Common Vivo Y95 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Time management is really very important in life. The strange fact is, despite paying a lot of attention on the same, we fail to keep the pace up towards this matter and the important tasks often get delayed. In the present scenario, the smartphones are becoming powerful tools that are helping all the workforces to accomplish their tasks on time. Many users are also getting the tasks skyrocketed through them so that the accomplishment can be assured without the violation of the deadline. Well, the question here is what are the best options available that can help for this? One of the perfect answers is Vivo Y95 which is a legendary device and has been equipped with some of the amazing features. This post simply makes you familiar with the solutions available to the common Vivo Y95 Problems. Check them out below to get the best out of this gadget.

Vivo is actually a reputed player when it comes to the manufacturers of phones. The old school going people are well familiar with this brand and they still prefer it. This is because of the trust and the reputation which the Vivo has earned by introducing some of the best gadgets like this one. Here, you need to pay attention on some basic factors when it comes to troubleshooting your phone. You don’t need to worry about these issues at any stage. This is because they are not very complex to deal with. It is possible to eliminate them through this guide on the common Vivo Y95 Problems.

common Vivo Y95 Problems

What these problems actually are?

Well, they are minor OS or Android bugs that affect the overall functionality or the performance of smartphones. They are not major hardware problems and no one has ever complained about having all these issues all of a sudden in this phone. Thus you can simply keep up the pace and can follow the methods and information which you find in this post. It is always advised to not to ignore these issues whenever they declare their presence. Sometimes finding the cause really doesn’t matter but taking the prompt actions are. Check out below the guide on best solutions available for the common Vivo Y95 Problems.

Common Vivo Y95 Problems and Fixes

It is a well-known fact that not all the smartphones can be put equal when it comes to comparing them in terms of different parameters. Each manufacturer has something new or special for the users which others not always necessarily provide. Therefore, some pros and cons are common with all the modern smartphones. The only thing that matter is how well you follow the troubleshooting guide. If you mold the methods you find in this post, there are chances of having add-on issues. We at don’t take any responsibility for the same. Thus, follow this guide only in the way it is mentioned. Here are the common Vivo Y95 Problems and their fixes.

Connectivity Problems

There are certain ways by which these problems can be explained or can have presence in any smartphone. You can avoid them with the methods which are listed below

Wi-Fi Problems

  • A basic reason to this problem is when you are not within the Wi-Fi range or the area your modem cover. Also, pay attention to all other things which can go wrong with the modem. Check the cable connection and eliminate bugs related to the improper configuration
  • Restart the phone and check if this works. Of course this can solve the problem if the same is minor
  • Make sure you have not crossed the bandwidth limit on your internet connection
  • Make sure you don’t make any changes to the Wi-Fi network settings recently. If so, switch them again to the recommended
  • Make sure your phone Wi-Fi drivers are in proper working condition
  • Check if the things are wrong just because of the internet connection-related problem
  • Prefer imposing a password on your network and make sure to update the same in the phone
  • Sometimes this problem arrives only when the domain or the network is having is having its security disabled
  • Make sure the problem is not because of errors related to your browser
  • The problem might be present in the phone hardware. Check and make sure of this
  • Erase the network from the Wi-Fi settings and add it again
  • The network needs any device to fulfill additional requirements to get connected to it as imposed by you
  • Make sure no restrictions are set on the phone which can be the reason to this problem
  • Sometimes when the modem doesn’t support the network connection. The same give rise to this problem
  • The apps which you usually install in your phone can also affect the Wi-Fi functionality if they have access to this feature

  Bluetooth Problems

  • Check if any of the devices has an outdated version of Bluetooth
  • Make sure the Bluetooth app drivers are not having any problems related to them
  • There are chances that data related bugs and errors are causing this problem in your Vivo Y95
  • Check and make sure the phone security is enabled and is not actually restricted
  • You might be facing this problem just because there is no enough space in the phone storage to hold more data
  • Make sure any of the devices between which data is to be exchanged through the Bluetooth are having any virus infection
  • The problem might be due to a faulty Bluetooth antenna
  • Pair the devices correctly and in a recommended manner
  • Make sure not to send bulky files in a single attachment. This can affect the Bluetooth functionality
  • Don’t turn ON the power saving mode before using the Bluetooth or turn it OFF before sending/receiving the data
  • Check if you can solve this problem by erasing the device name from the Bluetooth settings and adding it again
  • There are chances that your phone is having a hardware not in a proper functioning mode which matters for the Bluetooth
  • Clear the cache data of the apps and check if this solves the problem
  • Do check whether the data format is supported by the phone in an actual sense
  • The problem might be related to the other device with which you need to share the data

