How to Control the Performance Profile in Poco F1 with Thermal Config Changer

We always keep saying that customization is a great advantage that you get only on Android OS. That too when you have an all-around efficient smartphone, it just adds icing on the cake. We are talking of the Pocophone F1 from Xiaomi, which was the center of all hypes in late 2018. This one is really an affordable device with the Snapdragon 845 chipset onboard. Its configuration makes it a staple for gamers as well as regular day-to-day users. Also, it comes pre-loaded with Xiaomi’s very own MIUI. However, with poco F1 if you are experimenting with custom ROMs, you may experience a few setbacks regarding the performance. Worry not, for the aspect of customization, as we say, solves half of the issue out therein Android. So, to manually control and enhance performance profiles of the device you can make use of the Thermal Config Changer application.

This app is developed specifically keeping in minds the use of custom ROMs on Poco F1. Also, we thanks the XDA developer dragneelfps for his hard work on developing this app. In case you are wondering, the Thermal Config Changer app allows you to modify and set the value of /sys/class/thermal/thermal_message/sconfig.

Thermal Config Changer

If you are using the stock MIUI then the value of this piece of code can change automatically. However, on a custom ROM, you need to change and set the value manually. Of course, root access is a must to use or modify this App while running a custom ROM on your Poco F1. In this guide, we have put up the download link for the Thermal Config Changer app. The installation and use are pretty simple.

Download Thermal Config Changer for Poco F1

Here is the download link of the thermal config changer App. This the updated latest version 2.1 of the Application.

Download Thermal Configuration Changer [APK File]

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How To Install thermal Config Changer on Poco F1

Before installing keep a few things in mind.


  • A Xiaomi Poco F1 with root access
  • This guide is exclusively for Pocophone F1. Don’t use it for other devices.
  • Charge your device up to 50% before performing any modification.
  • If any previous App is installed then uninstall it first.
  • GetDroidTips will not be responsible for incidental bricking or crashing of your devices while/after installing this modification. Follow the guide carefully at your own discretion.

Installation Steps

Step-1 Install the app like any other regular App.

Step-2 Give Root Permission


Step-3 Now change the mode from the dropdown.

How To Uninstall

In case you want to remove the App,

  • Go to the App >Change the mode to DEFAULT > Uninstall the App

So, that’s it, guys. If you are using a custom ROM on your Poco F1 and want to enhance the performance profiles for various other applications, then grab the Thermal Config Changer App. Install and enjoy. We hope this guide was helpful to you. If you have queries do let us know on the comments section.


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