How to disable Message Sound on Realme U1?

Realme U1

Smartphones are very well known for multitasking. These smartphones have a lot of apps working together, and as such, there is a very less chance of you missing out on anything important as a user. There are lot of information’s that comes as a notification from various apps and there are also several other notifications on messages or emails that may not be really important. The alert tones are the ones that make sure the user gets notified. But the same alert tone may irritate you in few cases.

Alert message tones can be an issue in various cases. The alert tone would definitely be a villain if you are in an important meeting or a lecture section. As such, this message tone can be easily controlled by using the volume buttons to lower the ring volume. It can also be disabled as you may not worry about receiving the alert tone even if you are in an important meeting. Follow the below article to know how to disable the message tone on Realme U1.

Realme U1

Steps to disable the message tone on Realme U1

  • Visit Settings from the Home Page
  • Now click on the applications
  • Tap on the app for which you would want to disable the notification
  • Now click on the Show notification checkbox
  • Your device will now prompt a message to Confirm.
  • Click on OK and you are done

Steps to Reduce the vibration mode on Realme U1

There are a few users who do not want to disable the message tone. In such a case, he may town down the vibration intensity of his phone. Know the below steps.

  • Click on the Settings from the Home page
  • Go to Sound & Vibration
  • Now select vibration intensity
  • Tap Vibrate on Tap
  • Here you can control the intensity as per your need

Follow the above steps and disable or reduce the vibration mode on your Realme U1. I hope this guide was helpful in understanding your issues. Leave us feedback or comment and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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