Enable Dark Mode in Gmail via Xposed Module GM Dark Theme Enabler

Android 10 comes with many amazing and unique features. One such attribute is the popular dark mode. With the latest iteration of the Android OS, users can enable system-wide dark mode. This simply means one tap of the finger and all the applications running on your smartphone will switch to the dark theme. However, there are many obstacles to this. Android 10 is yet to be available for all the smartphones present in the market. So, is there any shortcut to enjoy the dark mode on the Android apps.? Today we will discuss how to Enable Dark Mode in Gmail using the Xposed Module. For this, we will be using the GM Dark Theme Enabler module.

Talking of any non-official method, the best option is to have a smartphone with root access. Besides when you deal with Xposed modules, having a rooted machine makes the workflow simpler. The Xposed module GM Dark Theme enabler allows a user to toggle the dark mode on/off on the Gmail app. Even if you are on a rooted device, make sure that the phone is running Android 9.0/10.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Gmail using Xposed Module

If you wish to run an Xposed module means you must install the corresponding Xposed Framework.

Installing the GM Dark Theme enabler

  • Open the EdXposed app on your smartphone
  • Open Menu > go to Download
  • Search for the latest version of the GM Dark theme enabler
  • Once you found the current version download and install it immediately.
  • hit on Activate and Reboot once you’ve successfully installed the module.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode in the Gmail App

This is quite simple. We have illustrated the steps for you as well.

Step-1 Open your Gmail App > go to Settings

Enable Dark Mode in Gmail


Step-2 Under it tap on General Settings

Enable Dark Mode in Gmail

Step-3 Now, tap on Theme (It will be set to  System Default)

Enable Dark Mode in Gmail


Step-4 You will see three options. Simply tap on Dark to set the theme.

Enable Dark Mode in Gmail

It was pretty simple, wasn’t it.? So, we hope that now you can try on your own to Enable Dark Mode in the Gmail app using the Xposed Module. If you have got any queries, feel free to let us know.


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