Best Fallout: New Vegas Mods in 2020

The post-apocalyptic Fallout series of open-world roleplaying games by Interplay Entertainment has been exceptionally successful and attracted a large number of players all across the globe. Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most widely acclaimed entries in the franchise. It remains popular with the gaming community even after ten years of its release. Released for the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One in 2010 by Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks, the thrilling game allows the player to take on the role of the “Courier” in a journey of violence, betrayal, and vendetta towards gaining control over New Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland. After selling over 12 million copies across the globe, Fallout: New Vegas won several prestigious awards, including a Golden Joystick Award for “RPG of the Year” in 2011 and two BAFTA nominations.

That said, one of the major complaints with the game has been its somewhat incomplete feel. A sense of work unfinished to put it precisely. It’s not unexpected altogether, considering the time constraints faced by Obsidian Entertainment during the development of the game. They definitely did their best, but the toll was inevitably taken on the finished product. And therefore, a lot of talented modders arrived at the rescue on the scene. Let’s take a look at the various mods and their importance in Fallout: New Vegas.

Best Fallout: New Vegas Mods in 2020

Best Mods in Fallout: New Vegas

Now we will discuss the best mods that are available for Fallout: New Vegas. Moreover, before directly jumping into the mods, we will discuss their importance and role in the gameplay. Further, we have also provided the download links that will help you to download and use them in your game.

Mods and their Importance in Fallout: New Vegas

In the case of Fallout: New Vegas, mods are more or less mandatory to keep up interest in the game after beating the campaign once. That’s one of the weaknesses of the game – everything is heavily linked to the main campaign, even most of the side quests that seem to be optional at first. Some of them are even compulsory, though you can do them out of order if you wish. Picking up on this faulty premise, a number of brainy modders have worked on turning the game into what it should have been. Apart from fixing glitches and errors, a number of mods also add additional material and never before released content. Given below is a list of the most popular and useful mods in Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout New Vegas Script Extender

The New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) is your gateway towards larger and more complicated mods. It works more like a kind of supplementary software that can be used for creating more complicated New Vegas mods. It’s now widely used and has been hailed for revolutionizing the modding scenario in New Vegas.


FNV 4 GB Patcher

Despite being a wonderful game, New Vegas comes with some serious technical issues, because of its hurried production. This makes the FNV 4 GB Patcher a vital mod for the game. It allows New Vegas to consume more memory and thus makes it more stable. It decreases lagging in the script and crashes due to memory overloading. This is similar to a problem people have been in the face instead of in Skyrim.

New Vegas Anti Crash (NVAC)

This is yet another vital mod. As its name clearly says, Anti-Crash, it prevents the game from crashing frequently. It only targets a particular kind of crash, but it can be very effective when supplemented by the NVSE and the 4 GB Patcher.

NMC’s Texture Pack

We’ve already spent a lot of time dealing with those irksome crashes, haven’t we? Well, it’s time to have some well-deserved fun now. The game’s ten-year-old graphics are rather outdated now and felt rather lackluster even at the time of its original release. This could, again, be attributed to the time constraints faced by the engineers at Obsidian Entertainment. Understandably, they focused more on the gameplay mechanics rather than the graphics in the limited time they had.

Thankfully, our talented modders are here to fix this issue on their behalf. NMC’s Texture Pack is not only convenient to install but has a significant positive impact on the game’s graphics. The resulting visuals are almost on par with Skyrim, and that’s a serious compliment. As long as other graphic overhaul mods do not interfere with the same textures, it works well with them too.

Fallout Character Overhaul (FCO)

We can all agree that our looks play a very significant role in our daily life, from our social standing to our self-confidence. It’s only fair to understand that the same applies to video games as well. The more realistic the looks and faces of the characters in the game, the more appealing the game becomes. Like NMC’s Texture Pack fixes textures in the game, the Fallout Character Overhaul (FCO) works on the people of the Mojave. Once again, this mod puts up the graphics of Fallout: New Vegas almost on par with Skyrim, and that’s no little feat.

EVE – Essential Visual Enhancements

This is the last of the mods related to graphics. It’s concerned mostly with the effects of weapons in the game. Everything from explosions, lasers, bullet impacts, ash, and piles of blood and gore gets enhanced by the EVE. You even get to see some pretty graphic reactions by characters on being shot. My personal favorite is the brief glimpse of your victim’s skeleton as you toast them with your laser. Given you spend a lot of time shooting people in the game, this is definitely going to make that experience more surreal.

Project Nevada

This is a seriously exciting mod that acts as the overhaul for New Vegas. It helps to expand on the mechanics already present in the game (for example, the cybernetic implants you can get from the Clinic) and also add a considerable number of new ones. These range from the ability to use explosive materials to break open doors and treasure chests to balancing out certain aspects of the game. For example, it toughens up the battle mechanics and makes your inventory space much more valuable.

The best part of Project Nevada is that it is freely customizable. You can access the mod page and alter, activate or deactivate any of its features as per your wish. You can increase the carrying capacity, enhance the speed of your movements, alter the amount of health you recover from leveling and Endurance, and much more. The mod features something of interest for every player and is thus highly recommended.

