vernee X1 problems in this post.

This smartphone was launched in the early months of this year and presently it has a very large number of active users. Upon the demand of some of the loyal visitors, we are publishing this post. However, it would be good to keep this thing in the mind that not all the users of Vernee X1 are facing some major issues. If you own this device, there is nothing to worry. The problems and the solutions mentioned in this post simply reflect the basic errors and bugs that can arrive in an Android-based gadget. It is easy to deal with them without spending a lot of time that largely matters. Here is the complete guide on the common Vernee X1 problems and their solutions.

common Vernee X1 problems

Why these issues arrive?

It is not necessary that each problem is supported by a well-differentiated reason. You may face the problem because of any of the diversified reasons. It is not easy and necessary that you boost your knowledge on all such reasons. All that matters is the best solutions that can simply eliminate them from the phone. On the other hand, a few problems declare their presence depending on the way one makes use of his/her phone. Also, the bugs related to the Android technology have a major role for the origination of these errors. However, as already mentioned, these issues can be treated simply. Here is the guide on the fixes of the common Vernee X1 problems.

Common Vernee X1 Problems and Fixes

The problems in the Vernee X1 have not been reported by a very large number of users. However, it really doesn’t mean that you cannot face them with this phone. If they have already declared their presence, you need to make sure of following this guide on the common Vernee X1 problems and solutions in the right manner. We at cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong due to your negligence and carelessness. Here are the common problems with their solutions.

Connectivity Problems

A lot of things can go wrong in the phone and they can have a great impact on the connectivity deriving factors. This problem can be solved by the following instructions

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

  • Choose to turn OFF the modem and the phone. Again, turn them ON after a minute
  • Make sure you haven’t made any changes to the network settings. Changing them to the custom mode can be the reason you are facing this problem
  • Check if the problem is because the modem which you are using has a well-defined limit on hosting the Wi-Fi devices which might have been reached
  • The problem is there just because you haven’t turned ON the network security ON
  • Do check if the network bandwidth has been used beyond its defined limit
  • The problem might be there due to not configuring the modem in a proper manner
  • Check if your phone is away from the modem Wi-Fi range
  • The internet service provider might have suspended its services from your connection
  • Make sure the website which you are opening is not having any of the problem related to it due to which you are facing this problem
  • Make sure to turn OFF the safe mode on the phone which can sometimes disable the Wi-Fi
  • Open the network settings and erase the network from the phone. Add it again simply
  • The problem might be due to not entering the correct network authentication details or not fulfilling the entire eligibility criteria to connect the phone on the network
  • This problem might be because of a wrong cable connection on the modem
  • Check the Wi-Fi antenna of the phone and make sure it is not having any problem related to it
  • There might be other apps running in the background which have access to the phone Wi-Fi
  • Sometimes this problem arrives only because the users forget to update the password they recently changed

Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

  • Check if both the phones you are trying to connect with have a Bluetooth version installed on them which is compatible with each other
  • The problem might be there just because you haven’t turned OFF the power saving mode if the same was enabled recently
  • Check and make sure the data which you exchange through Bluetooth should not have a size that Bluetooth doesn’t allow in one go
  • There might be some security policies violation of the phone and the same might be the reason to this glitch
  • Do check if the Bluetooth antenna on the phone is in proper working condition
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have a custom ROM installed on it which can cause this problem
  • You need to make sure that no restrictions are imposed on the phone communication
  • The problem you are facing might have its origin on the other device you are trying to connect
  • You need to enter the unique pass code which appears on the phone screen if this is the first time you are connecting the phones with each other
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because of errors related with the pairing
  • There are some OS bugs which can cause this problem. Thus, if a new version or a general update is available, you need to simply switch to the same
  • Your Vernee X1 might be suffering from a hardware problem. Check and make sure of this
  • Check if your phone is already connected with another device

SIM/Network related problem

  • Simply restart your phone and check if the network appears. If not, eject the SIM properly and insert it again. Check now
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the Airplane mode is turned ON or if the SIM is turned OFF in the SIM settings
  • Select and enable the automatic network selection mode always in your phone
  • The SIM card might have a physical damage on it or it might not be supported by your phone variant
  • You might have inserted a 4G enabled SIM in the slot 2 which is the common trouble creator in most of the cases
  • Always remember that the network fluctuation is common at the remote location or while travelling
  • The phone might have a problem in its signal receiving antenna
  • Co check if you can solve the problem simply by selecting the network manually
  • You might be in the basement and the same might be the reason of network missing on your phone
  • The problem might be there due to operating the phone in the safe mode. Turn it OFF
  • The SIM card which you are using might not have the concerned service applicable or active on it which you are accessing
  • There are certain chances that the SIM tray is having a problem associated with it in case the above methods don’t work
  • Check if the SIM works perfectly on the other phone and if so, place a call to the network support

