Evercoss Power Button Is Not Working! Quick Guide To Fix It!

Evercoss is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers. The smartphone manufacturers can be competent in the market only if it is proved to be working properly for a long time. There should be a lot of things work together to gain a reputation in the high competition market. Some of them are the quality, features, customer care, Timely updates, Cost etc. For making devices of low cost then manufacturers have to compromise on the quality and if the customers are not satisfied with the quality it will definitely be a deal breaker for the users.

Evercoss manages to manufacture the products with standard quality and also manage to sell the products at comparatively low cost. Sometimes even after constant testing some parts or components may malfunction. And this can lead to certain problems that may be temporary.

One of the most used parts of any smartphone is its power button. We need to click it Every time to wake the phone up and to shut the screen off. Since it is used a lot of times, there is a chance for the button to get damaged. So if you are one among the users who need to fix the power button issue with your Evercoss smartphones, then we got you covered. Here we discuss the fixes for Evercoss power button problems.

Evercoss Power Button Is Not Working! Quick Guide To Fix It!

Why does the power button get damaged often?

The reason is obvious, that is the power button is used always. We click the power button more than a thousand times a year or so. That is because it is a button that plays an important role. For performing any function on your device you have to wake the phone up. For this, you will have to click on the power button.

How unfortunate is it if the power button of your device is damaged. You don’t have to worry, we will explain the simple steps to fix your power button damaged smartphone.


Steps to fix Evercoss Power Button issues:

  1. Restart the device. The first step is to restart the device and check whether the issue is resolved. To do this you will have to wake up the phone. Since you cannot use your power to wake up the phone you can connect the USB charger to your phone and this can power up the screen. Then restart the device.
  2. There are third-party apps that can bypass the functions of the power button to another switch such as volume key. Some of the apps that you can install are
  3. Power button to volume button. As the name suggests you can use the volume key as the power button. So that you don’t have to depend on the power button to make the device wake.
  4. Gravity screen- It is an app that uses the gyro sensors in your smartphone so that you don’t have to touch any key to wake up the phone instead the phone senses the movement and when you take the phone out of the pocket or from a plain, the phone screen light up.
  5. Proximity actions – It is an app that uses the proximity sensor of your smartphone so that you can control your phone using gestures. The proximity sensors are located near the front camera.
  6. If you still cannot fix the issue, then you should take your phone to an authorized service center for replacement of the power button.

We hope by now you gained enough knowledge to fix the Evercoss power button on your smartphone. If you have any queries please drop your valuable comments below or contact us directly.

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