How to Enable Developer Option and Debugging Mode on Moto Z2 Play

Motorola devices have always been both user-friendly and developer friendly. Last year, Motorola released the Moto Z2 play, which was a successor to the Moto Z flagship device. It came with some slight changes and some great component upgrades. Although Moto Z2 play has a great configuration, there are users who reportedly had some minor issues with their devices. These issues can be resolved using an Android SDK tool but both the Developer Option on Moto Z2 Play and the USB debugging mode on Moto Z2 Play needs to be enabled. With these modes enabled, you could also tweak or root your device using the Android SDK tools.

Developer Option on Moto Z2 Play

The Developer Options is a hidden option in the Settings menu of your Moto Z2 play device, that has a list of advanced options. These options are meant for developers, but many other users find it interesting to use.

Developer Options contains features such as report bug, mock locations, process stats, etc. This feature in your Moto Z2 play smartphone helps the device user to detect issues with the device. It contains tools that can be of help in tweaking to enhance your device performance as well as make your device more user-friendly. This Developer Option is often times used for development purposes. This options also contains a tool ‘USB Debugging Mode’ which is useful when the user wants to connect the device to a personal computer.

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USB Debugging Mode on Moto Z2 Play

USB Debugging Mode is a mode that enables connection between your phone through an Android Software Development Kit (SDK) or probably an Android Debug Bridge (ADB), to a given computer. This tool gives more information about your Android device, applications, as well as other basic information about your phone, which includes the coding used in building the apps in your device as well as a bunch of other information that allows the developers to create logs and build bugfree apps, etc.

Without USB Debugging mode, you won’t be able to send advanced commands to your device using a USB cable. The main reason most users enable USB Debugging on their devices is to test the apps they developed. Non Developers as well enable USB debugging mode in their devices so as to root their phones. Rooting mostly involves the Android phone user to run some program on a computer. Connect your device after you have enabled USB debugging mode, you can then use a root tool/app to send root commands to your device from your computer without touching the phone.

How to Enable Developer Option on Moto Z2 Play

You can enable the Developer Option on your Android device through these few steps;

  1. Locate the “About Phone” option in the Settings menu of your Android device and tap on it.
  2. Scroll down the screen and locate “Build Number“, then tap on it continuously for seven times.
  3. This enables the Developer Options on your device and you will see a pop-up notification message which reads “You Are A Developer“.

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Moto Z2 Play

After successfully enabling the Developer Options in your device, you can also enable USB debugging mode through these following steps;

  1. Tap on the Settings menu on your device, then Scroll down the screen to locate the recently enabled “Developer Options” and tap on it.
  2. When it opens up, scroll down to locate “USB Debugging“, then click on the tick box to enable debugging mode.
  3. Tap “OK” to confirm. You can now connect your Moto Z2 play device to a computer through an Android SDK or a minimal ADB

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