How to Customize and Color Apps in iOS 14

The current major update for iOS, version 14.0, was released just a few days back. The latest update is a response to many of the users’ long awaited features. As Android is already labeled the leader in the customization aspect, Apple is now taking necessary steps not to fall behind and lure interests of more people across the world.

How to Customize and Color Apps in iOS 14

iOS 14’s major changes include the home screen customization features such as the newly introducing widgets, App Library, etc. With these new features, the users have every reason and every tool to make their iPhones look more aesthetic. As Apple is now giving more control to its user over how their iPhone home screen looks, you’ll find everything you need to make it more visually pleasing with our guide on how to customize and color apps in iOS 14.

Organizing apps with the App Library

The new App Library brings in great new possibilities to organize your iPhone. By swiping to the very right page of your home screen, you’ll find something new, which is the App Library – a hub for all your installed apps. Before Apple brought in the App Library, we had to cope with the cluttering of all apps that’s on our iPhone. However, with the new App Library, you can move any unwanted app on your home screen to this library.

In order to do this, all you have to do is press and hold the application that you wish to move to the App Library. Then, from the options that you get, choose to Edit Home Screen. Next, click on the negative(-) button at the top left corner of the application. This will you 3 options to choose from, out of which you should click on Move to App Library. When that’s done, that app will be moved to the app library and you’ll be able to locate it in its respective category in the library.

Adding Apple widgets in iOS 14

iPhone has a set of stock widgets that users can add to their home screen. The process of doing this is pretty simple. In order to do this, scroll to the very left page on your home screen. When you’re on this page, swipe to the very bottom and you’ll find an Edit button. Clicking on this button is our first step to adding stock widgets from Apple. After you click on this button, you’ll see a plus(+) sign at the top left corner of the screen.

After clicking the + button, your phone will display a bunch of stock widgets from Apple that you can choose from. These widgets range from calendar and clock to fitness and photos. In order to add any of these available widgets, all you have to do is click on the particular widget that you want to add, choose its size from the following screen, and add. One thing to note while adding stock widgets is that you aren’t able to do much of customization to the widgets.

Changing the App icon in iOS 14

  1. In order to change the app covers on your iPhone, go to the Shortcuts app
  2. When inside the app, go into the All Shortcuts section
  3. From there, click on the plus(+) button at the top right corner of your screen
  4. Next, click on the Add Action button
  5. This will give you a few options. From these, choose Scripting

  6. Then, click on Open App

  7. Next, click on the Choose button and choose the app for which you want to change the icon or cover
  8. After choosing your app, the next step is to click on the three dots at the top right side of the screen
  9. This will give you a few options. From them, choose the Add to Home Screen option
  10. From the next screen, type in a label name for your new shortcut by clicking on the text field
  11. Finally, to change its icon or cover, simply click on the image on the left side of the text field
  12. When you click on that image, you’ll get 3 options. From them, choose the way that you want to add the new icon or cover image and add an image that you’d like for that application
  13. After choose the image, finally click on the Add button at the top left corner of the page and that’s it. This will now add the image with the customized icon to your home screen.

These are all the customization options that the new iOS 14 update brings in to the iPhones. The update certainly did bring in major changes and Apple now decided to give its users more control over how their iPhone should look. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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