Here is how to convert Chinese Base ROMs to International versions!!

With the latest innovation in the world of Android, custom ROMs have been an integral part of our daily life. Everyone want to have great customization and functionality on their smartphones and this thing is only possible by trying different kind of custom ROMs which are available in plenty nowadays. Android geeks are keen to know more and more about technical stuff about ROMs and Android OS.

When talking about custom ROMs, it can’t be ignored that many great looking ROMs have been developed by Chinese developers. These ROMs are designed specifically for their own country in Chinese language and stuff. Many of Chinese smartphone manufacturers are also producing smartphones with Chinese based ROMs. Now, this is a big problem for people that how to deal with Chinese ROMs. But there is also a way to convert these Chinese ROMs to the Global version. All you have to do is to follow the following Procedure.

How to convert Chinese Base ROMs to International versions

Basic Requirements for converting Chinese ROMs to International:

To convert your Chinese ROM to the Global version you must have following things with you:

  • Chinese ROM/firmware which you actually want to convert.
  • The Official version of the same ROM of the Same device. (Either from European/American).
  • Advanced APK Tool or Tickle My Android.
  • A PC with appropriate drivers installed.
  • WinRAR and Notepad + installed.
  • Concentration and Patience.

Steps To convert Chinese ROM to International version:

  • First, you have to create the folder with the Chinese base along with creating a new folder for the Global version.
  • Now simply decompress the both firmware in the respective folders.
  • Now the crucial task- Delete all the Chinese elements, folders. Most of these folders have “Chn” associated with them.


  • /system/chn_sipdb (Chinese Keyboard)
  • /system/SOGOUDB (Chinese Keyboard)
  • /system/festival
  • /system/finder_cp
  • /system/CSC (Due to is configured to China region) *Backup features.xml and others.xml
  • /system/preload (It contain chinese store, depending of firmware)


  • /system/app/CMAWeatherPhone201X
  • /system/app/ChinaHolidayProvider
  • /system/app/* (delete all the folders with this name)
  • /system/app/SamsungChineseIMEvX
  • /system/app/EventNotificationPhase3
  • /system/app/Festivalchinadefault
  • /system/app/GreetingCard
  • /system/app/SLocation and /system/lib/slocation
  • /system/app/MyEventWidget
  • /system/app/InCallUI
  • /system/app/SearchBoxBaidu_OPEN
  • /system/app/YellowPage (Could be located in priv-app too)


  • /system/priv-app/AMapNetworkLocation, XNetworkLocation_Baidu, (If exist)
  • /system/priv-app/SAssistant (If exist)
  • /system/priv-app/EventCenter
  • /system/priv-app/SMusicChn
  • /system/priv-app/BstSpamCallService
  • /system/priv-app/SVoice* (Delete all SVoice related files including VoiceWakeUp)
  • /system/priv-app/SecContacts_X_CHN and /system/priv-app/SecMms_X_Chn

/system/etc and /system/lib

  • /system/etc/gps.conf and system/etc/gps.xml
  • /system/lib/slocation

Once you have deleted all the Chinese elements you have to add all the international apps including (/system/app, /System/priv-app) along with the two other GPS files that we have also deleted in the last steps(System/etc).

Once you have copied all items you will need Advanced ApkTool or Tickle my Android to decompile them.

Now from the International and Chinese firmware/ROM select the /system/framework-res.apk and decompile. (Try this out if you are not getting the error while decompiling.)

If you do not get an error so you can continue to copy files (/framework-res.apk/res/raw-xx) and (/framework-res.apk/res/values-xx folders) to the Chinese framework without overwriting the existing files.

Now go to the /framework-res.apk/res/values folder and locate array.xml and search for:

HTML Code:


And replace the whole string-array by this:

    <string-array name=”config_locationProviderPackageNames”>







Save it and open strings.xml

Search HTML Code:


And replace the whole string by this:

    <string name=”config_networkLocationProviderPackageName”>@null</string>



And replace the whole string by this:

    <string name=”config_geocoderProviderPackageName”>@null</string>

Now save the file and recompile the Chinese framework-res.apk.


Now time to decompile android policy.jar for the lollipop, Service.jar for marshmallow from the Chinese ROM.

Decompile the Android.policy.jar with APKtool or Tickle my Android.

Move to android.policy.jar/smali/com/android/internal/policy/impl  along with openingGlobalActiona$99.smali and GlobalActions$SinglePressAction.smali

Now in GlobalActions$99.smali search the following code:

const-string v2, “\u

Replace “\u…” by:

const-string v2, “Reboot Options”

And in GlobalActions$SinglePressAction.smali search

const-string v2, “\u

Similarly Replace “\u…” by:

const-string v2, “Reboot”

const-string v2, “Hot Reboot”

const-string v2, “Download”

const-string v2, “Recovery”

const-string v2, “Safe Mode”

Now save the file and recompile it back to android.policy.jar and please make sure that you have changed the modified date to more recent that original one. Now, your new global ROM is all set to launch. Enjoy!!

Please share your thoughts about the article and let us know if you have any doubt.



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