Crucible Errors Login_Timeout and Loadout_Set_Fail: Is there a fix?

Sci-Fi shooter games do not no intro and we have a ton of games across platforms that best suits the sci-fi needs. Amazon Game Studios joined this list with a new game that came out just today. What’s more interesting is that this is the biggest Amazon has produced as of yet for the PC, and it surely is a big-budget game. We are talking about the Crucible game which is the team based Sci-fi shooting game, where your main aim is to defeat enemies with your team. It hit Steam on Wednesday and like every other gaming fan, everyone wanted to get their hands on the game.

And as you would expect the Amazon servers took a hit and they had a bit of difficulty in releasing the game. The Crucible game is currently only available for PC. There were several players who could not play the game and had issues playing the Crucible game where the error messages crept up while logging in. Two of the most common errors, the Crucible players came across was the Login_Timeout and Loadout_Set_Fail. These issues have been faced by users who are trying to play the Crucible game.

Well, the reason behind it is simple, several and thousands of users are trying to play the game, all at once, due to which the Amazon servers are facing issues to keep up with the demand. And if you are also experiencing the same issue with the Crucible game while you are trying to play it, and are looking for a solution for this, then you are at the right place as in this post, we will guide you on how you fix the Crucible errors Login_Timeout and Loadout_Set_Fail. So, that being said, let us quickly get straight into the article itself and see how to fix these errors;


Crucible Errors Login_Timeout and Loadout_Set_Fail: Is there a fix?

Before we go ahead and look at the fixes for the Login_Timeout and Loadout_Set_Fail errors, let us take a look at why you are facing these issues. For starters, the Login_Timeout error is surfacing the players while playing the Crucible game because several players, at once are trying to play the game altogether. While you wait to let the game connect to the servers, the timeout will lock up and thus, prevents you to jump right into the game.

On the other hand, the Loadout_Set_Fail error is coming up when the players are trying to play the tutorial portion of the game, with a game character. Note that there is no direct fix for any of the issues at the moment. What might come as a breather for all the Crucible hopefuls is that the developer, Amazon is aware of the situation and these issues and has stated on Twitter that they are working to bring in a fix for these issues soon.


The best thing that any Crucible player can do is that you can try and reload the game and try to login again. Try this fix for more than a couple of times if required. If the error still creeps up, then your best bet is to wait for some time then, again try logging in. You should also be aware that, since this is one big step taken by Amazon in the gaming world, you should expect more errors and issues in the future related to the game. But, the developers will not keep you wait for much longer and a permanent fix for this issue might soon be on its way. Till then, you can try the temporary fix as mentioned above and see if that helps and lets you play the Crucible game on your PC. Let us know in the comments below if you have found a fix for this issue or the above mentioned fix worked for you or not? Until the next post…Cheers!

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