Common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

There is hardly any other device which is as useful as a smartphone to humans. This fact doesn’t need a lot of explanation as more and more people are already well-familiar with the same. Well, you might have no idea but in the present time, smartphones are there in almost every pocket and on an average basis, every modern man spends around 4 hours regularly using this gadget. This clearly indicates how addicted we are to devices like these and there is probably nothing wrong to say that phones are the prime needs of humans. There are manufacturers in the international market which has enabled humans to get the best features in a very decent price range. One example is Xiaomi. Well, the Chinese manufacturer has once again impacted the International smartphone market and this time with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. Of course, it’s soon going to be their next flagship model and many users are desperately waiting to own it. Xiaomi has unveiled it recently and soon it’s going to be with us. This post puts some spotlight on the common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes.

Xiaomi always has an excellent track record of maintaining the extreme customer satisfaction. A huge segment of them comes only from the fact that despite have top-class features, Xiaomi devices are low in terms of price. This is quite true and Mi Mix 2S will soon prove the same. It is a best gadget and the company has already unveiled the best features it will be having. However, you need to keep it in mind that like all other gadgets which we use, it too would be having some minor issues associated with it. This is mainly because of Android bugs which often give rise to some of the very common smartphones problems. The best part is it is possible for you to deal with the same without doing anything. This may seem strange but this is possible. Simply grab as much knowledge as you can on the subject common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes and there will be nothing you need to do to get the things back on the track.

common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes

Common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes

The information about the common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes mentioned in this post simply let you fix most of your concerns provided you follow everything in the recommended manner. Keep it in mind that there are always chances of facing some other problems or unexpected behavior of the device in case you don’t follow them in the similar manner as they are advised. bears no responsibility if things go wrong due to not paying attention on the methods in a proper manner.

No SD card detected (common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes)

The SD cards are one of the best things available that simply let users to almost double their storage space in any of the smartphone. Therefore they are widely used and preferred. In case there is any problem which you are facing while using them, you can simply proceed with the instructions about common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes mentioned below.

  • Bring the card out of the phone and insert it again in the PC after restarting the same
  • If it doesn’t work again, check if it is under the maximum limit imposed by the manufacturer
  • Make sure the SC card you are using doesn’t have a physical or a liquid damage
  • In case it is left unused for a long time, format it before inserting it in the phone
  • Install the antivirus app in the phone and scan your SD card for any virus presence
  • Insert your card in other phone and see if it is working fine
  • Open the Safe Mode in the device and if you find the card is working perfectly, the problem is in any app or device OS
  • If nothing works, get your card replaced

Connectivity issues

It is very necessary in the present time to allow the devices transfer data with each other and get connected to other devices simply. Although there are several methods available for the same, the fact is wireless connection between two connections is always preferred by the users. This is because it is totally hassle free. However, their actual working depends on a very large number of factors and without the same you cannot keep up the pace. To understand those issues and how they can be fixed, check out the instructions under below two sub-headings.


Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes)

  • First of all, unlock the screen and open the main settings on the phone
  • Open Bluetooth app and clean the cache memory of the phone
  • Now simply reboot, and see if the problem is not
  • If not, update the Bluetooth app in case the same is spending
  • Check if there is any crashed app in the device which is avoiding the Bluetooth app to perform its task
  • Don’t let the list of devices connected recently with a phone extend beyond a limit
  • Turn OFF the Bluetooth and again turn it ON
  • Disable power saving mode on the device if the same is enabled
  • May be the Bluetooth version on the other device is outdated

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes)

  • You need to make sure to stand close to the Wi-Fi router
  • If there is a yellow icon appear on the network signal, simply troubleshoot your connection
  • Make sure to enter correct password. Most users forget to update the same after changing it
  • Check if there are multiple devices already connected with the router
  • Check your daily allotted bandwidth. The same might have already been consumed
  • Simply check the network stability on the router. If it is not, simply restart the device
  • Make sure the cable connections are right if you have recently installed the Wi-Fi router
  • Re-configure the Router once again with the help of an expert

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Probably you know that it would not be possible for the users to perform any task on the device smoothly in case the Touchscreen stop operating in the manner it has to be. However, this doesn’t always mean that you need to get it replaced if there are issues related to the same you are facing. Try the below-listed methods first.

  • In most of the cases, this problem can easily be solved by updating the OS and the pending apps. Try the same
  • Reboot your device and make sure all the features not required at that time are turned OFF
  • In case the device doesn’t accept any instruction through the screen, take it in safe mode by pressing the Volume up/down and power button together
  • In case you find the device memory is totally filled, clean the same
  • If the screen is oily, clean the same
  • Clean your hands and try again
  • If you have installed a screen guard, remove it and try again
  • Maybe the device has a minor damage to the screen. Get it checked

SIM related problems (common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes)

It’s actually the SIM card which controls most of the task you perform on the smartphone. Without proper functionality of the same, probably a lot of important tasks could be accomplished. Also, the smartphone is nothing but a piece of brick. Therefore you should pay extreme attention to this. Check out below what can be done to avoid SIM card related problems from your phone.

