Coolmuster Mobile Transfer : Review and Features

Well, we live in a digital world, which changes rapidly. If we look back to five years back, we will be wondering our self-looking at the growth and innovation that made on the mobile industry and how close they became an idol and unavoidable part in our day to day life. We can’t even imagine a day without these gadgets from the digital world. Yes, you might know what I meant. They are many products after the digital world revolution across the globe, but the most common among all of us is a mobile phone. They are so close to us due to it’s all in one feature. This one product has made a big industry itself when it comes to the economical part. Many countries started producing phones with their devolved technologies and their brand names. Well, that doesn’t matter here. What matters is the Mobile phone itself. Due to various models roll out to the market and cheap affordable prices, we people keep on changing them right? If, no we might be carrying more than one for sure. Carrying them is not an issue, but it will be a big headache when you use it daily and have lots of personal and business data’s in it. Suddenly, you decided to upgrade. How to change all your important? What about if you are using devices of two different OS?

So, guys don’t get panicked. We have a solution for you. All these issues will sort out if you are using COOLMUSTER MOBILE TRANSFER. It is a phone transfer tool developed to help users.  You can transfer all types of data such as contacts, videos, photos, and even documents. Excited right? Yes, you guys are. So lets us check out what all features they have.

Features of Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Moving on with multiple smartphones is not an issue unless and until you wish to change them. There might be tons of data, which you wish to change from one device to another. So this tool is an ultimate solution to all these kinds of issues. Let’s check out.

1- They can transfer all kind of files

To make it more comfortable and help all users across the globe, the tool is developed in such a way that they are capable to transfer all kinds of files. They can transfer easily such as contact details, Messages, Call history and logs, all kinds of videos, photos, and music, apps and even PDF files. These features help a lot when you wish to transfer between your phones.

2- Multiple files Transfer between Different Platforms

The biggest headache while doing an up-gradation or transferring files is doing so in between two different platforms or operating systems. You can share data without any issues between these devices. That is, you can transfer between Android to iOS, Android to Android, iOS to Android and even iOS to iOS.

Mobile Transfer Issue


3- No more Overwritten or Deleted issues

Once you are done with transferring from your device, now it helps to make sure that they will not be any chance of overwriting as well as auto-deleted issues in between while you are transferring to other devices. They ask you and help to decide as well proceed to avoid these issues which usually happens while transferring data.

4- Highly Suitable to all platforms

Most of these types of tools will be either for one platform. But Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is suitable for all platforms. They support for smartphone platforms like both iOS and Android. Apart from these, they support both Windows and Mac OS. Adding up they also support all kinds of latest models rolling out in markets.

5- User Friendly to Everyone

You don’t need any special training or degree to use these features. With all these properties all in one, the biggest advantage is that they are very user friendly. Anyone can use this without any help from tutorials.

How to Download and Successfully Complete Installation

You can download and install this with a few steps. Follow this instruction to get it done.


1- Open your Google and Search for Now from the official page, you need to select Windows/Mac. Once after that now tap on Mobile Transfer.

2- Here you can download the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. You can download it for Windows as well for Mac. It depends on the users.

3- After downloading, now go for a very basic installation process and complete it.


4- Now once after this, complete all setup Instructions and start using it. That’s is.

Configuration and its Specifications

After installation makes sure you have a system with a good configuration to suit this up.  The following technical specification should be there.


Supported Operating System

  •  Windows 8 and 10, Vista along with XP
  •  Mac Operating System of Version 10.7 or further above
  •  In a mobile device, Android Version 2.1 or higher including Android 10
  •  iOS 5 and above. iOS 13 also included
  •  In Processors, Intel Pentium processor and above
  •  CPU of 1 GHz of either 32 bit or 64 bits
  •  Ram of either 256 GB or above. For comfortable use, it is better to have 1028 MB.
  •  Hard Disk with the storage capacity of 200 MB and up are suitable.
  •  Transferable files between Operating System
  •  Files such as Apps, Contacts, SMS, Music, Photos, Videos, Documents, Calls, and logs while the transfer takes place between two Android devices.
  •  Contacts, Documents while the transfer takes place between Android and iOS.
  •  Contacts, SMS, books, All such as Videos, Photos, and Music while the transfer takes place between iOS and Android.
  • Contacts, Notes, Calendars, Books, and Bookmarks in Safari while the transfer takes place between iOS and iOS.

Package and Price Details

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is available for both Android and iOS versions. You can get both basic versions with limited features and Premium versions with all essentials features. You can grab all other advanced feature in the package, but you need to choose premium packages as follow.

For one year with using in the single system, it just only cost  $ 25.95

If you wish to use it for a lifetime with a license code which can be used for up to 1 system cost $35.95

If you wish to get the license code and to use it for o/ne year in up to 5 devices it cost around $35.95

Lifetime license to use in 5 system, it charges $45.95

One year code to use in 10 system, it charges $65.95

Apart from all these, they promise 90 days money-back guarantee if anything went wrong. The company also promises a good refund policy without fail in 90 days.

Not over with these, they also provide a customer portal in which you can share any suggestions if you feel like at any time. Their supports also give any time supports to their customers.



Personally, to all our readers I suggest using this, which helps a lot when you get messed up. I used this for the last few months, for me everything works fine including their customer support. The paid version is too helpful for all our needs.

I don’t have to think about anything if I wish to upgrade my device to a new one.  It’s a must try to all gadget lovers across the globe and big thanks to the entire team for developing COOLMUSTER MOBILE TRANSFER.

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