Disney+ Application Temporarily Unavailable on Samsung TVs from 2016 – Fix incoming

New update on June 5, 2020: In response to a user complaint on Twitter, Disney+ Help reached out to the user and confirmed that the issue is now fixed. Therefore, those who were facing the problem on their Samsung TV can once again start streaming media from Disney+. While it did take roughly a week for the fix to arrive, it’s better late than never.

Disney+ is currently one of the best streaming services since it offers a ton of kid-friendly content. This is especially useful in the current situation of the world where kids and adults need to stay at home. Unfortunately, things don’t always pan out smoothly and Disney+ users with Samsung TVs have been left frustrated since the application is temporarily unavailable.

A few users have taken to Twitter and other social platforms such as Reddit to report the issue. According to one Disney+ subscriber and Samsung TV owner, the application has not been working for over 3 days. The error message seems to be appearing only on Samsung TV models from 2016.


Affected users are seeing the following message on their screens when trying to open the Disney+ application on their Samsung TV.

“The Disney+ application is temporarily unavailable on 2016 Samsung TV Models. We are working with the manufacturer to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Please use a different device in order to enjoy Disney+.”

Fortunately, it appears that Disney+ is working with Samsung to fix the issue. This can be seen in the error message on user screens. However, the Disney+ Help Twitter account also confirmed that they are working closely with Samsung to release a fix.

They also shared a list of supported devices for Disney+ users to continue watching their favorite shows and movies. Although, this isn’t much help to those who only have one TV in their house. At present, it isn’t clear when the manufacturer, i.e. Samsung will release a patch to fix the issue.

Given that Disney+ and Samsung have both already working on a fix, we expect to see the issue solved soon. Unfortunately, there are no quick workarounds for the problem. Hence the only way to consume media from Disney+ on your affected Samsung TV is to wait for the fix to arrive. In the meanwhile, other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max might be worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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