Common Vivo X21 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Time has a strong impact on the technology and one of the perfect examples we have around us all is a smartphone. Probably it is one of the finest inventions and these days there are phones that are more than just a call maker and receiver, the users are widely paying attention on them. In fact, in the present scenario, everyone pay a lot of attention when it comes to buying a smartphone. Although they are becoming popular and more visible, there are problems which are also transforming themselves. Probably every sector of technology has its own pros and cons associated with the same and present-day gadgets are capable to bring a lot of benefits for the users. We also have to agree that they have some common problems associated with them as well. This post put some spotlight on the common Vivo X21 problems and fixes to make sure that you can always have a smooth experience of using this device.

If you have recently invested on this gadget or are going to do so, I assure that you need not to worry about the problems I am going to discuss. This is simply because they are very much common and you can even find them in the gadgets manufactured y some well-known manufacturers. The reason is they are based on Android technology which has a few bugs associated with them. Although the updates provided by the manufacturer time to time can fix them, you can proceed with the information in this post in case you are still waiting for them to arrive. The information about the common Vivo X21 problems and fixes mentioned in this post can simply be trusted.

common Vivo X21 problems and fixes

Common Vivo X21 problems and fixes

As I already mentioned, you need not to worry about anything when it comes to dealing with these issues if you follow carefully everything you find in this post about the common Vivo X21 problems and fixes. Getdroidtips cannot be held responsible if you face another problem due to following the methods and instructions in any other manner not recommended in this post.

Connectivity issues

Connectivity problems are becoming very common these days in most of the gadgets. There are multiple reasons for this problem. It is not easy for the users to find them easily all the time. Therefore, one can try some basic methods to avoid them in no time. Listed below are the methods that can be considered to avoid this issue simply

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Vivo X21 problems and fixes)

  • Clean the Bluetooth cache memory and perform a basic reboot
  • The device Bluetooth visibility might be hidden. Check it in the settings
  • In case you find the device power saving mode is turned ON, simply disable it
  • Turn OFF the Bluetooth and wait for 10 seconds and then again turn it again
  • Make sure Bluetooth Antenna of either of the devices is not faulty
  • Update the Bluetooth driver apps in the device
  • You might have exceeded the overall number of devices name that can be stored in it. Check and clean the same
  • May be you are entering a wrong pass code.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Vivo X21 problems and fixes)

  • You might be standing too away from the router and the signal strength may be weak
  • The network connection might be unstable
  • Make sure the cable connection is proper
  • Check if the services are suspended by the service provider on your connection
  • Make sure you are entering the correct password if you have changed it recently
  • Check if the Bandwidth have already been consumed
  • Troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection
  • Perform the reconfiguration in case you find the other methods are not working to have the favorable outcome

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The device battery has to supply power to reach and every component of the phone. Sometimes it often drains quickly due to reasons which are totally exceptional. This doesn’t mean user have reasons to worry a lot. You can try the following methods to avoid this issue in case you are facing them.

  • The battery might be draining quickly because you might have turned ON Wi-Fi hotspot and same is shared with other devices.
  • Another common factor responsible for this problem is the background running apps
  • Don’t allow all the apps in your phone send you notifications that often run in the background and consume a lot of battery
  • If too many files are to be downloaded, do it one by one
  • More is the screen brightness, more is the rate of consumption of battery
  • Check if the problem is solved upon replacement of charger/power bank
  • Update all the apps which are running on older version.

Overheating problems

Overheating is a problem which you can find in several modern gadgets. It is not necessary always that they declare their presence due to hardware problem in the device. The other factors that can be held responsible for this and the way problems can be solved are listed below.

