Download Official Android 10 Firmware for BQ Aquaris X2 / X2 Pro [How to]

Almost a year ago, the Spanish company BQ has rolled out the official stable Android 9.0 Pie for the BQ Aquaris X2/X2 Pro models. Now, the company has started pushing the official Android 10 firmware for the BQ Aquaris X2 / Aquaris X2 Pro models along with all the native Android 10 goodies. Additionally, this firmware update brings the latest June 2020 Android Security Patch Level that includes system optimizations and security bug fix. Here you can download and install the Android Q on your BQ Aquaris X2/X2 Pro model by following the guide below.

Now, talking about the latest June 2020 patchset, you should know that it fixes a critical security vulnerability in the System component that could enable a remote attacker in order to harm your device system or user data quite easily. Therefore, upgrading to the latest security patch is necessary and when it comes to the major Android OS update, users should do it as early as possible to get a taste of improved user experience. It bumps up a firmware version v3.1.0 (Android 10) and rolling out via OTA in a phased manner.

Download Official Android 10 Firmware for BQ Aquaris X2 / X2 Pro [How to]

Android 10: What We Know?

It’s been almost nine months to be released of Android 10 and at the time of writing this article, Google has released the Android 11 Public Beta update. However, it’s better late than never. Last year, Google has released the Android 10 (Q) that was the successor of the Android 9 Pie and based on improved privacy and security features.

In another way, Android 10 is the 10th-iteration of Android OS that offers plenty of additional features and multiple improvements. As mentioned, Android 10 gives users full control over great protection, transparency, improved app permissions, enhanced security control, and more. Additionally, there are plenty of features that users will gonna love are mentioned below.

Features of Android 10

  1. System-wide Dark Mode: You can enable the full dark mode on your Android 10 over the whole system UI, plenty of apps, and more. It basically gives a cool look to the screen and reduces eye strain as well.
  2. Smart Reply: The smart reply feature works on all of your favorite messaging applications. You don’t need to open up the chat. The smart reply mode will simply give you the reply option to type your feedback and it suggests some of the most commonly used texts as well.
  3. Navigation Gestures: The swiping feature in the screen from side to side, pulling up the home screen, going back gesture, recent tab, etc can be done very easily and perfectly.
  4. Live Caption: When you play or stream any video, the Live Caption mode will automatically display the subtitles of the video. Therefore, even if you don’t understand the voice or language, you can always read and understand the cation text on the bottom screen.
  5. Location Privacy: You can now choose what you need to share from the location data with apps.
  6. App Permissions: Now, you can also select and control which apps are gonna use which permissions. You don’t need to worry about those unnecessary app permissions that aren’t appropriate at all.
  7. Easy Security Updates: With Android 10, the official security patch updates will be available via the Google Play System update. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for weeks in order to receive the OTA update over carrier or server.
  8. Focus Mode: It’s the optimized version of the Android 9’s Digital Wellbeing mode. You can track and prevent your smartphone addiction by restricting the app usage limit or device unlock limit on a daily basis. The same things will happen with video streaming, gaming, social media use, and all.
  9. Family Link: It’s also considered to be part of the Digital Wellbeing feature. In this mode, you can connect all of your family members together and can track or set a limit to their device activity, especially for kids.

Steps to Install Android 10 on BQ Aquaris X2 / X2 Pro

Before following the guide below, make sure to download the pre-required download package, drivers, and tools to install.


  • The ROM is supported only on BQ Aquaris X2 / X2 Pro
  • To update BQ Aquaris X2 / X2 Pro, you need either a PC or laptop.
  • Before upgrading, make sure to charge your phone at least 50% or more
  • Take a complete backup before installing Android 10 Firmware on BQ Aquaris X2 / X2 Pro [This method may wipe all your data]

Required Downloads;


We at won’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Take your own risk!

Method 1: Instructions to Install:

  • To install the Android 10 Firmware on BQ Aquaris X2 / X2 Pro, First, download the package and move it to the device’s internal storage.
  • Now go to “Settings” -> “System Update” -> “Upper Right Function Button” -> “Local Upgrade”. After selecting the SD card package, click “Install Now” and wait patiently for the upgrade to complete.

Method 2: Instructions to Install via Flash tool:

Download the tool, drivers, and ROM file and create a new folder on your PC. Now follow the below procedure on how to install the Stock firmware using BQ Firmware Flash Tool.

To install manually, download the BQ Flash tool and flash the firmware manually on your device.

Method 3: Instructions to Install via ADB:

  • Download ADB and fastboot tool for your PC.
  • Extract the adb and fastboot tool and then open the folder.
  • Boot your device into download mode or fastboot mode.
  • Press and hold shift key and click on the right mouse button anywhere inside the folder to open a command window.
  • Now in the command window, type
    fastboot devices
  • If your device id is shown, then enter the following detail to flash the images
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash system system.img
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • That’s it! Enjoy the Android Pie update.

Method 4: Instructions to Install via QFil:

Download the Qualcomm Flash image loader tool and USB Drivers on your PC. Follow the below link to install the firmware using the QFIL tool.

How To Install firmware via QFil


We hope you’ve installed the Android 10 on BQ Aquaris X2 / X2 Pro successfully. We always welcome feedback and improvements.

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