How to find water on Last Oasis

In Last Oasis the Earth rotation has stopped and now the sole two survivors need to cope up with the Sun’s scorching heat. The heat will result in scarcity of drinking water and thus keeping up the hydration levels at normal is a genuine concern in this game.

This is a guide for the game Last Oasis and here we will show you can keep yourself hydrated all the time to stay alive. Water is a necessity in everyday life and the same is the scenario with the game too. There are several ways to get water on this game and we will take a look at all the possible options. We will also guide you as to how you can store this water for later use.

Last Oasis

How to find water in Last Oasis?

The major sources of drinking water vary from plants to various water bodies.

  • Cactus Fruit and Cactus Flesh:

Cactus is a plant that can store water within itself for a really long time and you can use this characteristic of the plant to get some water for yourself. To get water from a cactus plant, you need to first hit with a tool and then go to your inventory in the game to eat it. There is another option to put up a campfire to cook the plant and then store the water in it for later use.

  • Purifying contaminated water bodies:

Water bodies are a major source of water and to make sure that it is drinkable, you can again put up a campfire and boil it in it. The boiled water becomes free of contamination and then you can store it in a bottle for future use.

  • Aloe:

Aloe is another plant that grows in clusters with lots of leaves and you find it quite easily around. Harvesting the aloe plant will also get you some water.

  • Stomping Station:

Another way to get water is by constructing a stomping station. Here you will need 25 fragments, 45 firewood, 10 Rupu Vine, 20 Stones and 4 wooden shafts to successfully construct the station. By using this station you can squeeze out the water from Cactus and Aloe but the rate of extraction is much slower than boiling it in a campfire. Again Aloe, cactus fruit and cactus will all yield different amounts of water.

1x Aloe will yield 3x water, 3x Cactus will yield 1x water and 1x Cactus fruit will yield 12x water. So here, Cactus yield is the best to get the most amount of water.

Again to store the water, you need to construct a bottle too. Storage of water will allow you to navigate around the map more while maintaining a hydration level from time to time when the need arises. So first to construct the makeshift bottle, you need to find the recipe for “Makeshift bottle”. You will find it in the equipment tech tree. Once you get the recipe, you will now need 5 Fiber and 5 Wood. Once you have crafted the bottle using the recipe and the materials, you can then just go to your inventory, click on the water and it will get transferred to the bottle. The bottle has a total capacity of 20 water.

So there you have it, the complete guide the keep yourself hydrated when the heat is constantly eating up the water in your body in the game Last Oasis. If you need any other guide for the Last Oasis, feel free to comment down below. And more updates like this, do check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. Thank You.

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