Destiny 2 Chain Reaction Bounty: How to complete it?

Destiny 2’s latest season events, the Bounty Games comes with plenty of bounties that players need to complete to keep their favorite classes on top. Most of these bounties are easy to complete, but players are facing difficulty in completing the Chain Reaction bounty.

Here in this article, we have put together a guide on how to complete Chain Reaction. This is a bounty for Hunter’s class, so a lot of players are trying to get it done.

Destiny 2 Chain Reaction Bounty: How to complete it?

How to complete Chain Reaction in Destiny 2’s Bounty Games?

The objective of this bounty states that you need to use Shadow shot to tether and take down five enemies together. This needs to be done twice. Now for some reason, the number of enemies tethered does not seem to get counted often. To counter that, players need to get more than five enemies tethered and killed.

This bounty depends on Shadowshot, so you need to have the ultimate Shadowshot ready. To do that, you have to go down the Void Nightstalker route and activate the lower section. As mentioned above, getting more enemies tethered and killed will do the trick for you. Many players have also reported that they were able to complete the bounty by getting a large number of enemies tether together and killing them all. For some, killing the wave of Vex in the Lunar battleground on the Moon did the trick for them. Some other players completed it by hunting down the waves of thralls that show up in Shuro Chi. They use the Shadowshot right before they are about to spawn, and the effective Chain Reaction skills requirement.

It is not that there are only these two locations where one can complete the bounty. Any place where you can lure in a massive number of enemies together and then get them tethered and killed in a vast amount will be enough. Remember, though, the number of enemies needs to be way higher than 5, and it should be done twice. You might not even get it completed once in the first few tries, even though you take down a lot of enemies together. You might be lucky and get the tick for completion in the first attempt, but for some, it took more than ten times. So just keep repeating the process until you see the tick and then return to the orbit and try to do it again.

So that is all that you need to know about completing this stubborn Chain Reaction Hunter class bounty challenge. Let us know in the comments section below if you any other queries with Destiny 2. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks.

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