  • Mostly the third-party apps are responsible for this problem. Open Safe Mode to check this
  • You need to make it sure that no updates are pending for any app
  • There should not be too many apps installed in the phone
  • May be the charger or the power bank you are using doesn’t match the power specifications of your phone
  • Avoid overcharging. You might be facing this issue due to very same reason
  • Remove the back cover from the phone for a few days and make sure there is proper ventilation
  • Perform the hard reset if the other methods doesn’t work

SIM related problems (common Vivo X21 problems and fixes)

The SIM card problems are not always as daunting as they seem to the users. The good thing is there is nothing to worry about as SIM problems can be solved easily. The below methods can be considered easily to solve them

  • First, remove the SIM card and re-insert it again
  • Check you might have turned OFF the alternative SIM in the options
  • Open Network Settings and search the network manually
  • If it doesn’t appear, may be the SIM services are disabled by the network provider
  • Make sure there is no physical damage on the SIM slot, tray and on the SIM card itself
  • The SIM card operating frequency might not be compatible with variant you have
  • The last option is to replace the SIM card in case other methods wouldn’t work

Bad camera quality

Of course, camera matters and it is necessary for any device to be good it terms of same for getting the user’s attention. Actually, camera is one of the widely used features in the phone in the current time. If you are facing any problem with the same, you can try the following methods to keep up the pace all the time.

  • Turn ON the flashlight while capturing the snaps if the lights are low
  • To deal with the blur problems in the snap, focus on the object by simply clicking on the screen
  • Clean camera lens and make sure there are no finger prints on it
  • Remove the transparent cover from the screen
  • Select the shooting mode as per conditions
  • Update the camera app
  • Always prefer the default camera app over others

No SD card detected

Well, the fact is, most of the users of smartphones have to invest on an SD card to fulfill their storage needs. Depending on the same is not at all a big deal. However, if there are problems which you are facing, there are methods you can try to avoid it. They are spotlighted below.

  • Remove and re-insert the card in the phone
  • Perform a basic reboot
  • If the card is not used since long, format it and again insert it in the phone
  • Replace the memory card if nothing work

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Connecting the device with PC is something which is often required for the successful accomplishment of so many tasks that largely matters to the users. Therefore, it is necessary that the connection should be created in the first attempt. However, this doesn’t always happen to most of some of the users. If you are one among them, you can try the following methods and instructions to avoid this issue.

  • Make sure the cable you are using is in proper working condition
  • Make the connections properly and rightly
  • Use a parallel USB port if one doesn’t work
  • Update the USB drivers in the PC
  • Make sure you are not transferring the data that is infected
  • Check if the transfer of data is creating the violation of security policies
  • Set the device to MTP mode and restart it

Performance issues (common Vivo X21 problems and fixes)

The device performance is something that often enables users to trust the same for performing some of the very important and in fact personal tasks. The slow performance simply means the device could be trusted for the long run. Also, there are other problems which often come in the device with slow performance. To deal with this issue, check out the below instructions.

  • Uninstall all the recently installed apps
  • Make sure to invest on the accessories which are of good quality
  • Updates all the apps in the device
  • Keep some space free in the device
  • Always install the apps from trusted sources
  • Make sure not to use your phone while charging it

Earpiece Sounds Robotic (common Vivo X21 problems and fixes)

If this is the problem you are facing, here is what you need to do to keep up the pace

  • Restart the device and see if it is gone
  • If not, Open Safe Mode and check if the problem is there or not
  • Update the sound driver in your Vivo phone
  • Perform a hard rest
  • If problem is still there, replace your earpiece

Unresponsive Touchscreen

This problem can be due to many reasons which are not always associated with the screen. To avoid them, you need to pay attention to the following factors

  • There might be a blocked app on the phone which is responsible for this issue
  • Update OS and make sure you are not confusing this problem with any other
  • Clean the hands properly before using the screen
  • Open the device in the safe mode by pressing Power Button and volume up button together
  • Make sure there is no physical or liquid damage caused to the phone’s screen

In case there are other problems you are facing or to know more about common Vivo X21 problems and fixes, you can let us know in the below comment section. Keep visiting for the common problems and fixes for other latest smartphone


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