Download Magisk v16.0-Fixed Bootloop Crash,Treble Support and More

Magisk has been an important tool for the developer group of Android. This systemless interface helps you get the most out of your Android device. It helps you add different modules to the device and increase the usability of your device as you want to. Now the latest version of the Magisk and Magisk manager have come out. Read this article to find out steps to download and install Magisk v16.0 and Magisk Manager v5.6.1 on your Android device.

Released by the XDA developer topjohnwu,  the new version of Magisk is coming out with a lot of fixes and support. This includes resolving the bootloop crash, fix for database setup error. A major new feature is support for Huawei/Honor Treble devices has now officially been added to Magisk. The Magisk manager v5.6.1 also brings Optimization for several settings options. Now you can also use native XML for settings migration.

If you are a user with Magisk already installed on your device, all you have to get is the new Magisk manager. If you install the new Magisk Manager you can simply do the update to the Magisk from within the manager app. In case if you don’t have Magisk installed, you will have to download the Magisk v16.0 and Magisk Manager v5.6.1. We have given the official download link for the both below. Along with that we have also, mentioned a brief installation guide to install the given in this article.

Download The Latest Magisk v16.0 and Magisk Manager v5.6.1

Here is the direct download link to get the latest Magisk v16.0. Also included is the link for latest Magisk Manager v5.6.1. Ther eis also a download link for the latest version of uninstaller. It supports all the previous versions.

Download The Latest Magisk v16.0 Download The Latest Magisk Manager v5.6.1 Download The Latest Magisk Uninstaller

How To Install The Latest Magisk v16.0

Before moving ahead to installation steps rememember,


  • Ensure your device has full battery charge before flashing the Magisk.
  • You have to install the latest TWRP Recovery on your device.
  • If you plan to flash a custom kernel, flash it after installing Magisk.
  • Make sure to remove any other root you’ve performed.
  • GetDroidTips will not be responsible for bricking of any devices.

Steps of Installation

The Magisk manager 5.6.1 comes as an APK file. It can be installed directly by opening the file on your device. The Magisk v16.0 comes as a zip file. You will have to flash this using TWRP recovery on your device. So, here are the steps for the same in details.

Step-1 Save the downloaded zip file on to your device internal storage

Step-2 Boot your device into TWRP recovery.Long  Press Vol Down + Power button at a time to do it.

Step-3 When on TWRP recovery interface, tap on install.

Step-4 Select the downloaded zip file.

Step-5 Swipe button to start flashing.

Step-6 When the process is completed, reboot your device.

Step-7 Now Install the Magisk manager.

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So, that’s it. We hope this guide was useful in understanding how to download and install Magisk v16.0 and Magisk manager v5.6.1. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.


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