How to Transform Chinese Axon 7 to US Axon 7!!

Recently, times have changed. There was a time when we used to turn our backs to Chinese products. But look at the smartphone market now. Most of the major players in the market are Chinese manufacturers. These phones are by no means lesser to the famous brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. They have created phones with wonderful specifications and that too at affordable prices. And why not! If you are getting all the wonderful features that you desire in your phone at less than half the price of phones from other brands then why not buy it! What’s the harm anyways? Well, here we present you a complete guide on How to Convert Chinese Axon 7 to US Axon 7.

Some fact time now! A new report prepared by IDC  started that Oppo’s annual sales in China rose to 78.4 million in 2016, up 122 percent YOY. Vivo just stood slightly lower in the third position with 69.2 million shipments, up by 97 percent as compared to last year. Sandwiched between the two is the Huawei brand, with 76.6 million shipments in 2016. Apple and Xiaomi stand among the top five.

According to the IDC report, Oppo and Vivo together account for nearly one-third of the Chinese smartphone market. The Chinese smartphone market is said to be the world’s largest, based on sales. That’s quite an impressive statistics considering brands like Samsung and Lenovo didn’t make it into the IDC’s top five.

Why Convert Chinese Axon 7 into a U.S. Axon 7?

Even though buying a Chinese phone provides you with a plethora of features at an affordable price, there are some drawbacks to it. Every advantage comes with a disadvantage, isn’t it? Well, anyways upon reading the title of this article, this question would have popped into your minds. We will lay out  The benefits are:

  • Native Google Apps: The Chinese phones do not come with pre-installed Google services. There’s a long due issue between Google and the Chinese Government. So this poses a problem in front of you to download and install from 3rd party sources. If you convert your Chinese version to U.S. version, then you can just download it like you normally do.
  • You will get the My Voice app in the English language. Fun, isn’t it?
  • Stock Launcher with app drawer. You will never find an app drawer with the Chinese version.
  • The main problem with Chinese varieties of the phone is that it comes with multiple Chinese bloatware. Also, the software updates are very slow.

So if you are reading this article then you would one of those people who is struggling with this constraint and want to transform their ZTE Axon 7 from Chinese to U.S. model. Busy, you are in the right place. Let’s get down to business and learn How to Convert Chinese Axon 7 to US Axon 7.

How to Convert Chinese Axon 7 to US Axon 7


Now, it’s not rocket science to transform your Chinese Axon 7 to U.S. Axon 7. To convert Chinese Axon 7 to US Axon 7, things you would need include:

  • A device with an unlocked bootloader
  • TWRP Recovery Installed on the device.

In case, you are already rooted into your phone/device then just follow the guide given below to Convert Chinese ZTE Axon 7 to U.S. ZTE Axon 7.

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How to Convert Chinese Axon 7 into a U.S. Axon:

Now that you are clear with your intentions to make this transition, follow the below steps one by one to Convert Chinese Axon 7 to U.S. Axon 7. This guide has been prepared by XDA Member danromania.

 First, Download the files from the following links:


  • | 2 GB  [button type=”3d” color=”Red” target=”” link=””]Download[/button]
  • | 1MB  [button type=”3d” color=”Red” target=”” link=””]Download[/button]
  • | 5.7 MB [button type=”3d” color=”Red” target=”” link=””]Download[/button]
  1. Copy them to your phone/device memory.
  2. Now it’s time to reboot into TWRP recovery mode. Follow the steps below:
  3. Turn off your phone/device.
  4. Press and hold the ‘Volume Up’ key and ‘Power’ key about a few seconds (around 10 seconds).
  5. Release the keys pressed when the Android logo appears on the screen.
  6. Press and hold the ‘Power’ key for a short while to enter into the custom TWRP Recovery mode.
  7. Select the ‘Backup‘ option and then select Boot, Recovery, Modem, Bluetooth, and EFS options.
  8. When the backup is successful, go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe. Here, you need to select ‘System’, ‘Data’ and then swipe to wipe the data.
  9. Go back to TWRP home. Tap on ‘Install‘. You will next be asked to choose a file to flash/install. You will need to navigate to and select the file we downloaded above, Now it’s time to flash this file.
  10. Do not reboot now.
  11. Go back to the TWRP home and tap on ‘Restore’ option and select the latest backup that you created. Choose the following – Boot, Recovery, Modem, Bluetooth, and EFS – files to be restored. You will need to wait for the process to finish.
  12. Go back to the TWRP home again and select ‘Wipe.’ Select ‘Dalvik/ART Cache’ and ‘Swipe to Wipe’.
  13. Now you will need to reboot the phone/device. It will take 2-5 minutes for the first boot, wait patiently. If the phone boots up successfully, go straight to step 12.
  14. On the other hand, if the phone/device is stuck in boot loop, then press and hold power button till the phone switches off and the boot enters into custom TWRP recovery mode. Now you will have to flash the file ‘’ (downloaded previously). The reboot will happen successfully.
  15. Once the phone has boot up successfully, you will need to reboot again into TWRP recovery and flash the file ‘’ (downloaded earlier) to get root privileges on the phone/device.
  16. Next, visit TWRP home and select ‘Wipe‘ again. Select ‘Dalvik/ART Cache’ and ‘Swipe to Wipe’.
  17. Now go to TWRP home and select ‘Advanced.’ Next tap on ‘Terminal Commands’. Write ‘reboot disemmcwp’ and run it. The phone/device will reboot twice.

If your phone works fine after following all the steps above, then you have converted Chinese Axon 7 to U.S. Axon 7 successfully!

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