How to fix Apple music high data usage issue on iPhone X

Apple music is something which gives iPhone users a legitimate way to listen to music. The iCloud library is connected to the Apple music, which has a rich collection of music tracks. The Apple music has millions of track to which you can stream and download as per your choice. In addition to this Apple’s Beats radio gives users unlimited hours of music streaming. All these are made possible by the help of data connection or Wi-Fi. When you use the data connection to use Apple music, this may lead to high data usage resulting in increased data rates. Read this article to know How you can fix Apple music high data usage issue on iPhone X.

Hoe to fix Apple music high data usage issue on iPhone X

Ways to fix Apple music high data usage issue on iPhone X

By following some simple steps you can stop Apple music from eating up your data plan. Please read through to find out the possible fixes.

Download instead of streaming

Most iPhone users try to stream music instead of downloading them. Streaming needs internet connectivity and this will charge you data whenever stream it. Instream of streaming music consider downloading it, this will only charge your data one time when you download it. This can be the best solution to minimize data usage on your iPhone X. Download will let you listen to a track offline. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open the Apple music app
  2. Search for the track you want to download
  3. Tap on the three-dot more icon
  4. Select Make available offline

Disable automatic downloading option

The iCloud library is something available for all Apple devices. You can log in with one account to any Apple device and your iCloud library and Apple music will be connected to all. This also means that the downloads you make in any Apple device will come to effect on all others. Automatic download option is also available which will automatically download all your purchase on all Apple devices associated with your account. Disabling automatic download will help you save in data. The steps to disable automatic download on Apple music on iPhone X are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on iTunes and App stores
  3. Below automatic download section find Music and toggle it off

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to fix Apple music high data usage issue on iPhone X. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.



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