Download iOS 11 Ringtones and Notification Tones for Android

Android is the true friend of most of the smartphone users in the world right now. Being a user-friendly OS, it is the actual reason for the success of a lot of gadgets we have around us. The best thing is its open-source approach due to which getting the features of other devices is not at all a big deal. When it comes to ringtones, although it has some of the most melodious sounds that can be used simply, the fact that iOS 11 ringtones are also superb cannot be denied. This post is to let you download iOS 11 ringtones and notification tones for Android devices.

There are certain reasons why people love iOS and Apple devices and the biggest one is the experience iOS provide out of the box. There are many Android lovers who are the biggest fans of the ringtones offered by this amazing Apple OS. In fact, it is known to have some of the very smooth and wise tones. If you are an Android user and want to try them on your device, there is nothing to worry about anything. Actually, this nice set of ringtones simply let you add more to your collection. There are total 28 ringtones and 12 notifications tones that you can simply have. The best part is it also contains the iPhone X exclusive ringtone on it.

Well if think it strange, I would like to make it clear once again that you can download them all in a single click. I am sure you don’t want to wait more to get them on your gadget. So here is the link to download iOS 11 Ringtones and Notification Tones for Android devices.

Instructions to use these ringtones

There are two methods that can help you in this matter. Check them out below.


Method 1

Once you download the ZIP file, you will see a folder inside named “media”. You simply need to copy it to the internal storage of your device. The best thing about most of the Android devices is they will automatically copy them for this storage and will add them to the ringtone site. In case this method doesn’t work, you can try the next one simply.

Method 2

There are certain apps available on the Play Store that can simply help you to set these ringtones from there. One which is pretty common is “Ringtone Maker”. Once downloaded, follow the below instructions

  • Open the app.
  • You will find all the mp3 files will be listed here.
  • Search for the ringtone.
  • Tap on the menu icon and choose ‘Make default Ringtone’ or ‘Make default notification’ or ‘Make default alarm’, depending on what you want to do.

This is all you need to do to download iOS 11 ringtones and notification tones for Android devices. It must be noted that sometimes you need to install another app on your device to open the ZIP file. A few smartphones don’t open ZIP file directly. However, you can find an extractor easily on the Play Store.

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