[DEAL] HOWSHOW 8.5-inch Magic LCD Electronic Drawing Tablet in just 7.99$


This is a cute and practical drawing tablet for your kids. The shockproof and shatter-resistant screen can enhance the durability. And it is an eco-friendly graphics tablet with dust-free and ink-less performance. In addition, it is very easy to write and clear. Perfect choice for your children!

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● Soft and shockproof LCD screen, not easy to be damaged

● Convenient to write with your fingertip and easy to erase through pressing the button


● Environmental protection, enables you to write more than 100 thousand times, saves more paper resources

● Dust-free and ink-less design, a great companion for your kids.

● Multi-functional drawing tablet can be used as a home message board or an office memo.

If you’ve never used one of these before, they’re kind of amazing. It’s a super-thin, super-light tablet that leaves a trail of e-ink as you draw on it. There’s no lag at all, and you can use either the included plastic stylus or, yep, your fingernail. The “screen” is pressure-sensitive.

But for kids to doodle on, notes you want to scribble while on the phone and, of course, everyday spy-craft, writing tablets like these are pretty sweet. I can’t really speak to the quality of this particular brand, but I’ve seen a fair number of similar generic ones, and they’re all about the same.

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Buy it on GearBest

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