Extreme ApkTool 1.0.0 – Re-engineer Android Apps + Edit / Mod any android application

Hi GDT Readers, today I have a software which will allow you to mod /edit any android application using this. This is a Windows Based Software and to run this you need to install Java on your Windows PC/Laptop.

If you are new to Android, and you want to learn things up. So this Software will help you because even a noobies (new learner) can use this. Interface is easy and quick to learn. Using this tool, you can edit and mod any android application and also you can use this to generate Java source code.


Features :

  • Coming with user interface.
  • No need to type codes
  • Compile APK/JAR
  • Decompile APK/JAR
  • Sign APK/JAR
  • ZipAlign
  • Extract readable java source from application
  • DeOdex system apps
  • Install/test app to device with a single click.


  • A windows PC
  • Java (latest is recommended)

Some screenshot

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