  • Make sure you have not caused a physical damage to the SIM while inserting, cleaning it last time
  • If it is ok, first, simply restart the device and check if the network appear
  • Open the SIM settings
  • Make sure you haven’t turned OFF the SIM card
  • From the same Settings, search for the network manually
  • Check if the SIM tray doesn’t have a physical damage on the same
  • Maybe the network services have been stopped by the network provider on the SIM due to some reason(s)
  • Maybe the network frequency is not compatible with the device
  • Replace the SIM card
  • Get the phone checked properly if the problem is still there

Bad camera quality (common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes)

Smartphones are often compared with each other in terms of camera quality by a lot of users before actually investing on them. Of course, those with poor camera quality stands nowhere in the competition and are neglected. This clearly indicates how important camera is for the users. It is true that many problems often declare their presence and affect largely the camera quality of the phone. If you too are facing this problem, here are some best available methods for you

  • The most common problem with cameras is blurry pictures. This can be avoided if you first focus the object and then capture the moment
  • Under low visibility, it is always good to use device flash
  • Don’t forget that new devices have a transparent cover on the screen which you should remove
  • Select the shooting mode which is suitable to the moment to get the quality images
  • All the pending updates in the device should be installed immediately
  • You need to make sure that the device screen, as well as the camera lens is totally clean
  • Set the camera output to high resolution in the settings
  • Always use the default camera app than any other

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

It is very much true that Smartphone in the present time are used quite frequently and due to this, there are often chances of quick battery drainage and slow charging problem. Although it seems to be a battery issue, the same is not always necessary. Of course, the problem could be due to many other reasons about which you don’t have any idea. Check out some best available methods and instructions to get the favorable fortune.

  • Don’t turn ON Wi-Fi hotspot when the same is not required. This could be the reason why you are facing the problem
  • Try charging the device on another power plug
  • If you are using a power bank, try replacing the same with another one
  • Replace the charger and the cable and check it again
  • The device power specifications may not match the source you are considering for power
  • Disable app notifications and probably you don’t need them all
  • Update the apps if they are pending
  • Always check data before allowing it to enter in your device. the virus infection can cause a lot of issues
  • Close the apps running in the background
  • Update the device OS if a new version is available

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

There could be a lot of reasons to this problem. It is not necessary always that the problem is in phone only. The issues in the PC or the connecting cable can also create this problem.

  • Check if the Windows in the PC is not corrupt
  • In case the Windows is not genuine, you need to allow the device to get connected to the untrusted platforms
  • Thoroughly check the connecting cable for a fault or a physical damage
  • Make sure the USB in the PC are in working condition. Update the USB driver in case the same is pending
  • After connecting the device with PC through a cable, perform a simple restart
  • If the connection with one USB is loose, use a parallel one on the PC
  • Allow phones to get connected with the PC in case any sort of restrictions have been imposed on the same

Performance issues (common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes)

Xiaomi devices can easily be trusted when it comes to performance. However, it’s not always the specifications or the hardware configuration that decides the performance. In fact, it depends largely on the way a smartphone is being used or handled by the user. Thus, there is nothing to worry as even the best available gadgets in the market suffer from performance issues later or sooner. If you are one among them who is currently facing the same, here is what you need to do to get the things back on the track

  • All recently installed apps should be verified in terms of virus affection. They must immediately be deleted from the phone if you find any virus in them
  • Open the Safe mode in the phone. If you find everything is working perfectly, the problem is in an app or in device OS.
  • Make sure to keep a few Giga-byte space in phone’s default memory empty
  • Clean the apps data with time
  • Any form of data which is not used since long should be erased from the device
  • Don’t allow apps to be installed in the PC from all the sources
  • Perform a hard reset if other methods doesn’t work

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

To solve this issue, there is nothing much you need to do. Try the following instructions

  • Check if the universal 3.5mm jack is in proper working condition in the phone
  • Update the sound drivers in the PC
  • May be the music apps you are using is corrupt
  • Performa  hard reset
  • Check if another earpiece is working reliably on your phone. If so, you need to replace the same

Overheating problems


When smartphones overheat, it’s probably due to the fact that they are being used for multitasking. Also, there are several other reasons that can directly be held responsible for this. You need to keep it in mind that most of the issues that give rise to this problem can be eliminated simply. Here is why this happens and what you as a user can do

  • There might be a lot of unused apps in the phone since long. Remove them
  • Check if there is any blocked app in the device
  • The charger you are using might have problem in it
  • Thoroughly check the connecting cable, power bank, as well as the power socket
  • Don’t overcharge your phone, this can bring the overheating problem later or sooner
  • Immediately remove the back cover and don’t use it for a few days
  • The phone ventilation might not be working properly
  • In case a new OS update is available, install it
  • Don’t download files which are large in size simultaneously
  • If nothing works, perform a hard reset and probably the things will be right back on the track

This is how you can fix all the issues in the phone. You have just introduced yourself with the best information on common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes. To know more about the common Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S problems and fixes, simply post a comment on the below section with your queries.



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