Apps not functioning properly

  • This happens when the apps in the phone are not having the permissions to access the various features. Check and make sure to provide the same in their settings
  • The phone might be running in the power saving mode which restricts or disable some features of the apps in your phone
  • Check if the app installed is supported by the phone
  • Make sure there are no installation related or Android-related bugs are responsible for this problem
  • Check if the problem is there just because the apps are not installed from the Play Store or the other trusted platforms
  • The phone might be running low on the memory
  • There might be a lot of apps running in the background at the same time
  • Check and make sure that the recommended settings of the apps are not changed to custom
  • The app related problems can be solved by opening the phone in the safe mode. If things works fine with them, the reason is associated with a third-party
  • If a lot of updates are pending, install them

Doesn’t Recognize the Windows PC

  • The problem is there with the phone drivers in the PC
  • Check if the channel you used for connecting both the gadgets is supported by both and is actually functional.
  • There are certain types of features in the phone which when restricted can give rise to this problem
  • Make sure your phone has its connecting port in proper working condition if you connect it with a PC through a cable
  • The problem might be related to the improper-functionality of the USB ports of the PC. Check them
  • Install the latest version of USB drivers and other important software on the PC
  • Make sure the data which you are going to exchange is not actually responsible for this problem
  • You need to make sure of having some free space in the phone
  • There are chances that the problem is actually related to the Windows copy installed in the PC
  • Select the mode on the phone as per the task you wish to perform

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Check and make sure if the problem is related to the earpiece wire which might be damaged or having a sharp bend on it
  • Sometimes this problem is confused with the low quality of music file which a user plays on the phone. Always check the problem with a HD sound file
  • Make sure you have paired the earpiece correctly with the phone if they are wireless
  • The compatibility of the earpiece and the phone is obviously very important for their functionality
  • Make sure the problem is not related to the earpiece connector on the phone
  • Check if your phone having its sounds enabled at the time you use an earpiece
  • Carefully look for any kind of physical damage on any of the product
  • If the earpiece works perfectly on a parallel phone, the device needs to be checked properly

MicroSD card related problems

  • Eject the memory card from the phone and carefully look for the type and its class. The same should match with the phone requirements
  • Don’t fill your card completely. Erase some data and check again
  • The problem might be there due to misusing or mishandling the microSD card
  • Check if the problem is there just because the card has kept under the UV rays for a long time
  • Make sure all those factors related with the data storage in an SD card are not responsible for this problem
  • Insert the card properly in the phone and restart it
  • Do check if the phone security is disabled or there is a virus present in the microSD card
  • The problem might be related to the storage capacity of the microSD card. Check the limit imposed by the manufacturer
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have its microSD card slot in a non-functional mode
  • The user policies should not be violated if you don’t want to have this problem in your phone

Overheating issues

  • Check and make sure whether the problem is related to the failure of heat ejecting system in the phone
  • If aback cover is installed on the rear, remove it and check the status
  • There might be some of the blocked apps in your phone which are causing this problem
  • Check if the power source, the charging cable, the adapter or the power bank which you use are not responsible for the overheating
  • A hardware glitch in the phone can be another reason to this problem. Check and make sure of this
  • Do check if there are so many games or the apps installed from the third-party sources in the phone
  • Remove the microSD card from the phone and check if this solves your problem
  • You might be using a charger not belong to your phone which can cause the overheating
  • Check if a lot of apps are running in the background and is causing this problem
  • Stop using any such accessory with your Vivo Y95 which it doesn’t support
  • Simply check if the problem is not related to the phone battery if you cannot find any other solid cause/reason to this problem

Camera-related problems

  • Make sure to open and use the camera through the default app only. This has many benefits for the long run
  • Turn on the flashlight or set it to the automatic mode
  • The problem might be due to not cleaning the camera lens properly. If you find any dust on it, cleanliness is to performed gently
  • If the camera shuts down automatically when you open it, there are two possible reasons for this and i.e. the physical damage to the lens or the camera drivers are totally missing in the phone
  • Do check if the problem can be solved by restarting your phone
  • Make sure the camera is not zoomed or the burst mode was not enabled when the pictures were captured
  • This problem might be there due to not paying attention while capturing the pictures
  • Select the HD mode from the camera settings and check if this solves your problem
  • There are chances that the phone has a lot of data installed in its default memory and there is no more storage available for the newly captured pictures
  • If you have installed a transparent glass guard on the screen of your phone, remove it and check again

So this is how the common Vivo Y95 problems can be solved. It is already mentioned in the avoid section that you must follow this guide carefully and avoid making any changes to the instructions/methods while applying them practically.

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