Fix ‘A device attached to the system is not functioning’ error on iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is another affordable flagship-grade smartphone that people love a lot. With the legacy of Apple software and hardware compatibility, most of the iPhone users don’t complain too much about what they have got at a higher price tag or what are missing. However, the iOS system can also cause some issues to the devices that users can’t understand how to deal with it. Similarly, some of the iPhone SE users are experiencing an error that says ‘A device attached to the system is not functioning’. If you’re also one of them, check this simple troubleshooting guide.

This particular error message appears on the Apple iPhone SE model while users are trying to copy images or videos from the iPhone to a Windows 10 PC/Laptop. Most importantly, this error appears while users transfer any 4K video that contains the video duration of 2 minutes or above. Therefore, if you’re also encountering this issue for a while, then just follow the simple steps below.

Fix 'A device attached to the system is not functioning' error on iPhone SE

Steps to Fix ‘A device attached to the system is not functioning’ error on iPhone SE

According to some of the users’ feedback, initially, you can see that the files are being copied from your iPhone to the Windows PC but suddenly the error will occur which is very irritating if you’re copying any work-related videos or the issue appears frequently.

  1. First of all, simply disconnect your iPhone SE from your Windows 10 PC.
  2. Go to the iPhone Settings.
  3. Scroll down a bit and head over to the Photos section.
  4. Go to the bottom of the screen and select Keep Originals under Transfer to Mac or PC.
  5. Finally, reconnect your iPhone to your PC and try to copy or videos from the device to the PC again.
  6. It should work properly now.

That’s it, guys. We assume that this easy method will fix the device attached to the system not functioning issue completely on your iPhone SE device. Still, facing any issues? You can comment below.

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