How to Fix Dark Mode not working on Google Apps

Dark mode has always been a favorite of many smartphone users for the ease of visibility it caters. Google has been testing and rolling out the dark mode for both Android and iOS for the last couple of years. While some users have received the dark mode on their Google Apps, others seem to miss out on all the dark action. In this guide, we will talk about how to fix dark mode not activating for various Google Apps.

If your device is running on iOS 13 and Android 10, then by default your device should have the option to switch to system-wide dark mode. There are also many other factors that may affect the activating of dark mode. So, we have put up various ways that you can use to check and fix dark mode not working for GApps.

How to Fix Dark Mode not working on Google Apps

So, let’s dive into the guide.

Check the System Version

If your Android device is on Android 10, then most of the apps including Gmail should be able to switch to the dark theme. Similarly, those who use iOS 11 and higher can experience dark mode for various Google Apps. To check your device OS version, go to the Settings App.

Always Install Latest Update on your Apps

In case your apps do not have the dark mode as of now, check if you have installed the latest update on the apps. If you use Android device then tap on the Play Store AppĀ  > Menu Button(hamburger) > Apps & Games

If you use an Apple device, then go to App Store and check for the latest update for the respective apps you have on your device.


Restart your Smartphone/tablet

So, according to you, your device has the latest system update and the latest build for all the apps. Then, try restarting your device. After the device restarts, then check if the Google Apps have the option for dark mode.

Clear Cache

Another very useful method to make things work is to clear the cache of any Google App on which you are trying to activate the clear cache. It is easy to do. This process will clear the clutter caused by temporary files and should make the new app updates work like a charm.

  • Go to Settings app > Apps & Notification
  • Tap on See All Apps
  • From the list of apps choose your choice of Google App
  • Tap on Storage and Cache
  • Now tap on Clear Cache
    Fix Dark Mode by Clearing Cache

Manually Set the Dark Mode

If you have an Android smartphone running on the latest Android OS ie Android 10, then you can manually activate the dark mode from the device Settings app.

  • As I use a OnePlus 6T running the latest Android 10, I went to Settings > Customization
  • Tap on Preset Theme
  • Select Nuanced Dark > tap on Apply
    Fix Dark Mode from System Settings

Depending on whichever device you may use, go to Settings and check for Display ptions. YOu should definitely get an option for Dark Mode if your phone is running Android 10.


Check for Dark Mode in the App Settings

This is quite simple.

  • Open any choice of Google App (for example I opened Google Fit)
  • Tap on profile
  • Now tap on the gear icon and scroll down to the last option Theme
  • Tap on it to select your choice of theme
  • As I wish to choose the dark mode, I selected Dark Mode and automatically dark mode gets activated.
    Fix Dark Mode in Google App Theme Settings

It’s that simple. Similarly, for any other Google Apps like Gmail, Messages check in the Settings for Theme option. Under it, you can find an option to change the theme to Dark Mode.

So, that’s it, guys. This was a detailed insight into how to fix dark mode not working issue on any smartphone.


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