How does it helps Sony Xperia Z1 using Dual Boot Patcher ?

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Download Dual Boot Patcher APKDownload DualBootUtilities Zip File

Steps for Dual Boot Sony Xperia Z1 using Dual Boot Patcher ?

  1. First of all, Download the Dual Boot Patcher application on Sony Xperia Z1 from above download link
  2. Now install the app on your smartphone.
  3. Before opening the Dual Boot Patcher on your device, make sure to keep the Stock ROM as always Primary.
  4. Make sure you have rooted your phone.
  5. Now open the app called Dual Boot Patcher
  6. navigate to ROMs in the navigation drawer. It will ask if you want to set the kernel. Make sure that you do.
  7. If it shows failed to update mbtool, then make sure you have rooted your phone. Click here on How to Root your Phone 
  8. Now open the Patch Zip File from the navigation drawer and Click on the + button in the bottom right corner
  9. Select the file you want to patch using either ODIN Image (Samsung) or Flashable zip file
  10. Select Secondary to Install the Secondary ROM for Patched Zip file
  11. Once the flashable zip is patched. Now you can flash the patched zip file either using recovery or using in-app flashing process.

To flash using Recovery : 

To Flash via in-app flashing using Dual Boot Patcher : 

How to Switch between Multiple ROMs using Dual boor patcher App ?

You can easily switch between multiple ROMs (multirom by flashing a simple zip file called DualBootUtilities zip. You can flash the DualBootUtilities zip via Custom Recovery on your smartphone. Once you have flashed, It will provide a menu interface that allows switching to the various ROMs.

If you have TWRP, you can also switch manually by tapping Install -> Images (bottom right) -> Go to /sdcard/MultiBoot/[Your ROM]/ -> flash boot.img.

How do i Wipe /cache, /data, /system, or dalvik-cache? 

You can do this task from the Dual Boot Patcher app itself while booted in another ROM. To Wipe – Go to ROMS in the navigation drawer -> tap on the 3 dots which will open the ROM menu and tap “Wipe ROM”.

If you already flashed the DualBootUtilities zip then you can  wipe a ROM easily using the Dual Boot Interface.

Update the primary ROM?

Patch the zip for primary and flash it. The “primary” installation target is designed so that other ROMs won’t be affected when you want to flash something for the primary ROM.

Update a non-primary ROM?

Patch and flash the zip exactly like how you did it the first time.

Flash a mod or custom kernel for the primary ROM?

Patch it for primary before flashing. If the zip does not wipe /cache, it is also safe to flash it directly.

Flash a mod or custom kernel for a non-primary ROM?

Just patch and flash it :)

I Hope you have followed the steps above on How to dual boot Sony Xperia Z1 using Dual Boot Patcher application.

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Full Credits to : chenxiaolong

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