Find Fire, Ice, Water, Grass, and Electric Type Pokemon in Pokémon GO

Sometimes the fun part of the Pokémon goes game becomes troublesome for the gamers because quite often, Pokémon happens to pop up in places that are too odd to reach out. So, this time we are here to tell you where to find Pokémons based on their elemental type. Let’s talk bout different kinds of Pokémon based on their element type like fire, water, electric, bug, etc.

In the year 2016, came this reality mobile game: Pokémon Go, which was developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with the Pokémon company. Since then, it has successfully managed to keep the young generation glued to its virtual gaming world. This guide will help you in your way of mastering this game by telling you how to spot Pokémon based on their various element types. Let’s begin !!

Find Fire, Ice, Water, Grass, and Electric Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Location of Various Types of Pokémon in Pokémon GO

It is said that Pokémon appears in the places which the element hints, but it might not be the case every freaking time. For example, you may not find a water type pokémon necessarily near lakes or rivers. There is no such guarantee. Basically, it is based on conjecture from
the internet. If you have already started playing this game, you might have noticed that Pokémons can be more discovered in the areas which are densely populated. Always make sure that you look out for Pokémon in public places, especially the populated ones like Parks, schools, gardens.
Also, have a strict watch on the blue squares on your map.

Normal Pokémon: Normal Pokémon can easily be found anywhere in your neighborhoods or any densely populated area.

Fire Pokémon: It can be spotted anywhere in your neighborhoods, in dry climates, and common residential areas.


Ice Pokémon: For this particular Pokémon, you may look out near water bodies and not particularly frozen water.

Water Pokémon: Easily found near any water body (huge or small).

Grass Pokémon: This specific type can be hunted in any grassy area, for example, parks, fields, gardens, grounds, etc

Electric Pokémon: For this one, check out the places like buildings or institution campuses and in dry climates.

Bug Pokémon: Bug Pokémon can be easily found in open fields, forests, parks, and countryside.

Flying Pokémon: They can be discovered mostly in open fields, farms, and gardens.

Dragon Pokémon: This type of Pokémons are most likely to be found near golf courses.


Dark Pokémon: As the name suggests, you can find them in dark places like movie theatres.

Ghost Pokémon: You can look for them in parking areas.

Steel Pokémon: They can be found within cities, particularly metal factories or rail tracks. (Do Not search them near the working tracks)

Rock Pokémon: They are best found near hilly areas and streets.

Fairy Pokémon: You can look out for them in churches, cemeteries, monuments, or landmarks.

Ground Pokémon: They are most likely to be found in open fields, grounds, streams, railways, and airports.


Psychic Pokémon: You can spot them easily on beaches or grassy areas.

Fighting Pokémon: local gyms, stadiums, and residential areas are a few of the best places where you can catch them.

Poison Pokémon: You can look for Poison Pokémon in the residential areas, Parks and water bodies

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