Overheating Problems

  • Stop installing and using so many apps from the third-party sources that can cause this problem in your phone
  • Do check if this problem can be solved by a simple restart
  • Your phone might have some problem associated with its ventilation system or any other hardware domain
  • Check if the problem is there just because you are downloading a lot of data in the phone for a long time period
  • The non-operational apps in the phone can also cause the overheating of the hardware
  • Check and make sure you are not using a power bank with different power specifications than your phone battery actually need
  • You are facing this problem just because of a simple reason and i.e. installing back cover which is not allowing the heat to get released
  • If you often play games on the phone and have many of them installed in it, limiting them can solve this problem
  • The phone Random Access Memory might have a problem associated with the same
  • The phone Wi-Fi host spot might be turned ON and many other devices are connected with your network. Check if this is the reason to the problem
  • Using the pirated accessories with the phone is another common reason due to which this problem is realized often

Apps not performing well

  • Check if you have all the apps in your phone installed from the Play Store. Also, make sure if they are updated to the last released version. If both these conditions are fulfilled, the chances of any of the app related problem can simply be eliminated
  • When the installation completes, at least use the app once so check if the installation process has been completed properly and the apps is functional. If you don’t check the same, a problem can be faced at a later date
  • The apps which you have installed in your phone might not be compatible or are nor supported by it
  • Another common reason to the problems the phone apps often shows is not giving the necessary permissions to them after installation which they ask for
  • Check if the problem is there just because you have installed them in the third-party storage space i.e. microSD card in the phone
  • Make sure your phone always have some space free to enable the apps runs and perform their function smoothly
  • Don’t make any change to the app settings and this can be the reason you are facing the problem

Touch Screen related issues

  • Make sure the screen is totally clean and so does your hands. Remove the pre-installed transparent cover from the brand new device
  • The problem you are facing could be due to a software related bug if everything else performs its function in a proper manner. You need to check if a new version of the OS or a general update is pending to be installed
  • Make sure the slow performance of your Vernee X1 is not confused by you as the screen related problem in your phone
  • The problem you are facing could be due to operating the phone in the power saving mode or by wearing the gloves on your hands
  • Make sure there is no internal; damaged on the screen which is causing this problem
  • You can simply check whether this problem is because of a hardware or a software problem just by opening your phone in the safe mode. If things works well, of course, it’s latter which is responsible
  • Empty some space from the default phone memory and check if this solves the problem
  • Perform a force restart to the phone and check if the things can be stored back to their working position
  • Gently hit the back of your phone and check (perform this at your own risk)
  • Disable the power saving mode if the same is enabled
  • Sometimes this problem arrives only when the screen sharing option is enabled and is shared with another device

Camera Related problems/Blurry pictures

  • The phone camera might have some fog deposited on it. Check and clean the same. Also, make sure the dust is not creating this trouble
  • Don’t enable the ZOOM at its maximum level as you have to compromise with the quality
  • Check and make sure all the pictures are not getting captured in the burst mode
  • Depending on the overall visibility, you need to choose a shooting mode that is appropriate to the quality
  • Check if you can solve the problem by turning ON the HD mode in the camera settings
  • Make sure you are not capturing all your precious moments through a third-party app. Always open and operate the camera from its default application
  • This problem might be there just because the phone has a lot of data stored in its default memory
  • Check if you can solve this problem simply by restarting your phone
  • Something that can help you to get the quality is simply assuring that phone remains totally still and the objects are properly focused by while capturing the images
  • Make sure to set the camera flashlight to the automatic mode
  • Check if you can solve the problem just by removing the glass guard which might be dirty and is making you feel of having this problem in your phone

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • There might be a problem with the earpiece connector on the phone. Check and take the appropriate action for this. Simply try using your earpiece on another phone
  • Check if the problem can be solved by updating the USB drivers installed on the phone
  • There are chances that the earpiece you own are not actually supported by Vernee X
  • There might be some problem with the earpiece itself. Check and make sure of this
  • The sound or the music file which you are playing might be of very bad quality and this can be the reason to this problem
  • In the sound settings of the phone, it might has been disabled
  • Enhance the volume to the middle level only. At maximum level, you can face this problem with several earpiece models
  • If a new update is available for the OS, download and install the same
  • Check if the only reason is the earpiece doesn’t get connected to the phone properly

