Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods rune locations

In the new piece of DLC in Doom Eternal, The Ancient Gods runes are locations that are capable of making the players more powerful in the game. These runes in Doom Eternal are also known as support runes, which gives the players three new abilities and unlocks the Lucky Charm Bracelet achievement for you.

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods rune locations

There are a total of three Ancient Gods rune locations in Doom Eternal. Out of the three total locations, two of these are tied to the Slayer Gate keys. If you don’t already know the location and guide for the Ancient Gods rune locations in the game, then our guide on The Ancient Gods’ rune location in Doom Eternal will help you.

1. UAC Atlantica Facility

The first Ancient Gods rune in Doom Eternal is tied to the Slayer Gate. For this, you’re gonna have to run through the whole process of finding the first Slayer Gate key in the UAC Atlantica Facility. After blowing up this facility, you have to get to the room behind the group of tentacles in the long hallway that you get to eventually. Go through the tentacles and you’ll get to the room being the armor piece.

From this room, go through the lasers, and get to the next room. There, you’ll find Cyberdemon, which you’ll have to kill. After killing the Cyberdemon, you’ll find the Slayer Gate key behind a grate here. Finally, continue as you get into a room with a fence to your left. You’re gonna have to hop onto this fence to use the monkey bars and take a hard right, dashing into a breakable vent.

2. Blood Swamp

You’ll find the second Ancient Gods rune in the second level and out in the wild. At the beginning of this level, you’ll find yourself encountered with a big tentacle. From there, you’ll find a small gap to jump onto another ledge. Kill the tentacle and proceed to continue onto the next ledge. From there, to your left, you’ll see flame traps. Go through the traps and jump onto the bog below.


After falling into the bog below, quickly turn and look to your left before proceeding any further. There, you’ll find a cracked wall. Simply break this cracked wall and you’ll get to a narrow, linear path. Simply go down this path and that’s it.

3. The Holt

Finally, we have the third Ancient Gods ruin in The Holt, which is right at the start of the third level. While you punch down the trees here, look for the first green tree that you see and punch it down so that it helps you reach the higher area. After you’re on the higher ground, you’ll see another ledge. Hop onto that one as well.


From there, take a look at the direction that you came from. There, you’ll see another high ledge. Dash jump to this ledge and you’ll see the Slayer Gate key right on top of another ledge that you can easily jump onto. Simply make the jump and grab the key. Finally, all that’s left is to reach the actual gate that is farther in the ledge. You’ll find it near the part where you need to use the monkey bars.

By the time you’re through with all the above three locations, you’d have completed the Ancient Gods rune in Doom Eternal. Two of the runes are tied to grabbing the Slayer Gate key and the entire is process pretty easy for you to push through. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.


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