How Factory Reset Protection (FRP lock) works on Android

Numerous Android gadgets on Android 5.0 or higher have Android’s Device Protection empowered as a matter of course. This is otherwise called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). Sadly, this can’t be expelled remotely. Not appropriately expelling this before transportation could cause an arrival because of the purchaser is not able to utilize this gadget.

An industrial facility reset, otherwise called master reset, is a product reestablish of an electronic gadget to its unique framework state by eradicating the greater part of the data put away on the gadget trying to reestablish the gadget’s product to its unique producer settings. Doing as such will adequately delete the greater part of the information, settings, and applications that were beforehand on the gadget. This is regularly done to settle a product issue that a gadget is confronting, yet it should likewise be possible to reestablish the gadget to its unique settings.

How Factory Reset Protection (FRP lock) works on Android

What is Device Protection, or Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Android gadgets give worked in security highlights you can use to ensure your gadget and data, including screen locks and information encryption. Information insurance, or Factory Reset Protection (FRP), is a security include on Android gadgets with Lollipop 5.1 and higher.

FRP is naturally initiated when you set up a Google Record on your gadget. When FRP is actuated, it counteracts utilization of a gadget after a factory reset, until the point when you sign in utilizing a Google username and secret word already set up on the gadget.


Basic motivations to play out a factory reset include:

  • To settle a failing electronic gadget
  • To evacuate a document or infection that is hard to expel
  • To clear the arrangement and settings of the electronic gadget to the default settings
  • To clear the memory space on the electronic gadget
  • To expel individual data from the gadget before offering, giving without end, returning or discarding the gadget.

How does FRP work?

When you play out a Processing factory Reset, all settings come back to the factory reset to default settings. All information is deleted, including documents and downloaded applications.

On the off chance that you have a Google Record set up on the gadget, FRP is dynamic. This implies after the reset, you’ll be required to sign in to the Google Record utilizing the username and watchword. In the event that you have numerous Google Records set up on the gadget, you can sign in utilizing any of the records.

On the off chance that an unapproved individual tries to reset the gadget by another technique, the gadget would at present require sign in utilizing the Google username and secret word. This implies if your gadget is lost or stolen, someone else would not have the capacity to reset it and utilize it.

FRP works when your gadget has experienced an untrusted reset, hard key processing plant reset, reset from Android Gadget Administrator or Samsung Locate My Portable, or repair benefits that incorporate resetting the gadget’s product without first evacuating the record.

FRP does not work if the reset is done through Apps > Settings > Backup and reset > factory data reset. Here, after the factory reset, you are not provoked to give the Google account accreditations that were beforehand synchronized on the gadget.

What do I need to know about FRP?

On the off chance that an unapproved individual tries to reset the gadget by another technique, the gadget would at present require sign in utilizing the Google username and password. This implies if your gadget is lost or stolen, someone else would not have the capacity to reset it and utilize it.

If you want to reset your device to factory defaults, but don’t remember your Google username and/or password, you can do one of these:

  • Check your devices Account settings for your account name, and reset your password via the device or at
  • It can take 24 hours for the password reset to sync with all devices registered to the account.

Remove the account before you reset the device.

On the off chance that you as of now reset your gadget, yet don’t recollect your Google username as well as the password, the gadget can’t be utilized.

All things considered, you can do one of these:

  1. In the event that you know your Google username, however, can’t recollect the password, you can reset your password on the gadget, or at It can take up to 24 hours for another password to match up with every enlisted gadget. Following 24 hours, you can have a go at signing in to your phone with the new password.
  2. In the event that you have different Google Accounts, and you can’t recall which Google Account you set up on your gadget, visit
  3. a) Log in with your Google username and secret word and check the rundown of gadgets enrolled to the record.
  4. b) If you don’t see the gadget recorded on the record, it implies the gadget is enlisted to an alternate record.
  5. c) Use a similar procedure to check for gadgets connected to your other Google Accounts.
  6. d) When you locate the enlisted account, utilize it to sign in to your gadget.
  7. In the event that you can’t recall any of your Google Account data, you can send your gadget, alongside evidence of procurement, to an approved Service Center. They have exceptional apparatuses to reset the telephone to plant defaults with no assurance empowered.

