How can you Create a new email Compose Shortcut from my Mac dock?

You words using email app servicing a lot, and you have to email messages using your Mac. Where heavy email users may end up thinking about a simple method that we can use to send a lot of emails whenever they require, and they have always been thinking and with how they can. Which seems to be quite handy and easy, and it’s been easy to use a simple trick called shortcut dock.

Today we are going to share a little bit of knowledge to help you create a shortcut email message composed with your default mail application such as Microsoft Outlook Gmail and any other email app services in your macOS.


  • It’s always been quiet is it to create and shortcut for the dock on macOS.
  • You can use your default email app service on Mac based on your preferences.
  • Its one-click service because you already happen at with your template and click directly to a through it, and you have to edit it as per the scenario required.

How to create a new email message shortcut for your dock with automatic in MacOS

It’s quite a comfortable and handy feature to have on your Mac if you have an email user. You can create a shortcut with the following steps given down below.

  1. I am starting with launching Automator in macOS, which will found within the /application/folder.
  2. Then you have to pull down the file menu and select the new one.
  3. After that, you have to choose an application and select the type as Automator service, which we have to create.
  4. After that, you have to search for a new mail message. which has placed on the left side of the action menu. (If you are using Outlook or any other mail service, then you can navigate to action > library >  mail > new mail message.)
  5. For Microsoft Outlook on your Mac, you have to select the to create a new Outlook email message action.
  6. Now drag this lag new Mail message action towards a right-sided panel of automation.
  7. Now you can fill out all the details for your new email message action. You can design your template that you want to prepare for, ensuring that the account is said to be an email account and subject based on requirements and message body generic type based on your preference.
  8. Once you set up all the required details for your new mail message, then you can click on the run button, which placed on the upper right corner of the screen.
  9. Automator action successfully set up as it should done with a new email message composition window that will appear on the screen.
  10. When you are happy with your Automaton action, then you can save it by being given the name tag and where the location that you want to save the file.
  11. That’s it, and you have now simply good automata when you are done with all the things as usual.

Now moving forward towards creating a shortcut for your automata, the new mail composes shortcuts, mean by you have to know to locate on navigate to word the new mail compose, which will find where you have saved the document.

Create a new email Compose Shortcut

  • Now once you locate your email, compose a shortcut. Then you simply have to drag the email compose automated towards the dock.
  • However, you can also change the shortcut icon. It’s called when you are creating this shortcut on your dock.
  • Meanwhile, if you want to change the icon of shortcuts, then you have to go back to find them. Then create a new email compose there. You have to change the icon alongside you can use the shortcut key command + AI.
    (Then the get info will open from there.)
  • You can use any image that you want to make an icon for your shortcut email from there. Even you can now look at the file. Then you can drag it to the dock to create a shortcut

Furthermore, you are now ready to use your shortcut from the dog anytime. It is quite easy and Hindi to use whenever you require it. It saves a lot of time if you are a heavy email message user. Then with the help of creating a shortcut and using the template. That you have created seems to be quite a seamless experience.

Hopefully, we assume that you have liked this article, and it is worth your time. On the other hand, we believe that you have successfully created and shortcut of your email composition on Mac. Thanks for being with us. I would like to know your opinion and feedback. If you have any query, is there any quadrilateral know in the comment section done below.

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