Essential Resources Locations Guide in Population Zero

The latest sci-fi MMO from Moscow-based Enplex Games, Population Zero, became available for purchase on Steam on May 5. The game involves daring exploration and survival mechanics that require the players to develop a safe haven in order to survive in the hostile conditions of the planet Kepler. The game has received a fairly warm response from fans and critics and has become one of the popular selling titles on Steam. So today, we have decided to help the players with the essential resources locations in the game.

In order to survive in the game, the player needs to unlock technologies in the tech tree and then craft certain vital items. In order to do that, it is also necessary to obtain essential resources. Given below is our guide with a complete list of essential resources and the specific places on the map where you will be able to find them. We have also covered some neat tricks and shortcuts you can use to handle some challenging locations while farming for the aforementioned resources. So what are we waiting for, let’s get started!

Essential Resources Locations Guide in Population Zero

Population Zero: A Guide to Locations of Essential Resources

Resource: Bractus

Sector: F16

You will need to extract resin from the Bractus plant in order to craft thin and thick leather for your very first piece of armor. This plant can be found growing on small islands in the swamps of sector F16. You can easily harvest them with the help of a standard stone knife.

Resource: Salt

Sector: P19


You will notice a number of salt pillars in the deserted area and can break them down with the help of a simple pickaxe. Although Sector P19 has the most abundant reserves of salt in Population Zero, it is also one of the hottest locations in the game. You can retreat under the shadows of the towering boulders or hop into the water to cool down and replenish your health.

Resource: Metal

Sector: M17

You can conveniently obtain metal by collecting hull fragments and converting them into metal in the crafting station. The wreckage of a massive spaceship in Sector M17 contains a rich reserve of hull fragments that you can utilize.

Resource: Merid Carapace

Sector: Desert

You are bound to see tiny Merid monsters moving about under the thin layer of sand in the desert biome in the northern section of the map. Take them down using a Bone Axe or Bone Sword, and you can obtain the Merid Carapace resource as a drop from them.

Resource: Thorium

Sector: M19

This beautiful blue stone can be obtained as a part of the quest that Radov entrusts you with at the hub. Sector M19 has a healthy reserve of Thorium stones. You can use your pickaxe to break them into pieces and collect them.

Resource: Green Moss

Sector: G4

This resource can be found growing on the lifeless skeleton of a gigantic, long-deceased animal lying in the swamp biome. It should be noted that this area is infested with highly hazardous gases and poisonous chemicals. Therefore, you must bring a gas mask and detox food to survive here and collect your green moss.

Resource: Limestone

Sector: G12

There is an area with rich limestone deposits just between the cold and warm biomes. You can harvest small amounts of the resource periodically and then make your way swiftly back to the warm side. Keep doing this until you collect enough limestone for your requirements. If done correctly, you won’t need a Thermal Suit for this purpose.

Resource: Cryopod Battery

Sector: G8


Although this resource is located in a cold area, the geyser present there can help you remain warm and survive. All around the aforementioned geyser, you will see the remains of a large spaceship. Just like with the Limestone, you can hop into the cold biome and snatch up some batteries. Then quickly go back to the geyser to warm yourself up.

This guide was to help the players of Population Zero who want to find the essential resources in the game to survive. And we have included the essential resources along with their locations in this guide. We hope our guide to obtaining essential resources in Population Zero helps you accomplish your tasks with minimal effort and investment. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to comment down below with your Name and E-mail ID. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. We urge you to participate in the $150 giveaway by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. All the best!


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