How to Convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus

Usually, in China, you won’t see Google or its corresponding App are being used anywhere. Smartphones also come under this category. Basically, if you get a smartphone which is of the Chinese version, then, you will see nothing related to Google in it. Those who are from the non-Chinese region, are used to Google and its related applications. So, they may find it difficult to use a Chinese version smartphone. However, there is a solution to this issue which is technically termed as rebranding. In case you’re not aware you can simply flash the global version of the smartphone and perform a few changes. In this post, we will tell you how to Convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus.

Originally, XDA developer hikari-calyx came up with this procedure and rebranded is Nokia X5 to Nokia 5.1 Plus global version. So, thanks to him for his hard work. We have put up all the necessary firmware zip files and tools that you will require in performing this process.

Convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus

Before we begin, we need some tools and follow some guidelines that we have put up.


  • A PC/Laptop
  • Download and Install MTK Flash Tool
  • Make sure to take the full backup of your device data.
  • The phone should be running on the stock ROM.
  • Install ADB and Fastboot on your PC.
  • GetDroidTips will not be responsible for the bricking of any device while/after following this guide.


Here is the download link for various tools that are required to convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus.

Download MTK SP Flash Tool Download Firmware for Nokia 5.1 Plus 

After you finally reboot, install this firmware.

Download Firmware PDA-114A  

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Steps to Convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus

Step-1 Download the firmware and other important tools.

Step-2 Open SP Flash Tool> Select the Download Agent file and Scatter File in the extracted firmware.

Convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus


Step-3 Click on the Readback tab > add a category.

Convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus

Step-4 Double-click on category > Select the location to save the backup.

Step-5 Use any text editor to open the scatter file, > find user data.

Step-6 You’ll require the start address of user data.

Convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus

Step-7 After it properly set, click “Read Back”,


Step-8 Switch off your device and connect your phone to PC/laptop.

Step-9 Press both volume keys pressed while making the connection.

Step-10 Disconnect your phone when procedure completed.

Convert Nokia X5 to Global Nokia 5.1 Plus

Step-11 Now you have to flash the global firmware. In the tool go to the Download tab.

Step-12 Select “Firmware Upgrade”> click “Download”,

Step-13 Again power off your phone and connect your phone to PC while pressing both volume keys.

Step-14 Installation will begin now. You can release both keys and wait for the process to finish.

Step-15 Here you’ve to modify the SKUID and flash the lk.

Step-16 Power off your device > Press Vol Down + Power off to enter your phone into Fastboot mode.

Step-17 Now give the following command.

.\fastboot reboot-bootloader

Step-18 Now carefully type the below command to obtain the confirmation for your phone’s serial number.

Phone_Serial_Number fastboot

Step-19 Now you have to generate the md5 Checksum for your device. To do it click here.

Step-10 Now give the following command to grant service permission.

\fastboot --set-active=a
.\fastboot reboot-bootloader
.\fastboot oem dm-verity (your_md5_checksum)

Step-20 Now you’ve to modify the SKUID. Give these following commands.

.\fastboot oem CustomerSKUID get
.\fastboot oem CustomerSKUID set 600WW
.\fastboot oem CustomerSKUID get

Step-21 In this step you’ve to reflash lk

.\fastboot flash lk_a G:\PDA-1100-0-00WW-B01_unpacked\PDA-0-1100-00WW-lk.img

Step-22 Finally, reboot your device by giving this command.

.\fastboot reboot

Step-23 Now download the firmware “PDA-114A zip file, and move it to root directory of the device storage,

Step-24 Open your phone App > then dial *#*#874#*#* to update.

So, that’s it. You will now see your Chinse Nokia X5 turn into Nokia 5.1 Plus global version. We hope this guide was useful to you.


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