Download Mobicel MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

Mobicel is updating all their Meditek devices with the latest secure boot system. This won’t allow developers to access or update the secure storage of their smartphone. So in case, your device gets a software problem, there’s no way to fix this. However, the good news is that there are custom Mobicel MTK secure boot download agent loader files, which will help you to bypass this secure storage lock. So without further ado, let’s get to know about these Mobicel secure boot DA files.

As we discussed earlier that the new Mobicel devices are coming with a secure bootloader. This secure bootloader doesn’t allow any normal DA file to access secure storage. This creates a problem in any MTK flashing process. This secure storage contains all the important firmware files with secret codes.

Download Mobicel MTK Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files [MTK DA]

What is a download agent

Download agent files have the access keys to open the secure storage. After accessing this storage, you can take a firmware backup, flash stock ROM, backup, flash, bypass Factory Reset protection (FRP lock) etc. So these files play an important role when it comes to Mediatek Flashing.

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These new Mobicel MTK secure boot Download Agent Loader files will help you to access the main storage. Then further or, you can use this to edit the system files. You can:

  • Copy firmware files
  • Take a complete backup
  • Copy IMEI & NVRAM
  • Flash stock or custom ROM
  • Change recovery system
  • Edit root files
  • Bypass FRP lock etc.

Download Mobicel Mediatek Secure Boot Download Agent loader Files

Down below are the links for latest Mobicel Mediatek Secure boot DA files. We will keep updating this post with all the latest Mobicel devices, so be sure to bookmark us!

Supported device Download
Mobicel Dandy server
Mobicel 4U server
Mobicel Pure Plus server
Mobicel R1 server
Mobicel R2 server
Mobicel Rebel server
Mobicel Shift server
Mobicel Switch server
Mobicel Zen server

Note: If you’re not able to access the download link, then try again with a VPN service. Some countries/ISPs have blocked servers on their network. So users need to use a third party VPN service to access server.

How to use Mobicel MediaTek Secure Boot DA files

If you’re already familiar with MTK flashing tools, then it is a super easy task. You only have to replace the generic DA file with the latest secure boot DA files. Down below is a complete guide using various MTK flashing tools.


Disclaimer: Using custom DA files to access and update the secure storage will void your device warranty. Also if you don’t follow all the steps carefully, you might hard brick your device.

We at GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any bricking/damage to your phone while/after using these custom Mobicel MTK secure boot DA files. Proceed only if you know what you’re doing!


Instructions to load up Mobicel DA Files:

Now you can use this file to flash any ROM or IMG file to your Mobicel MTK device. Follow my guide given below to flash the download agent. We will be covering four major MediaTek flashing tools:

How to Use MTK Secure Boot DA file

Why Do we need Secure Boot Download Agent Loader Files

Many new Mobicel MTK devices are now coming with a secure boot system. This system doesn’t allow any DA file to access the internal contents of Mobicel devices. So to bypass this secure boot lock on Mobicel MTK devices, we need to use a special type of Secure Boot DA files. These files will allow us to access the internal storage of the device. In order to do that, we need to use a Mobicel MTK Secure Boot Download Agent Loader files.

I hope you got to know all about these new Mobicel secure boot Download Agent files. These files will work with almost all MTK flashing tools. However, if you’re facing any problem using these files, then you can comment down below. I will be happy to help you out. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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