How to Play Crucible with Drakahl Character: Abilities and Upgrades

The 12-player, class-based free-to-play third-person shooting game from Amazon Game Studio, Crucible was released two days ago on the 20th of May. It has already been receiving positive reviews for its breath-taking graphics and creative style of gameplay that encourages every player to freely try their hand in the proceedings and contribute to helping their team triumph. There are ten different playable characters featured in the game, and players need to understand their strengths and weaknesses effectively, in order to make the best use of them. Among the ten characters, there is one named Drakahl, and our today’s guide will deal with his abilities and upgrades.

One of the aforementioned playable characters strikes terror in the hearts with the very mention of his name – Drakahl. This hulking beast of a warrior has his roots in a barbaric race at the Orion Arm known as the Krake. With ample brute strength and unrestrained aggression at his disposal, Drakahl is widely feared among even the bravest warriors of the galaxy for his bloodlust. Exiled by his own people, he is still frequently sent out by his warlords to wreak havoc on a grand scale. Wielding a deadly Vibron Axe that he swings around to cause severe damage to his opponents, Drakahl is mainly a melee-based character.  Now let’s start our guide that will help you put his abilities to their best use in Crucible.

How to Play Crucible with Drakahl Character: His Abilities and Upgrades

Drakahl Character Abilities and Upgrades

When playing as Drakahl in Crucible, you will possess ten different abilities that will uniquely complement each other. Using them in the right combination, you can help Drakahl brave it out even through seriously dangerous situations.


We have listed all of these abilities below for you to read and understand conveniently.

  • Chop: Drakahl strikes at his enemies with his formidable Vibron Axe. This is his main attack.
  • Sonic Pulse: Using this will produce a powerful Fire Sonic Pulse from Drakahl’s Vibron Axe upon right-clicking.
  • Enraged Roar: Pressing Q makes Drakahl Enraged, after which you can choose between the Enraged Claw and Enraged Grab.
  • Enraged Claw: The aforementioned Enraged state comes in two forms. Left-clicking will produce the powerful Enraged Claw attack that will heal Drakahl apart from injuring the foes.
  • Enraged Grab: In the above scenario, right-clicking will produce the Enraged Grab. This is a close-range attack that will forcefully drag an enemy towards your waiting weapons.
  • Rush: You can use this to swiftly dash forward in order to dodge deadly attacks. It can also come in handy to close the distance between you and the enemies.
  • Resonating Spin: When resonating, Chop turns into the Resonating Spin which draws blood from your enemies.
  • Resonating Quake: When resonating, Sonic Pulse turns to Resonating Quake. This injures and paralyzes your enemies with a devastating shockwave.
  • Resonating Axe: This is Drakahl’s E ability. When you activate this, Drakahl’s Vibron Axe vibrates with power. You will be able to choose between a stun attack (right-clicking) and a spinning attack (left-clicking) that will make your enemies bleed.
  • Jink: This is Drakahl’s passive skill. Keep pressing the spacebar when in the air allows him to jump forward in the direction he’s facing.

Essence Upgrades

Drakahl has ten different essence upgrades for his health and his abilities in Crucible. All of them have been listed below.


Level One

You have three choices available at this level:

  • Second Wind: This causes Drakahl’s staple Chop attack to reduce the Rush cooldown by one second for each strike he lands.
  • Maiming Blow: This causes the Chop attack to inflict damage over time against foes with half of their health remaining.
  • Get ’em Gutted: If you choose this, swift melee attacks will make Drakahl vulnerable for three seconds.

Level Two

This level gives you the option of choosing only one upgrade:

  • Tough it Out: When this is used, 25 per cent of the damage suffered by Drakahl will be applied over time, rather than instantly.

Level Three

Reaching this level will allow you to choose between three upgrades:

  • OK, Now I’m Mad: If Drakahl’s remaining health is less than half, activating this will boost the damage multiplier by 15 per cent.
  • Blood Tracker: This will allow Drakahl to detect any targets with damage over time within a radius of 80 metres.
  • Incoming: If you choose this, you will be able to use Sonic Pulse to take down enemy projectiles.

Level Four

This is another level that offers only one upgrade to you:

  • Push Through the Pain: When this is activated, any damage inflicted while you’re using your med kit won’t interrupt the process.

Level Five

This level will allow you to choose between two upgrades:

  • Abs of Plasteel: If you choose this, then Drakahl will become invincible for a second and a half upon getting Enraged.
  • Sonic Shock: Choosing this will grant Sonic Pulse the ability to impede your opponents by 25 per cent for three seconds.

Additional Hints for Drakahl

Drakahl is basically a melee-based character, as we mentioned before. Therefore, it is imperative for you to get him within the optimal range of enemies. This will allow him to cause maximal damage. His two key movement abilities – Jink and Rush – will come in handy to close the distance between you and your targets. And once you do so, use his Vibron Axe to hack your opponents. Be sure to make good use of the Enraged and Resonating Axe abilities as well. It’s also important to keep an eye out for enemies wielding long-range weapons. You must protect Drakahl from their agile sight until he is close enough to throw himself upon them.

Now go out there and have a great time playing your way through the exciting world of Crucible, in the role of one of the deadliest warriors the galaxy ever witnessed!


This guide was to help the players of Crucible in exploring the character Drakahl with his abilities and upgrades. After reading our guide players will be more confident and sure while playing with him. We hope this guide helped you. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to comment down below with your Name and E-mail ID. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, Games and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. We urge you to participate in our third week $150 giveaway by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Thank You and have a wonderful experience playing through this all-new exciting game.

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