How to Earn Simoleans Fast in The Sims 4 Without Cheat?

Simoleons is the official currency used in The Sims games series. It is needed to purchase resources, unlock locations, amongst other necessities. As players level up naturally, everything in the game gets costlier. This guide helps the users to collect Simoleons without using any Cheats. The Sims 4, being a life simulation game, has unique attributes that define it from other similar contenders, and one of it’s most favorite facets is to build a wholly fulfilled dream life from scratch up. Sims 4 was launched in September 2020 and is a life simulation game, as the name suggests. Further, the game is available to almost all the gaming platforms, excluding Nintendo devices.

Each time players begin a new save, and there is barely enough Simoleons left behind to be able to fund the player’s choice of Sim lifestyle or set up their dream home. This guide is to help the players to earn Simoleons fast in the game without using any cheats. So if you are one of those honest players who was wandering around, then probably you have landed on the most suitable guide. So, let’s gets started.

How to Earn Simoleons Fast in The Sims 4 Without Cheat?

It is common knowledge amongst the Sims fans that by merely inputting a cheat code like ‘Rosebud,’Kaching’ or ‘Motherlode’ would get them some easy cash. Alternatively, there are significant groups of people who prefer not to play by cheating and to enjoy the game and its difficulties as it was tailored to be.

However, there is good news for these players, as they do not need to wait hopelessly for them to start earning some real Simoleons. There are several activities and impressive objects that can assist players in earning some easy cash, all without the use of any cheat codes or additional investments.

In this guide, we will discuss 3 of the most effective and simple methods for making quick Simoleons in detail. From the very beginning of the game, players can set themselves up with the appropriate tools, get started, and watch their Simoleons accounts grow! We have made three different sections of all the three ways. So follow up for the complete guide.

1. Becoming A Digital Artist In The Sims 4

How to Earn Simoleons Fast in The Sims 4 Without Cheat


This is the first option and can be done relatively easily without the need for any custom content or expansions. Although it must be noted that with the Get Famous expansion, there is a considerable boost. In a few days, players can make digital paintings using digital sketchpad and sell them for Simoleons. This process would take far lesser time compared to paintings that are made using the easel. Moreover, this might even bring in some fame to a player’s character. But only if the painting is worthy. You can consider this method one of the best to earn Simoleons.

At first, some investment is required for the Sims to get the Digital Sketchpad. Players can get this using Buy Mode within the Electronics category. The Digital Sketchpad makes creating art much easier and nearly 40% quicker than using the easel. The only trade-off here is that, while playing Sims again with pace, their painting skills will improve only slowly. 

Prominent Sims community member, Carl’s Sim Guides observed that players could finish paintings much faster and then place them into Sims’ inventory, pause games and queue a few paintings up in a row. Once Sim has started working, paintings can’t be queued up. So players must do this before the Sims take up the Digital Sketchpad even though paintings do cost a bit of money. This will eventually return to the player as their painting skills improve.

It is better for players to initially make their Sims’ house small, preferably similar to the dimensions of a small studio apartment equipped with only the most essential housing features and furnishings, so as to save money that can be used to invest into each painting. Keeping a smaller compact space allows for Sims to fulfill their needs fast, thereby spending less time travelling to each appliance and get back at it to painting at the earliest. 


This approach works better when the Sims are in an energized and inspirational mood, which can be easily manipulated by players using the Lump of Clay or by simply browsing for art online. It’s emotions like these that lay the foundation for Sims character to develop skills that can help them to paint more easily and effectively product higher quality of work that can sell for greater money. 

The Get Famous Expansion Pack

How to Earn Simoleons Fast in The Sims 4 Without Cheat

As mentioned earlier, the Get Famous extension pack will give an additional boost as well as keep out unwanted guests by using the Celebrity Home Lot trait. If a player has the City Living expansion pack, the Home Studio Lot trait is a recommended choice to improve the Sims mood in terms of creativity and inspiration, and if the player has the Discover University, their paintings skills will be 25 % faster from using the Study Spot.



