Easy Mode; Samsung’s Biggest advantage over its Rivals!

Samsung is an MNC that has operations all over the world. The brand has a wide range of products starting from home appliances like fridge, air conditioners, televisions, and many other. It has also gadgets like the laptops, tablets, smartphones and many others. Samsung is a brand which spends major it’s income in research field. The brand has major investments for its flagship series, and those series are the best when it comes to flagships. Apart from the hardware, the brand used to bring new features in its smartphones. Every person owning a smartphone may not have to use as same as the personal computer which we used to do all our things until smartphones came.

From Basic to Advanced!

There are several people who will use these smartphones for basic things such as calling and texting. I have a friend who isn’t interested using smartphone, she likes to use the basic phone. Currently, in her smartphone there is no any mode that helps her to use as a smartphone. But Samsung phones have a feature that helps in the situation that I said above. Another area, where this feature is helpful is, for people who switch from basic phone to a smartphone.

The main reason behind this, is that the things significantly looks different. Even though smartphones aren’t that much complicated, some others may like it to use like a basic phone. Personally I know many persons, who go with smartphones because they’d no option of buying it for some purposes. For supporting these type of people Samsung has introduced a feature which is named as Easy mode and comes with some unique features.

The phones were so ease to use; i.e. the only purpose of those where calling and texting. That said, a non tech guy could easily use it. As said above, when smartphones came the operation became complicated; not too much. The Samsung’s Easy mode is something that really helps in this situation. But another manufacturers doesn’t have the option for same. With this, you may have got an idea about what will be discussing today in this post. Yes, today let us get into more detail about the easy mode and its operations.

What is Easy Mode on Samsung phone?

I am damn sure that you may get a bit about the “Easy mode” present in the interface of Samsung phones. The Easy mode does a great job i.e. it simplifies the user interface of your smartphone. I hope you guys go it right. The operation is simple that the Easy Mode replaces the default Samsung launcher by the special designed its own simpler version. The brand aims this feature to be used by older people and also for people with low eyesight.

Now let us talk about what happens other than this when easy mode gets activated.


What happens when Easy Mode is activated?

We have discussed about one change already, now let us get into other changes. When one turn on the Easy mode, the first change a guy will notice is that this mode increases the font size. Not only the font size is increased, along with it the icon size of your phone also gets increased. This is really good touch by the brand. Further, this mode also includes increase in size for settings, notification panel, home screen items, app drawer, and even in supported apps like Contacts, Messages, and more. Apparently, the resolution of the screen is magnified in this mode, which makes everything to appear bigger.

Other major changes includes, when you guys press the home button. Surprised isn’t it, yes you guys will see a different home screen in your phone. As we already said, Samsung replaces the standard home screen with its own new modified and lighter version. This new homescreen will house only 3 apps in each and every row.

Homescreen; In Detail!

Talking about the homescreen in detail, the default in the homescreen you get three pages on your device. Coming about each pages, the first one houses the two widgets namely the time & weather widget and also the Google search bar. And below these widgets, you guys can find the six essential icons which are the Dialer app, Messages, Gallery, Camera, Internet, and the all apps icon i.e. the Menu icon.

Further, the left page of the menu screen can be accessible by just swiping to the right which also offers contact shortcuts. Additionally, if you guys notice more closely in this page, the contact picture of each of the contact is significantly larger than the name of the same. The technical reason behind this is that when the contact picture is highlighted, it would be easy to identify the contact just by looking at their photo rather than the traditional method i.e. reading.

Interestingly, you guys can even create new contacts from this menu, another nice touch by the brand. This is again part of the simplifying the process ( with easy mode) for adding contacts on Samsung devices. For creating new contacts, just tap on the empty contact icon which you can see over there and now click on the Create contact option.

Coming to other pages, the rightmost screen offers all the other apps. This screen will include like the Settings, Magnifier option, and the Google Play Store.

So that’s it for what is Easy mode and we hope that you guys have got an idea about the same. The popular query that we had come across in all platforms is that, do you guys lose your data while using Easy mode.

Do you lose your data or customized settings while switching to easy mode?

There is nothing to worry and the answer for this is “No”. None of your data or your personal settings will not be erased when you switch to Easy mode. And please do note that, nothing gets disabled while using the Easy mode. It isn’t like the Super Saving mode in many devices which we have come across. Even when you guys turn off the Easy mode, it will retain and doesn’t gets vanish.

Okay we have answered the same and let us get in to the next one. There are people who are thinking that when one switch to the Easy mode, what will be happening to the standard mode which had been in the phone as standard.

What happens to existing standard mode?

There are many misconceptions that your existing standard mode will get vanished once you turn on the easy mode. By switching to the Easy mode, it will not delete your current home screen layout which is on the standard mode. This will continue to stay as it is for lifetime. When you guys switch back to standard mode after a long period, your personalized home screen will be there for you guys.

So enjoy switching between the regular standard mode and easy mode. And let us know which mode you like and why in the comment section. Next up which will answer is about accessing apps other than which we mentioned.

How do you guys access all the other apps which you’ve installed?

You guys were wondering about all the other apps. Since we hadn’t talked about in detail. All of them can be accessed via that menu button which you can see in the homescreen. I’m repeating that, this ain’t the regular Super Saving mode which is used to increase battery life. We have seen this feature on many smartphones. Before coming in to the steps for activating the easy mode, let us get in to some detail about in which it is available.

Which devices are eligible for using the Easy Mode?


As we said already, Easy mode is a feature by the Samsung. Thankfully Samsung has enabled this feature on its every device. This includes the flagship “S” and “Note” series. Further, it also includes in the lower “J”, online “O”, mid-range “A” and to be precise it is available in all Samsung devices. Kuddos to Samsung for adding this in every series. Another advantage is that, even with the revamped One UI, the easy mode still finds a place here.

Finally coming to the main and important area of this article, i.e. how to enable or disable the easy mode which we seen in Samsung smartphones.

How to enable or disable Easy Mode which you can see in the Samsung devices?

Till this, we discussed about various queries regarding the Easy Mode. Now let us get into the core part of this post i.e. regarding how to turn on and turn off this feature in your Samsung device. For this, follow the steps which we mention below.

  • Step 1 – The very first step to start with this, is just go to the settings menu in your Samsung device.
  • The Second Step – Once you toogle and reach the settlings menu, click on the Display option.
  • Step 3 – Once this menu pop-ups, you can see the Easy mode option. Do note that you may have to scroll bit for reaching out to this option.
  • Step 4 – Now click on the option i.e. the Easy mode option. After this just tap on the apply option and you have done with it.
  • Step 5 – Simply click on the home button for viewing the changes out there.

Huh; easy isn’t it? enjoy using Easy mode in your smartphone. Incase if you want to disable the easy mode, just do the same steps. And when you reach the Easy mode option, click on the standard option and now tap on the apply button. You guys are done with this and use the mode as per your choice.

And lastly we are concluding this post with the topic, when and whom to use the easy mode.

Whom should use the Easy Mode in Samsung devices?

Easy mode looks like a trim down version of the regular standard mode. That said if you are a tech savvy, or a hard core gamer, continue with the standard mode, as this easy mode is not for you guys. Samsung with the Easy mode targets for older people like your grandparents or in some cases your parents may be old; so for them. This also helps for persons who face issue with their vision, since this increases the size of everything. So what we can draw from this is that, when it comes to buying or gifting phones for your parents consider Samsung devices since it has this beautiful option.

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