Set up device protection

You can set your Android phone or tablet to help keep other individuals from utilizing it in the event that it gets reset to production line settings without your consent. For instance, if your secured gadget got stolen and deleted, just somebody with your Google Account or screen lock could utilize it.

You can keep others from utilizing your gadget without consent.

  1. To help keep other individuals from utilizing or deleting your gadget, set a screen lock.
  2. To help keep other individuals from utilizing your gadget on the off chance that it gets eradicated, add your Google Account to your gadget.

Turn off device protection

  1. To turn off gadget security, expel your Google Account from your gadget.
  2. In the event that you have Developer choices turned on, you can likewise turn off gadget assurance from your gadget’s Settings application Settings application.
  3. Tap Developer choices and after that OEM Unlocking.


Expect to verify your ownership after factory reset

To factory reset a protected device, you’ll need to either unlock your screen or enter your Google Account password. This ensures that you or someone you trust is doing the reset.

Expect to unlock your screen or enter Google Account information if you:

  1. Delete your gadget’s information utilizing the Settings application.
  2. You’ll be made a request to enter your screen lock before utilizing Reset.
  3. Reset your gadget utilizing its buttons.
  4. On the off chance that you reset your gadget utilizing its buttons (“Recovery mode”), you’ll have to enter a Google username and password related with the gadget.
  5. Remotely reset your gadget with Find My Device.
  6. In the event that you remotely reset your gadget utilizing Find My Device, you’ll have to enter a Google username and password related with the gadget.

Bypassing Factory Reset Protection

Factory Reset Protection should be something you can sidestep – generally it’s esteem is significantly decreased.

That having been stated, there is a workaround that has been tried to take a shot at some Samsung gadgets (and will most likely work on others). The “trap” includes the capacity to dispatch the settings from a USB-OTG link/drive on specific phones. Since the phone doesn’t have any Google account arranged, basically factory reset once more, and the Factory Reset Protection hail is circumventing, letting you set up the gadget as though it were new.

We speculate OEMs will discharge patches to close this gap, yet while it’s still out there, this “workaround” might be the best way to open your utilized phone.

The accompanying things should be finished before doing a factory reset:

1. Lock Screen Security – If you have a unique finger impression, pin, pattern, example, or password, you have to totally expel it (the accompanying verbiage could vary marginally per gadget):

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Security or Lock Screen Security.
  3. Select Screen Lock.
  4. Change the Screen Lock to Swipe or None. A few gadgets will caution you that gadget security will be expelled after rolling out this improvement, so make a point to certify that choice.2.

2. Google Account Removal – All Google accounts should be expelled from the gadget. You should have information or Wi-Fi empowered to finish this procedure. The accompanying verbiage could vary somewhat per gadget:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select Google
  4. Select the email address for the record you need to expel (on the off chance that you just have one, this will as of now be appearing)
  5. Select the three “dots” at the upper right of the screen (it may state “more” on Samsung gadgets rather than the three spots).
  6. Select Remove Account and confirm the decision if a notice pops up, If you have various Google accounts, rehash steps d-e for everyone.

3.Samsung Devices – Samsung has their own device protection in addition to Google’s. If it has been enabled on your Samsung device, you must remove Google’s and Samsung’s. You must have data or Wi-Fi enabled to complete this process. The following verbiage could differ slightly per device

Remove Samsung’s Reactivation Lock:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find and select Security or Lock Screen and Security
  3. Depending on your Samsung device:
  4.  a)    If you see Reactivation Lock, uncheck it and affirm any warnings, enter your Samsung password, and you’re good to go.
    b)   If you see Find My Mobile, select it, then repeat step 3a.

4. Evacuate Samsung Account – To expel the Samsung account, rehash the means from “Google Account Removal” above, however, select Samsung on the Accounts page, as opposed to Google.

5. Other OEM Devices – If your gadget, as Samsung, has its own actuation secure a record expansion to Google’s, please try to do the vital research and expel it before transportation.

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