How to Fix Evercoss Bluetooth Problem? [Troubleshoot Guide]

Bluetooth is a technology that is still used in interconnecting devices. It was there from the age when phones started to process media files. The trend we see nowadays is that the features of a smartphone get changed when the technology gets advanced. For example, the buttons where dominating until capacitive touch screens were introduced. Then suddenly the button was disappeared in phones. Similarly, the phones were denser its looks and the display quality was poor. But now when the technology is advanced, we have high-quality displays that can produce lifelike images.

But still, the technology that didn’t get disappeared when new technologies are introduced is Bluetooth. It is not because there is no substitute for Bluetooth. We now have WiFi which is much powerful and faster than Bluetooth. But still, Bluetooth is a basic feature even in premium smartphones. Today in this guide, we will troubleshoot to fix the Bluetooth problem in Evercoss smartphones.

Guide to fix the Bluetooth problem in Evercoss Smartphones

Why is Bluetooth still around?

Bluetooth is still around in the smartphones because of multiple reasons. One of them is that it is cheap to implement. The cost for implementing Bluetooth in smartphones are lesser than WiFi. Bluetooth is energy efficient. It takes the only small amount of charge to operate the Bluetooth. The operations are not complex and the operational range good enough for use in smartphones.

There are many Bluetooth devices on the market and chances are you might be using at least one Bluetooth powered accessory. So malfunctioning of the Bluetooth can affect the daily uses. So if you are one among them then we got you covered.

Steps to fix the Bluetooth problem in Evercoss smartphone.

  1. Toggle the Bluetooth connection. Mostly the problem can be with the Bluetooth connection so toggling the Bluetooth connection can restart the operation and this might fix the issue.
  2. Toggle aeroplane mode. This can restart the whole connectivity settings. So chances are toggling the aeroplane mode can fix the issue.
  3. Clear the cache of Bluetooth. To do this go to settings > Application manager > Bluetooth> clear cache.
  4. Open the phone in safe mode. Safe mode is designed to stop any third party applications to operate. So that if the issue is generated by the newly installed third-party apps then the apps and issue will be blocked out by safe mode. To enable safe mode, hold on the power button and on the resulting options click and hold the power off button and enter into safe mode.
  5. Check the device you are connecting to. If there are any issues with the connection of another device then perform above steps and get it diagnosed.
  6. Factory reset is another option. But be careful before doing this because this will delete all the saved data. So back up the data before resetting. You can backup the data in an external memory or on cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google drive. To perform factory reset go to settings > back up and reset > factory reset.

If still the issue is not resolved then take your phone to an authorized service centre.


We hope that you have gained enough knowledge on how to fix Bluetooth problem in Evercoss. If you have any queries regarding the topic feel free to ask us in the comments or contact directly.

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