Download GxFont Custom Font Manager For All Samsung Galaxy Devices

When we talk of customizing smartphones, Samsung devices are always on the forefront. In recent days, developers have more customizations tailor-made for Samsung devices than any other OEM. Two popular aspects of customization include themeing and trying out new fonts over the stock one. In this post, we bring you the GxFont Custom Font Manager. With this cool application, you can change the font of your Samsung Galaxy device as per your choice. You can even use the Google fonts as well as customize and create your own fonts.

This custom font manager is developed by XDA developer Sathistony. So, cheers to him for his hard work. This font manager is free to use. You can get access to all the Google fonts for free. However, customizing options are only available with the Pro version. Your Samsung Galaxy device needs to run Android 7.x Nougat or higher to be able to successfully enjoy the GxFont Custom Font Manager. Adding icing on the cake, there is no need for your device to have root access to install this custom font manager. To bring the feel of the latest Android Pie based interface, Gxfont has a similar interface like OneUI.

Features of GxFont Custom Font Manager

The first thing which a user wants on any application is, it must have more user-friendly features. GxFont Custom Font Manager fulfills that in all aspects. Here is a list of popular features which this font manager brings to the Samsung devices.

  • Download and use Google fonts for free
  • The interface is similar to that of One UI
  • No root access required
  • Inbuilt fonts manager
  • No Advertisements
  • Create Custom Font with font files (Enabled on PRO version)

Download GxFont Custom Font Manager

Here is the official download link of this cool custom Font Manager for Samsung Galaxy phones. The download is secure as the link sources back to Google Play Store.

 Custom Font Manager GxFont [APK Download] 

Install the App as you would install any other App.

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Screenshots of GxFont in Action

Here is how GxFont looks when it’s in use. You can see how simple the interface is. It’s so easy to install and remove any font of your choice.

GxFont Custom Font Manager

So, if you happen to sport a Galaxy Devices from Samsung, then try out the GxFont Custom Font Manager. We hope this guide was useful for you.



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