The Someguy Series

This is yet another mod every serious player should definitely check out. Presented by someguy2000, it is the godfather mod for all of the quests and companion mods. All of them are amazing, though you can choose which ones to install as per your will. The mods feature intriguing and exciting storylines and feature professional quality voice acting. As time passes, the quality of voice acting, plot, and complexity keep getting stronger and stronger. The amount of effort and dedication put into this mod, and the progressive improvement of the same over time is wonderful to behold.

New Vegas Uncut

This is similar to the Someguy series, in the fact that it’s not just a single mod but an extensive collection. This Uncut series of nine different mods aim to present never before released content to New Vegas. This content was intended to be made available officially at some point but was axed by Obsidian Entertainment, likely due to time constraints. The series presents everything from exotic new weapons to actual side quests. Moreover, care has been taken to remain faithful to the game’s lore and canon. It can, therefore, almost be an official part of Fallout: New Vegas.

It should be mentioned, though, that Freeside Open has been reported to clash with the working of the other mods. The mods that add new areas, individual items, new missions, and non-playable characters (NPCs) to Freeside break when Freeside Open is involved. This includes a certain quest in New Vegas Bounties I and renders it nearly impossible to complete unless you infiltrate the mod’s files, ruffle around through the quest’s stages and simply move it ahead by using your console. Apart from these minor complaints, the mods are all worth checking out.

Fallout: New California

This is a grand scale mod coming from a highly devoted and talented mod team. In fact, some of the programmers have been known to work on Tale of Two Wastelands prior to this. You can bet they know what exactly are the limitations of New Vegas, and how they need to stay true to the game’s lore. Fallout: New California serves as a prequel to New Vegas and features a most gripping storyline. The players get to choose from a multitude of options in the mod.


Unfortunately, the mod happens to be incompatible with a number of other mods. Some notable exceptions are Project Nevada and the entirety of Tale of Two Wastelands, for example. It can also be terminated due to the casual usage of control commands. That said, as long as you limit it to a relatively clean install, the mod is definitely worth checking out. You’ll be provided with tons of new content that can give you hours of delighted gameplay.

Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX)

For all those of you, who hold your arsenal in pride, check this out. The WMX mod not only adds cool customizations for the in-game weapons but introduces some amazing new ones as well. It’s so seriously good that you can almost consider it official. Antistar, the author of this mod, is famous for being the brains behind the existence of weapon mods in New Vegas. Obsidian Entertainment liked his additional weapon mod kits in Fallout 3 so much that they officially added them as a base part of New Vegas. This makes the WMX a kind of Gen 3 mod.

Apart from this, it significantly expands upon the somewhat limited weapon mods available in New Weapons. It’s important to note that only three mods can be added to anyone metal, and certain weapons were once simply omitted. Instead of simply adding the three weapon mods to a given weapon and abandoning it thereafter, it’s better to check out the trade-offs to altering the weapon. This is because adding a mod means you have decided to take an opportunity cost over the other. The changes may be comparatively minor, but they will also add content in such a way that it fits in seamlessly with the rest of the game, much like Project Nevada did.

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch

Patches are vital for fixing the unfortunate prevalence of numerous bugs in New Vegas. Like they did with Oblivion and Skyrim, the patch team worked tirelessly on the issues with the game and made it their mission to fix as many glitches as possible. The Yukichigai unofficial patch has the great advantage of being freely compatible with the very last mod in our list here. In case you are not interested in that, you may choose from any of the other patches as you please.

A Tale of Two Wastelands

Modders specializing in Bethesda games have always been highly interested in producing remastered versions of older games in the series, in the iteration of the engine of the latest game.  We saw this taking place in The Elder Scrolls and a whole lot of other games, to little profit. The same has been the case with New Vegas during this time.

We have an exception right here in the form of “A Tale of Two Wastelands“. The modders knew that Fallout 3 and New Vegas together use more or less the same engines and assets. Therefore, they decided to take permission from Bethesda to contribute to the project. It was tough, but they succeeded. Linking two different games into a single massive game (Fallout 3 and New Vegas in our case), without feeling forced, is something really significant. As a result, this incredible mod allows you to experience the best of both worlds.

Additional Hints

It’s not wrong to say that this is the right way to play the previous generation Fallout games. You’re going to have a lot of fun thanks to its compatibility with some other mods (including Project Nevada, most importantly).  You begin in Vault 101 and then make your way back to the Mojave. You can try going in reverse as well, so it’s a bit of a tiring process when it comes to narration.

This amazing mod works by applying New Vegas’s innovative new mechanics and interesting details to the gameplay of Fallout 3. The “improved version” of Fallout 3 still works tirelessly to enhance the quality of our beloved game. As a bonus, you also get to carry over several amazing weapons and other items from 3 to its sequel.

That’s it for now. We hope you have a great time enjoying the New Vegas Mods in Fallout: New Vegas. We hope this guide proves itself helpful to you. Moreover, if you think the same, go and check out our best and latest iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricksGames and Android Tips, and Tricks. Further, we recommend you to subscribe to our very own YouTube Channel and participate in the $150 giveaway contest. However, if you have any queries or feedback, do comment down below with your name and e-mail ID.

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