How to Use Custom Music on the Self Radio Station in GTA 5


One of the many features of Grand Theft Auto V is the ability to blast music from any of the radio stations made available in the game. However, what many don’t know is that is is also possible for players to play their own music through what is known as the Self Radio station.

The Self Radio station allows players of GTA 5 listen to their own music on the radio in-game; not in the usual manner where you turn the audio down and then play music from your Spotify in the background, in other games. Setting it up is quite stress-free, and in this guide, I will be showing you how to use custom music on the Self Radio Station in GTA 5.

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Play custom music on GTA 5 Self Radio station

gta 5 self radio station


Here are the steps for doing this:

  • Open to the My Documents folder on your PC.
  • Locate and open the Rockstar Games folder in My Documents.
  • Click on the GTA V subfile.
  • Then, click on User Music.
  • Copy every MP3, M4A and WMA music you want to play on the Self Radio station in the game into this folder. You can also create shortcuts to songs through this folder.

The game should automatically find your music in-game and add a new station named “Self Radio”.

Customize Self Radio Station operations in GTA 5

You can also adjust the operations of the Self Radio and how it scans for music to play. To do this in-game, open the Pause Menu, then open the Settings tab and click on Audio.

You can set the Self Radio Mode to either of the following:

  • Sequential: This allows the radio to play through the songs as they appear in your folder, and can also skip songs
  • Random/Shuffle: This mode shuffles through the audio files (plays them randomly), and can skip songs as well.
  • Radio: This works like a traditional radio station which plays through the songs with radio ads as well as DJ banter in between them, and cannot skip the tracks.

You can also perform a Quick Scan or Full Scan for music. A quick scan immediately scans all the songs in the folder and then plays them in the order they are in the folder. A full scan, in addition to what a quick scan does, also performs an analysis and builds a playlist to enhance user experience.

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