The Sims’ quality of art can improve significantly only if they have a Happy emotion stacked along with the inspired passion, which will linger in for some time. Players can also gain a happiness boost by decorating their small home with paintings they have kept in the Sims inventory. Also, Sims’ Aspirations and Traits can be used to boost the rate of completing paintings. You can think of it as an easy Simoleons earning method.

Creativity allows the Sims to feel more inspired regularly and is an obvious trait. In contrast, the Perfectionist trait gives the Sim a sense to focus more on their work to produce higher quality work by taking some more time. The Painter Extraordinaire aspirations work as an excellent pair to the Perfectionist trait and enable the Sims to earn extra reward points upon completion of any art-related task.  

Lastly, it is the Dance Machine trait that allows the Sims to regain their energy by taking a Disco Nap from the Get-Together Expansion pack. This method works faster than sleeping to gain energy back. 

By upgrading their Sims Handiness skill to level 4 for an additional burst of speed and by making a high-performance upgrade to their Digital Sketchpad, which further reduces the time needed for each painting.

As soon as Sim reaches Level 2 Celebrity, they can double the valuation of each painting sold by purchasing the Marketable rewards from the Celebrity Skill Tree, and this comes under the Get Famous Expansion. The only drawback is the cost involved with this method as it will cost 100 Simoleons for each large painting, thereby slimming the profit margin. Players can recover this with time as the Sim’s painting skills continue to improve.

2. Using The Woodworking Table In The Sims 4

How to Earn Simoleons Fast in The Sims 4 Without Cheat

Similar to the Digital Artist method, this method involves taking more time by investing in the Woodworking Table, which can be found in the Activities and Skills in Buy mode. The Sims Handiness Skill will improve as their work which will help them to work faster in making upgrades and fixes to their house, appliances, and even electronics. It is for this reason that this can be considered as a wiser investment as part of the player’s storyline.  

The Woodworking Table lets the Sims make items such as decorations, practical furniture, and wall hangings, which can all be sold. Just like the Digital Artist method, it will cost money to craft each item, and just like before, most of the same trait and lot trait choices are a good fit to improve the mood and handiness skill of the Sim to produce higher quality crafts. Here the Get Famous Extensions helps by adding an extra boost to the final value of the completed crafts. 

The Sims can reduce the need to buy Upgrade Parts as they can put old electronics and appliances to salvage parts while their handiness skills improve. Investing in the Kaboom Box is highly recommended as it can be broken down into pieces and costs only a negligible amount greater than a single Electronic Upgrade part.

It is important to note that large crafts made on the Woodworking Table will go into Household Inventory and not the Sim’s personal inventory. These large crafts can still be sold from the Household Inventory. 

3. Flower Arranging in the Sims 4

How to Earn Simoleons Fast in The Sims 4 Without Cheat

This method requires the Seasons Extension Pack, which is a fan-favorite and introduces two different tacks in the Gardener career; Botanist or Floral Arranger. The latter’s skill can be used for improvement and becoming wealthier quickly.

To fully utilize this method, players would need to have the Seasons Extension pack preinstalled and select Spring for their start season when they start a new game. Players can invest in a wide variety of items that will helo them, such as Patchy the Strawman, flower arranging tables, few seeds, and Burties Bee Box.

Players can save money by opting for inexpensive seed packets and growing their own players and thereby avoiding paying to have individual vases made. The bees in the Burtie’s Bee Box will help to improve the quality of the flowers by pollinations. The bees can also be used to harvest honey that can be sold.

With each new season, there will be newer flowers that can be used for arrangements, and the vases will be made available for free only in the players have the necessary flowers.

Players can also opt to graft flowers for breeding and growing rare plants. They can be sold at a higher price when placed in a flower arrangement. It is important that players be cautious around the grafted Death Flower as it has the potential to kill an elderly Sim.

Even though this method may seem strenuous, it is by far much cheaper compared to the previous method owing to lower overhead costs and higher profit margins.


This guide was to help the honest players of Sims 4 those who don’t want to use Cheats and earn Simoleons. After following our guide, they will be able to do so but will have to work hard. We hope this guide helped you. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to comment down below with your Name and E-mail ID. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. We urge you to participate in the $100 giveaway by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

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