Players are experiencing Connectivity and Queue issues: Crucible

Crucible is a relatively new PvP shooter game developed by Relentless Studios. It was released on May 21, 2020, on Steam. The game is off to a rocky start since players are having a tough time trying to download it. Moreover, several players are now experiencing connectivity and queuing issues in Crucible.

Players have taken to Twitter and other social platforms to voice their concerns. It appears that the issue is widespread and many Crucible players aren’t able to play the game. Fortunately, the problem has been addressed on Twitter via the official Crucible account.


Connectivity and Queuing issues in Crucible

The Tweet states that “We are aware of connectivity and queue issues impacting some players and are investigating. Please visit for more information, and thank you for your patience!

This means that the developers are working on a fix for the connectivity and queuing issues in Crucible. In the Tweet, they have also advised users to follow their Discord server. Following Crucible on Discord will allow players to keep themselves updated with the situation.


With the connectivity and queuing issues in Crucible, players cannot join a match. Additionally, some players simply cannot connect to the game’s servers. Therefore, the issue is rendering the game unplayable for many players. To add to the confusion, several players cannot download the game yet. Hence, the developers will need to iron out these major problems before players turn to other games.

It’s unclear how long the connectivity and queuing issues in Crucible will take to fix. According to the latest update notes on their Discord server, there are a few bug fixes. This includes a fix for an occasional server crash. The update is already available for players in North America and will slowly be available for players in other regions. However, it might take a few days more for the connectivity and queuing issues to be fixed.

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