Different Methods to Make A Microsoft Teams Call

With the increasing trend of Online calls and meetings, its important to know different methods to make a call on Microsoft Teams or any other relevant video conferencing platform. You will never know when you have to make a call to your client for any specific query or meetings, where Microsoft Teams is used widely in every industry, it is great that it has four different ways of making a call.

Microsoft has been continuously innovating. Back in 2017, when they launch the Microsoft team, they didn’t think that this online video calling platform gains tremendous popularity. Nevertheless, users aren’t quite familiar with the feature of calling in Microsoft Teams. This brings us to the conclusion of bringing up a guide to help users that will allow them to make a call in Microsoft Teams in different methods.

In this article, we are looking at the best ways to schedule a Microsoft Teams call. So, let’s begin a journey to Make A Microsoft Teams Call using Different methods.

Different Methods to Make A Microsoft Teams Call

Different Methods To Make A Microsoft Teams Call

Now, let’s look over the different methods to make a Microsoft Teams call cause not everyone familiar with these easy tricks.

Method 1: Place a Call Using The Calls Tab

  1. Use the Number Pad of your PC. For this, you need to type them directly or click the number into the dialling bar and tap on the Call Icon.
  2. Navigate through your Contact List, and right next to your desired contact, you will find Phone Icon. Click on it.
  3. If you didn’t find the person, you wish to call here, tap on the Add contact option and then search your friend by name, phone number, or email.
  4. Now, from the result, tap on the contact that you searched for. At last, click on Add.

Method 2: Place A Call From The Command Bar

  1. On the command prompt, type a Back Slash. After that, Microsoft Teams, you’re giving it a command.
  2. Then, give a command by typing Call.
  3. After pressing enter, a prompt will open. Type the name or email of your friend you’d wish to call. Tap on the person you want, and the Call will automatically start.

Method 3: Place A Call From The Chat Tab

If you have more than one person in your conversation, you will quickly start a conference call with all the chat tab members. So, let’s see how to place a call from the chat tab.

Firstly, in the conversation window, you’ll notice a Call Icon in the top right corner. Tap on it, and you will see your Call is placed.


Method 4: Place A Call From Anywhere In Teams

This will help you place a call from anywhere with your contact list using their contact id card. Microsoft added up this feature to make the communication more manageable than ever.

  1. Anywhere on your PC, if you notice a contact’s picture, like in the Microsoft Teams tab, where they might submit or upload a document that reminds you to make a call. However, if you tap on their picture, you will see their contact card.
  2. Now, tap on the Call Icon.
  3. You may also use these contact cards anywhere in teams to start any communication type such as a video call, an audio call, an IM, or an email.

It is important to give several permission to your Desktop browser or MS Teams app to make a call efficiently. So kindly grant permission to Microsofone, Camera and storage to use this feature easily. In case you’re using Microsoft Teams on a web browser, then you have to give permission to javascript as well.


Microsoft Teams is an out the box content for users cause its user interface and services are so merely, and people like to use this service by Microsoft whether they are attending a class or a meeting the Microsoft Team is their first choice.

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