MicroSD card related problems

  • Check if the SD card has been completely filled and the same is the reason to this problem. You need to keep atleast 3GB free space in both the default memory of the phone as well as in the memory card to assure its functionality
  • The functionality of the slot in which the card has been inserted is not proper. Check it out
  • Make sure the data format in the card is readable and acceptable by the phone
  • There might be a manufacturing defect in the card even if it is brand new. This is common if you prefer low quality cards
  • The SD card might belong to a different class which your phone actually doesn’t support
  • Simply enable the phone security is the same is turned OFF
  • You need to make it sure that no data related errors or virus presence in the phone is causing this problem
  • Check and make sure if the microSD card which you are using is having a physical damage on it
  • This problem can be solved by a simple restart if the same is due to a very minor reason. Try it
  • If these methods don’t work, try using the card on another phone to check if the things are OK with it.
  • Format the microSD card and check again

Quick Battery Drainage & Slow Charging

  • Your phone might have its screen brightness enhanced beyond a limit. Set it to automatic mode always
  • Check and make sure no apps are running in the background which are actually not in use at that particular moment
  • Make sure the notifications are turned OFF for all those apps that you rarely use
  • The problem might be due to turning ON the Wi-Fi hotspot and sharing it with multiple devices
  • Check if your phone is having the problem in its charging port, the charging cable or the adapter
  • Sometimes the power fluctuation can cause this problem
  • Always prefer using a power bank that has a similar power output rating as your phone battery needs
  • Check if the only reason to this problem is having so many blocked apps in the phone
  • You might be using your phone for data downloading or for other tasks while it is to charge
  • Do check if the device is being charged from a third-party charger

Doesn’t Recognize the Windows PC

  • Check if this problem is there just because the connecting medium is not supported by the PC or by the phone
  • There are chances that the USB ports on the PC are not functional or the drivers for the same are outdated. Update them and try
  • Make sure the Windows third-party drivers are properly working
  • You might have disabled the phone security or it has a lot of virus present in it already. Remove them before connecting it with the PC
  • The data which you are exchanging might not be supported by the PC or by the phone. Check and make sure of this
  • The problem might be there just because the phone is working in the power saving mode. Turn it OFF and try again
  • Restart your phone and select the right mode as per the task you need to perform
  • Installing a third-party ROM is causing this problem. Check and make sure of this

Slow performance

  • Always prefer to install the best quality apps from the trusted sources in your phone as they have a huge impact on the performance
  • Some of the components of the phone hardware not in working mode
  • Do check if you can solve the problem simply by performing a reboot
  • There are chances that the phone doesn’t have all the features enabled or the same might be restricted. This happens when it is made to run in the safe mode or the power saving mode
  • More the data you store in the phone, slow it performs
  • Check if the problem is related to the phone RAM
  • Make sure to update the outdated apps and install the available update for the OS if the same is pending for a long time
  • Check if the data stored in the phone is not causing this problem
  • The slow internet speed might make you feel of this problem in your Vernee X1
  • Certain Android bugs can cause this problem in the phone. Check and correct them
  • Sometimes this problem is there just because the phone is connected with another device through any mode or medium
  • A hard reset can solve this problem post which you can assure better performance of everything. However, you need to save your phone data first before performing the same

Well, that’s all about the solutions to the common Vernee X1 problems. If you feel any of the other problems in your phone, simply post a comment below. We suggest you to go for the official phone support in you fail to derive the best possible outcome from these methods.


  1. HI. I have a Vernee X Pro 6/128.
    When someone is calling me, the operator’s answer is: ” there is no connection to this number”. In the same moment my phone is on, In the same room next to the caller. My phone shows good 4G or 3G connection and if I need I can call to everyone. Only after 3-4 calls the oposit caller can reach me on my phone. This problem happens not constantly but regularly with different callers. I never receive information fom the operator, about the missed calls when this problem take place. If I put the SIM in other phone, it is working perfectly. What could be the problem and how to solve it?
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Please, can you help guide me?

    I have the Vernee X1 purchased 1 month ago, Android 7.7.1, security patch level April 5 2018, Build Number X1_Pro_20180525

    When I call another party, they hear an echo of themselves. This is specific only to my phone.
    The camera is functioning very bad, pictures not clear, and my lense is clean and I do not have very much data on my phone. Is there an update for the camera?

    Thanking you

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